Psalms  ◦   Chapter 102

1O Lord, please listen to me when I call out to you;
hear my cry for help.

2In my distress, it feels like you have abandoned me;
please don’t neglect me.
Move close to me and pay special attention;
when I call, please come quickly.

3For my life is fading away like smoke;
my bones are brittle, worn and charred like coals in a fire.

4My heart is torn and I am withering away like grass;
I am so distraught I forget to eat.

5Because of my grief
I am wasting away, just skin and bones.

6I am like a pelican lost in the desert,
a solitary owl lost in the wastelands.

7I cannot sleep;
I am alone in the night like a bird on a roof.

8All day long my enemies mock me;
the selfish and arrogant swear against me.

9My food tastes like ash,
and my drink is mixed with tears.

10Because of your anger at sin and the destruction it causes,
you have surrendered me to be the cure and then exalted me.

11My life is coming to an end like the evening shadow;
I am withering away like grass.

12But you, O Creator God, are the eternal source and sustainer of life;
your character and methods of love endure forever.

13You shall arise and pour out your healing love upon your people,
for the time to provide your gracious remedy has come;
the appointed time has arrived.

14Those who serve you will cherish your living stones
and show mercy to their descendants.

15People from all nations will revere/admire the Lord
and leaders from around the world will honor your character of love.

16For the Lord will recreate the earth in perfection
and appear in his unveiled glory.

17He will gently turn and answer the plea of those who acknowledge their need;
he will not reject their request for renewal of heart.

18His healing interventions will be recorded for future generations,
that a renewed and recreated people may praise the Lord.

19The Lord looked down from his heavenly sanctuary:
from heaven the Lord examined the earth,

20to hear the groans of those held captive in sin and selfishness
and free them from their terminal condition,

21so that God’s character of love will be revealed throughout the earth
and praised in the New Jerusalem

22when the people of God assemble to worship the Lord
and the nations serve him.

23He placed on me the affliction, crushing my strength
and cutting my life short:

24I cried out to him,
"If it be possible, take this cup from me and don’t let me die in midlife, O God —
you who are eternal and live forever, through all generations!"

25In the beginning, O Son, you created the earth;
the sun, moon and planets of this solar system are a work of your hands.

26They will be destroyed, but you will live forever;
they will all wear out like old clothing;
you will roll them up like a coat —
like old garments they will be changed for new.

27But you never change:
you remain the same forever, and your years will never end.

28The children of those who love and serve you will live in your presence;
their descendants will be transformed to be like you.