Psalms  ◦   Chapter 14

1Only the irrational believe in their heart,
"There is no God."
Their minds are corrupted with lies and their characters are selfish,
There is not one who naturally does good.

2The Lord looks down from heaven
at all human beings on earth
to see if there are any that understand reality — who understand God’s character,
any who seek God and his methods of love.

3The entire race has turned away from God —
they accepted lies about him, so their hearts are corrupted with selfishness —
there is not one person who naturally does good;
no, not even one.

4Will the selfish never learn how life is designed to function?
To gratify themselves, they use people like gorging on bread;
being self-absorbed, they never call upon the Lord.

5Inevitably, they are dying from fear and insecurity,
for God only indwells those who choose him and his methods.

6The selfish would like to undermine those who love others,
but the Lord protects his people.

7I pray that deliverance from selfishness and healing of God’s people will be sent from God.
How happy will Gods’ people be
when the Lord restores them to his perfect design.