Psalms  ◦   Chapter 19

1The heavens declare God’s character and design of love;
the expanse of nature reveals how he works.

2Every day they speak the truth about God’s methods and principles;
every night they reveal the knowledge of God.

3They don’t speak in words or text —
no spoken language is heard.

4Yet their voice of truth has been proclaimed to all the earth;
their evidence to the ends of the world.
He has placed the sun in its home in the sky;

5it arises like a radiant bridegroom from his honeymoon suite
and runs its course eagerly — like a zealous athlete.

6The sun rises at one horizon
and always completes its circuit to the other;
its light shines as a witness to the entire earth.

7The design law of God is perfect,
restoring one’s life.
The principles of the Lord are constant,
imparting wisdom to those without it.

8The prescriptions of the Lord are right,
bringing happiness to the life.
The protocols of God are brilliant,
enlightening the mind.

9Worship of the Lord heals
and is everlasting.
The decisions of the Lord are always correct
and completely righteous.

10They are more valuable than gold,
even much refined gold;
they are sweeter than honey,
even from the honeycomb.

11They teach those who serve you how reality works —
in living in harmony with them there is great benefit.

12Who can identify every defect in their heart?
Heal everything — even what I cannot see.

13Change my heart — refrain me from selfish choices;
don’t let selfishness control me.
Then I will be spiritually healthy,
free from deviations from your great design.

14Then the words I speak and my inmost thoughts
will be pleasing to you,
O Lord, my Refuge and my Remedy.