Psalms  ◦   Chapter 50

1The Mighty God, Creator of heaven and earth speaks;
he calls to the whole earth
from one horizon to the other.

2From heaven — perfect and beautiful —
God shines forth.

3Our Creator God is coming and will not ignore the defects to his design;
a fire of truth and love consumes all corruption and death;
all around him is whirlwind of recreative energy.

4He calls on the heavenly beings above
and humans on earth below to witness how he deals with his people:

5"Gather to me those who have partaken of my remedy —
those who have agreed to follow my treatment plan
and have sacrificed self to do so."

6The heavenly beings make known that God is right,
for God himself is judged to be right.

7"Listen, my people, to what I say;
listen, you who with me prevail, and I will testify among you:
I am God, your Creator.

8I do not correct you for carrying out the symbolic sacrifices,
though you continually bring me your ceremonial offerings.

9But understand that I have no need of your bulls
or the goats from your pens,

10for every animal in the forest is already mine,
and the cattle on thousands of hills.

11I know every bird that flies in the air,
and the insects of the field are mine.

12I would not tell you if I were hungry,
for the entire world and everything in it is mine.

13I don’t eat the flesh of bulls
or drink the blood of goats.

14So bring me what matters — a heart thankful to God,
and give the Most High your loyalty, just as you have promised;

15call upon me when you are hurting and distressed,
and I will heal you, transforming your character, and you will glorify me."

16But to the persistently selfish, God says:
"O how you talk about my commandments
and claim to be in agreement with me,

17but you hate my methods
and ignore what I say.

18When you see the snatcher of souls, you unite with him;
you join with adulterers — those who break their vows.

19You speak evil continually
and never hesitate to lie.

20You find fault with your own family
and slander your own relatives.

21All these things you have done and I have quietly let you,
so you thought I was exactly like you.
But I will correct you;
you will face the truth of your own corrupt condition.

22Think carefully, you who have rejected the truth about God,
lest you be torn apart with no one left to save you.

23Those with thankful hearts glorify me;
those who follow my plan I will surely heal.