Psalms  ◦   Chapter 38

1O Lord, don’t be angry when you discipline me,
don’t be upset when you correct me.

2Your arrows of truth have pierced deep into my heart,
and your healing hand rests upon me.

3Because you let me have my way, I am really sick;
my body is weak and unhealthy because of my sin.

4I am drowning in guilt —
the weight of it is more than I can bear.

5The initial injury worsens — it festers and rots
because of my foolish choices.

6I have bent my mind and corrupted my heart;
I walk in darkness every day — in continual gloom.

7I am filled with shame;
my body is weak — I feel like I am dying.

8I am burned out and utterly crushed;
I cry loudly, tormented by the anguish in my heart.

9O Lord, you know what I so desperately long for;
you hear all my cries.

10My heart is pounding, I feel faint
and I can hardly see.

11My friends and neighbors avoid me because of my worsening condition;
even my family stays away.

12And those who want to kill me lay traps for me,
those who wish me harm talk of my ruin;
they constantly spread lies about me.

13I am like a deaf person, because their lies don’t reach my ears;
I am like a mute, because I don’t speak in my defense;

14I am like those who cannot hear
and whose mouth can offer no reply.

15I trust you, O Lord;
you will be my answer, O Lord my God.

16Heal me, don’t let my enemies gloat over my distress,
don’t let them boast about my stumbling.

17For I am about to collapse —
my heart is in constant pain.

18I confess the selfishness within me;
I so desperately want to be cured!

19I have many zealous enemies
who hate me without reason.

20They repay evil for good;
they slander the good I do, determined to make it appear evil.

21O Lord, don’t leave me;
stay close to me, O my God.

22Quickly, help me now,
O Lord my Healer.