Psalms  ◦   Chapter 2

1Why are the nations of this selfish world angry at God’s character of love?
Why do their people plot in vain against God’s design?

2World leaders take their stand
and the rulers unite together
against the Creator and his design for life
and against the One anointed to be our remedy.

3They say, "Let us break free from God’s design
and reject God’s protocols for life and health."

4The Creator, who from heaven sustains reality, hates their foolishness;
the Lord knows their words don’t change reality — they’re just meaningless noise.

5He fiercely corrects their misunderstanding
and persistently assails their false perspectives, instructing them,

6"I have chosen who will reign in Zion,
my King will rule in sinless perfection."

7The king will make God’s healing plan known:
God said to me, "You are my Son;
today my Fatherhood to you has become known.

8Ask me,
and I will give you all the nations,
the entire world will be yours.

9You will govern them with an unbreakable shepherd’s rod of truth and love;
you will destroy selfishness and crush their ability to coerce and deceive
like iron crushes pottery."

10Therefore, worldly rulers, wise up!
You, who govern the earth, have been warned as to how reality works.

11So, with humble admiration, live in harmony with God and his designs,
celebrate him with fervor.

12Accept the Son with a loving heart lest he let you go
to die from your terminal condition,
for he may release you to your choice at any moment.
Happy and healthy are they who abide in him.