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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 110

1The Lord says to my Lord:
"Sit beside me, at my right hand,
until I make your enemies
a footstool for your feet."

2From Zion, your power of truth and love will extend
and you will have dominion in the midst of your enemies.

3Your people voluntarily surrender in trust to you;
on the day when your power of truth and love is fully revealed —
blazing forth in the beauty of holiness,
emanating from the source of all life —
life will start afresh, like dew on a new morning.

4The Lord has made a solemn promise
and will not change his mind:
"You are a priest forever — the minister of God’s healing Remedy —
in the order of Melchizedek."

5The Lord stands beside you to help you;
he will crush the reign of selfishness on the day of his wrath:

6he will diagnose the selfish as terminal, their bodies piled high,
and crush the head of this world of sin.

7Messiah the King will reign victorious
and drink from the river of life flowing on the earth made new.