Psalms  ◦   Chapter 96

1Sing to the Lord a new heart-song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth!

2Sing to the Lord, praise his character of love;
display his healing and restoration in you each and every day.

3Take the truth of his glorious character and methods of love to the entire world,
tell everyone of his marvelous works,

4for supreme is the Lord and most worthy of adoration;
he is to be awed, admired, and esteemed above all gods.

5For every god of this world is a worthless fraud,
but the Lord is the Creator who made the heavens.

6Majestic love and splendid truth emanate from him;
power and glory fill his dwelling place.

7Recognize the Lord, all peoples of the world;
recognize the Lord as glorious and almighty!

8Give your Creator the adoration his character of love deserves;
bring yourselves into his presence, offering your love and devotion.

9Worship the Lord with your hearts renewed with the beauty of his holiness;
abide in his presence all the earth!

10Say to the nations, "The Creator built reality, and he sustains and rules over it."
The world is firmly established on universal laws that cannot be changed;
his design laws apply equally to everyone.

11Let the earth and sky rejoice;
let the oceans roar in victory, and everything within them.

12Let the fields celebrate, with their lavish crops,
and then, all the trees in the forests will exclaim with joy;

13they will sing before the Lord, for he is coming —
he is coming to govern the earth!
He will govern the world, restoring it back to his perfect design,
and the people will live in truth — in harmony with his character of love.