Psalms  ◦   Chapter 48

1The supreme Lord will be glorified
in the city of our God, his dwelling place.

2Beautiful to look upon,
the center of universal joy
is Zion — that holy hill —
the city of God, the Great King.

3God has revealed
that he is the safety
for those who live in that city.

4The rulers of this selfish world unite together
and move to attack the great city,

5but when they see the truth shine forth,
they are shocked and run away in terror.

6They shake with fear and anguish,
crying out in pain like a woman in labor.

7The Spirit of truth crushes them
like a strong east wind shatters the largest ships.

8We have heard of God’s mighty deeds,
and now we have seen them
in the city of the Lord of the stars — the God of all creation —
the city of our God,
built by him to last forever.

9Fitted for the interior of your Temple,
we reflect your perfect, never-failing love, O God.

10Your character of love, our dear God,
is praised in every world throughout the universe;
you always use your power to heal, restore, and do what is right.

11The New Jerusalem rejoices,
the towns filled with the victorious are happy and healthy,
because what you have decided is right.

12Examine the New Jerusalem thoroughly, walk about her,
and take note how she rises;

13mark in your heart the pain of her birth
and view her palaces,
that you may tell of it for all eternity.

14For this God is our God for ever and ever;
he will lead us until the end of time.