Social Justice — The Battle for Hearts and Minds
August 12, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

We are standing on the brink of the second coming of Christ. We must not be deceived. We cannot obtain godly justice through human law, human governments, and human enforcement—such methods are the way of the beast. We must not embrace them.

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The Great Controversy and COVID
August 5, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Today, we are all being placed in the position to make decisions about what we will do in governance of ourselves—to take an experimental injection or not, wear a mask or not, attend church or not, visit family or not. But upon what are we to base such decisions?

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Six Steps to Dialogue with Those Who Disagree with the Healing Model
July 29, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Recently, a kind Seventh-day Adventist gentleman, whom I have known for many years and who disagrees with our Healing Model of salvation, began an email conversation with me. Our exchange has produced some useful dialogue, which I believe will be helpful to share.

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The Four Judgments
July 22, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

When you hear the word “judgment,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a judicial process—a courtroom with prosecuting and defense attorneys; a jury of one’s peers; the presentation of eyewitness, circumstantial, and forensic evidence; and a judge who oversees the proceedings?

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How Satan Uses God’s Laws Against Us
July 15, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

In this blog I examine how Satan uses God’s design laws to advance his kingdom, to destroy and injure people, by getting them to use the law in ways that are not in harmony with God’s design for life.

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Your Mind and Media Manipulation—How to Protect Yourself
July 8, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

There are facts—and there are interpretations of facts. Interpretations are not facts—they are merely the views, opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of whomever is advancing the viewpoint. The interpretations in media articles provide eye-opening insight into the biases, prejudices and agenda of the one writing.

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How Every Person in the World Will Choose For or Against Jesus
July 1, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Have you ever wondered how it could be possible that every person in the world will make a choice for or against Christ before His return?

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How COVID Messaging Perverts Love
June 24, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Surrendering our judgment to others, to authorities, in order to feel safe—to avoid confrontation, legal trouble, punishment, or be considered a troublemaker—harms the mind, undermines thinking, and damages the image of God in us.

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Christians and Aliens: Satan’s End-Time Deception
June 17, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

In a day and age in which the majority of the world’s population seem to trust science before God or the Bible, is it possible that Jesus’ prophetic warning will manifest in a non-religious way?

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Human 2.0: The Rise of the Cyborg—Disconnecting Humans from God
June 10, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Humanity’s modern-day version of the Tower of Babel, and its same godless save-self/advance-self motivation, is being called Human 2.0: the use of technology to advance humans to a new transhuman state.

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Three Reasons Why Now Is the Biblical “Time of the End”
June 3, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Ever since Jesus promised His followers that He would come again, Christians have been longing for our Savior’s return. And in every generation, people have believed theirs was the time, that the events occurring in their generation were fulfillments of biblical end-time prophecy.

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Who Created Whom? Part 3
May 27, 2021 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Without the resulting chaos, fear of death, tribal and personal conflict, and selfish human behavior that sin creates, there is no need for a codified law. Investigation, judgement (in the judicial sense), retributive justice, and punishment, has no meaning without sin.

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