Psalms  ◦   Chapter 36

1Selfishness is cherished
deep within the heart of the wicked;
they don’t admire or respect God
but are afraid of him because they don’t know him.

2They live in denial, too blinded by pride
to recognize their own selfish character and to hate its corruption.

3They lie, blame, distort and speak evil;
they refuse to behave wisely or with human decency.

4They lie awake at night thinking of ways to exploit others;
everything they do is to advance themselves —
they never refuse the selfish choice.

5O Lord, your design-law of love is written in the cosmos,
the constancy and reliability of your methods are seen in the skies.

6Your character of love is never-changing, like majestic mountains;
your discernment penetrates to the deepest sea.
O Lord, you sustain all life — human and animal alike;

7your constant love is the basis of life and the only treasure worth possessing!
All humanity, whether rich or poor,
find restoration to righteousness only under your care.

8They will be filled with rich spiritual food from your heavenly home,
and you will give them drink from the river of life.

9For you are the fountain of life;
in your life-giving glory we shine brightly.

10Perpetually pour your love into those who know and trust you,
continually pour your righteousness into those whose hearts are right with you.

11Don’t let the arrogant and proud walk all over me,
or allow the selfish to bully me.

12See how the selfish — those who refuse God’s design — waste away,
collapsed and decayed, never to rise again.