Here are some of the many testimonials we receive everyday of people who have adopted the “CnR Life” and how our message, that God is not like satan alleges, has given their lives new meaning and has moved them to develop a deeper, trusting relationship with the God of Love. We hope you find their words and sentiments just as inspiring and amazing as we do. If you would like to have your thoughts published here, then send us an email to: requests@comeandreason.com

Michael A., Ghana

I’m a native Ghanan, but am currently in France for my master’s degree. Prior to this, during my final years at undergraduate studies in Ghana, I was introduced to your ministry and I’ve been immensely blessed by what you share, especially about the Design and Imposed Laws. God richly bless you for that. One of the first things I did when I arrived in France was to buy all four of your books. They not only helped me, but those I shared them with. I shared the message with an atheist student and I marveled at how God worked mightily in his life. Today this person shares the Love of God with others and debunks theories of who God is not. I would like to go on all university campuses in Ghana in order to share what you present in your “Heavenly Sanctuary and Investigative Judgment” pamphet, because the message brought rest to my soul and I live today as a healthy person.  God bless you so much and your ministry.

Thando N., South Africa

I have been watching your videos in The Power of Love seminar and I must say these have liberated me and have improved my relationship with the Lord. I am no longer terrified of him as I was before following your teachings.

Emmanuel V., Calgary, AB Canada

This ministrs has helped make sense of thirty two years of confusion. The material you freely provide reorganized so much of my life into such a beautiful pattern that has always been hinted at from within, but misguided with my training and what I was experiencing externally. My filipno parents, who were converted from catholicism to SDA, were sincere and did their best to raise me the right way and I have deep respect for them. However, being immigrants and not understanding the language made for a difficult transition as I was growing up, which also applied to my spiritual growth as I learned the patterns of religion. I have been listening to as many bible study classes and reading blog posts as my time in a work truck will allow, searching for the practical applications of where spirtuality and reality meet, and I thank you for helping me find that. You have helped me reach a point in which I can truly say that I love God, that I believe He loves me, and, like David, I delight in His law. God bless.

Tammy Cinzio, Australia

I cannot thank you enough for opening my understanding to the beautiful truth of God’s Law of Love and how it applies to everything. I have been a Christian for over forty years, but I feel like I am only now seeing with my eyes open. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Dean P., Arlington, TX, USA

I was born [into the church], then I left it for many years. 10 years ago, I came back, but I could not take the hypocrisy and the lack of answers to the missing pieces. I struggled, but I did not abandon my commitment to know the truth. God is leading me to the simple understanding of his relevance and I am relearning what the church taught me as a youth… that he loves me, that he has led me to a knowledge of him such as I have never known. He is using Dr. Jennings to connect the dots that are now so apparent and hiding in plain sight!

Karen S., Portal, AZ, USA

My father was a minister and there was a lot of pressure to conform and be “good.” I was good at being “good.” I thought my life was going along well until it all started falling apart and I could not figure out why! I had kept the rules and did the rituals, at least most of the time, surely God had enough mercy to forgive a few slip ups! In my search for “God, why is this happening to me,” I came across your book, “Could it be this Simple,” and God started revealing to me the many distortions I held, not only about His character, but about His principles and how He has designed His universe to operate. I remember thinking, “Wow, I have had this all backwards.” Then, a couple of years later, I watched your “Healing the Mind” videos and the Spirit convicted me of the truth of what I was hearing. I was happy and angry all at the same time. Happy to have the light of truth break through the darkness, revealing a wonderful, beautiful way, of understanding God and His plan for His children, and angry, because I felt deceived and cheated by the church, my family, and myself! That is when I decided to cooperate with God in removing the distortions about His character of love and His design law. My hard-wiring was so entrenched that I needed to listen to that section seven times before I understood God’s principles and how to apply them in my everyday life. Now, my heart thrills when I listen to your bible study lessons. I can hear a similar thrill and excitement in your voice about the overwhelming awesomeness of it all! Literally I have gone from death to life. It is a journey I look forward to every day, as God reveals areas this distortion affects. The insidiousness of holding a distorted view of God is that it distorts views on every aspect of life. Now, I am daily getting a better perspective. Praise GOD! I will ever be grateful to God for this ministry and your cooperation with the Spirit!

Elssy P., Modesto, CA, USA

I was so blessed by a friend who gave me your book, “The God Shaped Brain,” while I was sitting in church asking God to please help me learn more about Him and help me not to be so confused and scared. That was about 2 years ago. Your books have helped me to love God even more. I’m not confused or scared anymore! I have listened to all of your bible study classes and feel like I know the wonderful people that attend every week. Thank you for all that you’re doing in spreading the true message about God and His law of love. God bless you and your whole class.

Wheinny P., University Place, WA, USA

Your unique way in spreading the truth is what we all need today. Most of us don’t recognize the contamination coming from all the lies and selfishness in the world. Because of our fear of death, we forgot how to live. Because of trying to survive daily, we forgot how to care and love others. “No time to waste dealing with other people… I’m in need too…” some people say. Lies left and right.

Everyone knows how to read the ancient, famous holy book, but not everyone knows how to correctly understand it. I was losing hope and faith, because of so many ideas that are always contradicting each other (even in our own church)… so many questions answered by other, more complicated, questions… until I found your channel on YouTube.

You did not just give me answers, you also taught me how to answer new questions that arise in my mind. Now I see things differently. I see God’s mercy, grace, and Love everywhere, in spite of all the chaos that we all have done as humans. I don’t fear death anymore. Accepting the Truth and Love about God is truly a genuine Freedom from all the confusions, sufferings, selfishness, pain, and death.

I just wanted to say, thank you, sooooo much for offering yourself to everyone, so that we can see the real Remedy for our infected life. I have a new hope and now see the world in a different perspective!

Eric S., Sanford, FL, USA

I Love This Ministry!!!!!!! I see first hand how this message is desperately needed, how erroneous beliefs about God and His Character negatively affect humanity at every level. I thank God for your ministry, as I was searching on my own and was discovering some of your same beliefs and was blown away when I found your ministry. I know you hear it all the time, but it is truly life changing. May God continue to reveal His Will to you and Bless you!

Viliami L., Australia

After coming into contact with Come And Reason Ministries, I can finally say that many of my unanswered questions have fallen into place. I discovered that my view of God’s Law was “imposed laws and rules” with “imposed punishments” and that this was the major culprit of my many unanswered questions. Thanks be to God for using you and those around you to help us who have struggled with this “infection” of thought. I have now rejected the “imposed law” concept to fully embrace “Design Law”… to look thru “Design Law,” instead of “imposed law,” is a relief.

Jackie S.,

I came from a dysfunctional family; an Alcoholic mother, who didn’t want kids (she had 3… try to figure that one out), and no father around. I don’t have to go into detail about all the crazy stuff that goes with that, it is well documented, to the point that counselors and teachers can’t keep up!  I came into the church at 21, but that is as far as it went. I was so confused about what love is. I couldn’t find it in the bible, because I am not a person that can read between the lines. I have no logic. I have read many, many books; trying to figure out the crux of the matter. They were helpful, but something was still missing.

I recently started to have a prayer life and I am starting to see that it’s a relationship with Jesus that is needed, not a relationship with church doctrines. I have become very frustrated to the point of crying out to God, “Where can I go?” because I was wanting to leave the church, despite many of their doctrines being sound. I needed some basics. I started getting the church’s “easy reading” bible study lessons and found them more helpful than the regular adult lessons, but, even then it was frustrating.

Among the many books I have acquired, I found two books, written by Timothy Jennings, MD, to be very helpful. God showed me that I had lived my whole life in fear. I didn’t even see it. Now, I do. God is so good. I haven’t been to this website for a long time, so when I visited, I discoverd that The Remedy was available to purchase and that Dr. Jennings did indeed have a new book out (The God-Shaped Heart)! Oh, I was so excited, I purchased them right away.

I have never sat down and read my bible cover to cover. I find I get board of it quickly. It just doesn’t have a structure to it. Something was missing. Then, after getting The Remedy, I read the Preface and now I know what is going on! It makes so much sense! Now, I can get rid of most of my books, because The Remedy brings the Love of God out so clearly, even I can’t miss it. Now, I want to sit and read my Bible. Wow, what a revelation! It is just simply Awesome! I am so grateful to Jehovah Almighty for hearing my prayer for more understanding! I am so encouraged!

Jason H.

I just want to tell you how blessed I have been reading The Remedy! It has become a daily part of my devotional relationship with God. In it I have found a God of love and a God that loves me! The bible has come alive for me! It is the first time that I can say that I have felt hope fill my heart as I have read God’s word. This is good news I can share! Thank you, Dr Jennings! Thank you for your heart for others. I can’t put into words how this has set me free! It has strengthened my trust and love for God.

Liz H., Port Angeles, WA, USA

I can’t even begin to thank you and your ministry enough for introducing me to the Truth about a loving and merciful God! I have my daughter and her in-laws to thank for sharing with me The God-Shaped Brain as well as your website. I listen to the Bible study class lessons on my daily walk. May God continue to bless your thirst-quenching ministry!

Beverly S., South Africa

Over the past couple of years God has been expanding my view of Himself and His character. Along my approximately 40-year journey, I have often had questions, but was hesitant to voice these and step outside the traditionally accepted thinking, for fear of admitting that I may in fact be eternally lost. In the recesses of my thinking has been the thought — if one blindly accepts (which is widely regarded as “real faith”) and does not question, is this really ‘truth’? I often find it challenging to grapple with very theological ‘speak,’ but Dr. Jennings has a real gift of explaining spiritual concepts with clear practical examples. The weekly discussions are growing my Christian experience and slowly changing my view of how to live as a child of God in today’s complex world. Finally the whole Old Testament sanctuary teaching moved in my mind from fantasy to reality! Thank you.

Brendon S.

I have been confused for years about what [christianity] calls [its] most disgusting teaching. It has never made much sense to me and for that reason has been evermore empty. I have listened to your class off and on and have struggled determining what is truth, because of the resistance design law encounters in the church. So, I thank God for your ministry. What you teach makes sense. It’s logical and backed up by the power of love. I have never seen that in Christ untill now. I am astounded by the insight that is found when we look at God’s ministry through design law. All strength to this message, as I believe it to be the power of God.

Daniel T., Easley, SC, USA

We were given a gift of the DVD set, “God and Your Brain,” and we just finished watching it. The truths in this are so powerful and truly an answer to a prayer. We’re seeing hope where once we thought God wasn’t answering our prayers to be free of certain mindsets. He answered with these DVDs and we are hungry for more. Thank you!

Jill L., Midwest, USA

I left my church at 13 years old for a life of drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity. I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for seven years. I managed to get out of that, but still hung on to drugs and alcohol. I returned to my home church 23 years later and struggled cleaning myself up for 20 more years, playing by the rules, but still struggling on occasion with those addictions, high anxiety, PTSD, and ADD. Finally a pastor came that excepted and counseled me for 2 years until all chains were finally broken by God’s mercy, love, and grace!

Two years ago I stumbled upon your book, “Could It Be This Simple,” and then found “The God-Shaped Brain” videos on YouTube, your bible study class, and the Come And Reason and The Remedy NT mobile apps. I always knew there was something wrong with what the church’s bible study quarterly was presenting, but when I pointed it out it wasn’t looked on favorably. I stopped studying the quarterly years ago for that reason.

When I heard you addressing the subtle distortions of truth in the quarterly I rejoiced… finally somebody is saying what I had been thinking all the while! I shared your book with a friend and after nine months of showing love, patience, and kindness this person has been changed by the love of God, too. The same love that healed me, I now express to other women in tangible ways, such as to a Baptist woman with high anxiety and childhood trauma. She was extremely happy and relieved when I shared about the so-called “judgment of God” and burning in hell. She had no desire to serve a God that was so harsh. I have repeated the phrase dozens of times to her. “What we believe has power over us, but we have power over what we believe…”

This message that you are sharing has changed my life. I will continue to serve other women and bring this message of God’s healing love to their lives by sharing your books, YouTube videos, and The Remedy Bible app. Keep up the good work. Don’t be discouraged. God is doing a mighty work in and through this ministry!

Laura P., United Kingdom

I am just writing to say that I have been so blessed by the teachings of Come And Reason Minitries recently. I watched last week’s bible study lesson on Youtube and am thankful that the error in the printed lesson guide you use was pointed out and this week’s study was of equal benefit, if not more so. My understanding of God’s nature has been very confused of late and I am so grateful for clarity in this matter. I have never really fully understood previously how a good God can cause bad things to happen and now I realise that He doesn’t, it’s a natural consequence of sin. May the almighty Father and His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, continue to bless your ministry.

Melissa L.

I have been blessed by your ministry. I have experienced personally, and deeply resonate with, the God of love and the beautiful picture of God’s character that you present. I have seen your seminar series on youtube, listened to/read ‘The Journal of the Watcher,’ use your app, and also listen/study the lesson with you each week. I concur with many of the thoughts and perspectives that you share. I understand your conclusions on natural laws vs imposed law, legal problem and penal substitution (incorrect diagnosis). This makes perfect sense to me.

Bless you for all you do.

Tom W.,  Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA

I have been listening to your studies for almost four years now. I was brought up in a different faith and have been petrified my whole life of God. I studied about God up until about 12 years of age and believed that I would burn in hell for eternity. For the next 45 years, I pursued the things of this world, but the Spirit was always calling me, as I knew there was a God through nature. I could see the vast sea of stars in the universe and knew there was something bigger out there.

A friend and I were always interested in Daniel and Revelation, trying to figure out the end times. Five years ago, through the Revelation seminar, I have been blessed to learn about God’s character and government. I have come under some extreme pressure when I bring up Come and Reason, but I rarely take other’s opinions as fact. One time a sister sent me an article from the internet titled “Whats wrong with Tim Jennings?” and the next Sabbath, I asked her what she thought of it and she said “I don’t know, I didn’t read it.”

I noticed that there is organizational protection and a fear to trust one’s own ability to reason. I have always wanted to find out for myself, whether it be economics, science, politics, or the truth about God. So I stayed with the Design Law construct and have been liberated to understand the big picture. Once we consider Design Law, all other Bible stories and prophecies seem to fit perfectly. This has been a slow, almost four year, journey, but there are a few more who are starting to understand Design law. It is truly beautiful to see these people grasping how God operates this Universe of Love and the liberation it has provided in their lives. It blows my mind to see how consistent Design law is with what our founders believed. I hear statements like “This makes so much sense”.

Sofia S., Ashfield, MA, USA

[This ministry is the] biggest blessing I have ever received! Your DVDs and lessons could not have come at a better time in my life. I have experienced in the past year many difficulties that, if it wasn’t for this wonderful view of God that I have discovered through this ministry, I would not have been able to respond in love and forgiveness. My heart is being transformed everyday by the Calvary-looking God you teach. Hallelujah!! I have tears in my eyes as I write.

My life has taken a complete turn from where I was heading. My children where afraid and often confused by rules that made no sense. They often asked me questions to which I had no answers. I often felt afraid and frustrated for not being able to have a reasonable and intelligent answer to their concerns. My 15 year old loves listening to Dr. Jenning and even said he would like to preach some day. When I asked him what would he share about he said, “God’s Wrath.” He sees now that most everybody in our church has a misunderstanding of who God is. This is very encouraging for me.

I am from Central America. Most of my family is scattered in different parts of the world and all have the same view of God that I had growing up; a distant, exacting, and ready-to-punish-us-with-tragedy type of God. So, I have been translating… lessons… for my family… [and] to my surprise, they have also been… sharing them with others! I can already see the difference in the devotionals my brother sends… he has often said, “Thank you for sharing, I have never heard it this way!” [My other family members] are taking an amazing turn from a message of “repent or burn” towards a loving God, pleading to us that we won’t reject him because he loves us eternally.

Bless you for all you do.

Helen D.,  London, England

Since November 2015, when I started studying Gods word from this God Is Love point of view, my life has been transformed. My troubled marriage of 15 years has been healed and my husband and I are truly happy for the first time in 15 years.

Now When I read the word of God I understand it so much better and I can’t help but see Gods love radiating through the pages to humanity. Gods word is living and active and I am blessed beyond measure to be having this amazing experience .

God has given me a beautiful understanding of Jn 3:16 that amazes me more and more each day. Thank you again for your ministry..

Anthony L., California, USA

Hearing Dr. Jennings’ presentations in person came at a pivotal moment in my spiritual journey. This pivot began about nine months ago, when the fault lines inherent in my belief set began to crack under questions that, I suspect, most reasonable people end up asking about God and His nature. These were questions I couldn’t find answers to, and they shook my faith; I was unable let it go any longer and be satisfied. My Christian experience became distant, and I was afraid; the fear in me rose like thorns, pushing me away from Jesus. And then someone heard my questions and introduced me to this ministry, and my life has totally changed.

I can tell you that this new “present truth” message is far grander and life-changing than when I shifted from being an agnostic and then a nominal Christian. It has radically altered my worldview, because it reveals a God that makes sense. It is a revolution. I believe that, whether perfected or not yet perfected, Dr. Jennings’ message is the final message that must go to the world. If any message could be called “righteousness by faith,” as abused as that term is by the right and the left, this is that message. One reason is that Jennings’ biblical message identifies a God who is different, not just over a day or a duration in hell, but whose character isn’t an impossible contradiction. It’s made all the difference in the world, and it gives me hope.

My journey to know God isn’t complete and will never be, but I walk this path now without fear. I see people differently, and the Holy Spirit burns in my heart. Many call Dr. Jennings’ message false and compromising, but it isn’t false, because I’ve seen the fruits within my mind and body. It is not compromising, because in this message is the only road to holiness that makes any sense. No longer do I behold a pagan god who is always angry and always suspicious, and therefore, by its own nature, gives me sufficient excuse to bend others to my will by might or manipulation. Instead, I behold a God who is freeing and loving, always working for our good, and giving me every reason to love my enemy even to my own death, just as Jesus pleads with us. God is good.

Joleen H. Georgia, USA

Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you share with others the intricacies of how we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I must share that you have opened a whole new world to me, and I have found tremendous healing through what you have shared in two of your books, “Could It Be This Simple?” and “The God Shaped Brain.” I praise God for what you shared, what I have learned, and how I have grown and healed! My prayer is that My Precious Jesus will be seen by others in the way I live, act, talk, etc. and they may be encouraged to know He is truly a GREAT God of LOVE, desiring that no one should perish! God Bless you in your continued endeavors to present Him as He really is!

Clara S.,  Westfield, MA, USA

I am so pleased with the response your message is receiving at my church from the middle age and young adults. I have given out 100 copies of the first two seminars and there are more request every week. One of my [class members] came to me after viewing the series grateful, impressed with how easy the message was retained. He had been a Seventh-day Adventist in fear all his life, and felt like the scales were removed from his eyes after viewing the seminars. I am so impressed by the change I see in members who have received this message, we are on one accord. I am sadden by the negative response of the older people in my church. I am verbally attacked anytime I talk about imposed laws. but I believe my mission is to enlightened everyone I can. I watch your Bible Study Class on you tube every Friday night and I feel like I am apart of the class. All of you are on one accord and I am so blessed to have found you. I pray that all of you continue to spread this message and I am committed to doing my part.

Tony P., California, USA

I was introduced to Come and Reason by accident via a passing comment made in a bible study class we were visiting. I checked this website out and my life was changed. The understanding of the truth of God’s character, and how we apply it, is so right. The tricky part is consistently applying which “lens” to look through. As I began to understand, I started sharing the basics of this understanding with a discussion group I was leading and, suddenly, a lot of things started to make sense that never used to. At the same time, I enjoyed an amazing opportunity. I was able to conduct a full bible study at WORK! What an amazing experience! It is such a joy to share the truth about God and to share how it all fits in the war between God and Satan. So many people benefit when we have a correct understanding about how God works and who He really is! Thank you for this transformational understanding. Keep up the good work! God Bless you!

Paul C.,  Springfield, MA, USA

I was invited over a friend’s house to see the “God and Your Brain” seminar today. I became [a christian] 36 years ago at the age of 19, but have struggled with the concept of God taking His ‘pound of flesh’ out on His Son to be appeased. Wow. Your seminar has been an incredible revelation and breath of reason and fresh air! I have your book, “The God Shaped Brain,” and it is SO eye opening. Finally, after 36 years enlightenment has come! Praise the Good Lord! What can I say, but that the Real Gospel is truly “Good News!” Thank you for your efforts in giving the Gospel a clear sound!

Terry U., Tacoma, WA, USA

The message [of Come And Reason Ministries is] for all Christians (and those who may become Christians) and not just Adventists or any other group. It is difficult to imagine why any [anyone] with intellectual and spiritual honesty could find fault with the way you explained the healing substitution concepts and the truth about God’s character, though I know some will reject and criticize. On behalf of those in our group near Tacoma, WA, thank you and your staff for all of the hard work and for sharing the Gospel in this manner. God’s message of healing love will be carried to the whole world and then Jesus will come – He promised it.

Ceil V.,  Utah, USA

It was very touching to hear the testimony of your class share how viewing God’s true character has changed their lives. My feelings are the same — there is so much freedom in knowing that God LOVES me — regardless of my… just, REGARDLESS! I’m still blown away by the true gospel, the fact that God is not ready to strike us when we fail. He is not arbitrary. He simply loves us and warns of the natural consequences because He can’t stand to see us suffer. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GOD!!!

Kessy B., Australia

God lead me to your book “The God-Shaped Brain” while I was searching for another book about the brain and then to your interview about your book on HeartWise Ministries [where] I found out about [Come And Reason Ministries]. I’m now devouring the webcasts of your Bible studies. I have been so greatly blessed and I thank God so much for your courage to speak the Truth in love no matter what. Listening to you contrast the two opposing systems (laws) and digging deep to unearth the hidden treasures in the Bible makes me so incredibly happy and I feel very blessed to be part of your Bible Study Group although I live far away. I am just so excited that there is a group of people that is spreading the Truth about the character of God and it saddens me how few realize what our Father in Heaven is really like.

Melissa H.,  Indiana, USA

Thank you for all of your work to correct misconceptions about God’s character. So many people that my husband and I have talked to seem to be against the natural law construct and view it as “errant” and “dangerous.” Having learned more about it through your blogs and lessons, I don’t really understand why they view it that way, except that it means they have to relearn theology they have known for their entire lives. But I’m so excited to relearn this. For the past few years I have been questioning how I could trust a God who punishes arbitrarily and is full of wrath for those who don’t obey His commands. That view made me afraid to “mess up” or “not be good enough,” even within my relationship with God. I really appreciated the point you bring out about God not wanting us to serve Him because we are afraid, but because we love Him.

T. Banda, Malawi studying in UK

I have been following your Bible study class for about a year now. I must say I am impressed with how your ministry has grown. I took it upon myself to listen to all your lesson podcasts from the past and they have both enriched me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have learnt a lot from this class. I have also noticed how the class has grown in spiritual strength. One of the things that benefited me is that now I am not afraid of God. I use to be, but now it has melted away. The second thing is that you helped me to have a real life relationship with God. Now He is my friend that was always there and I love having him with me all the time. Thirdly because of this class it inspired me to take over and lead a class. I have called it “Let Us Reason Together,” adapting your inquisitive style and creating a class of free thinkers.

Nancy S.

Your teachings about our heavenly Father have changed my life. Thank you sooooooo very very much! I know He’s doing some serious healing in my heart and life and I look forward to each new day to learn something new about Him and to just hear you speak about Him. Thank you, forever.

B. F., Silicon Valley, CA, USA

I just want to say thank you so much for your conversations via YouTube. I regularly tune in to your lectures, “Let’s Talk” sessions, and many others. Through these I’ve found greater depth and meaning to God’s word. Thanks for all that you do and please continue. I’m currently working in the middle of Silicon Valley at Stanford University. I feel like God really has me in the right place right now and I’m sensing that your teachings might be part of it.

M. W., Australia

I wanted to thank you very much for presenting your understanding of God. I’ve always been troubled by this question: Why did Jesus have to die? Since my conversion I understood that The Father & Jesus are one, I did not have issues with that. But was there not any other way to save us than for Jesus to die? I guess I actually had a question about God – if He is so wise, how come He did not find another way? I did not see the real ‘beauty’  in the cross. Only when you explained the picture in the medical context, Jesus providing medicine for my selfishness, have I started to finally ‘see the light’. Thank you so much. Your seminar, “Healing the Mind,” are absolutely marvelous & have shared them with my family and many other people, including colleagues at work.  Thanks, thanks, thanks. May God bless you abundantly in your ministry.

L. G., Oakland, MI, USA

I would just like to add my voice to the many people who, I believe, must have contacted you to express their appreciation for the “Healing the Mind” DVDs. I’ve been listening to your Bible study class discussions for many years and I’ve been personally blessed by your research and teaching about the character of God.

A.A. Corrales, NM, USA

I have found your Bible study class lectures to be very inspiring and useful as I prepare to teach class every other week. I subscribe to the podcast and download your notes on the weeks I teach. The audio and notes are such a great help in preparing. My own understanding of God’s character has grown as I teach the class. Commendations on the thought-provoking and well-prepared material Come and Reason provides. Personally, I get excited by the tie you make between the spiritual and mental/physical domains.


Thank you so much for your ministry! We have been so blessed by it! You sent us the DVD set on “Healing The Mind” and we’ve already got them circulating amongst our friends and family. We cannot put in to words the freedom that we have experienced due to all the truth from your ministry. We now read the Bible differently and see that God is nothing but good and kind, wanting to clean us from the inside out. We’ve been listening to your past Bible study classes and have really appreciated them… Again, thank you for encouraging us to think for ourselves.


I am absolutly on fire with the message at Come and Reason! I can’t get enough! I’ve read your book, blog, and articles. I’ve listened to your Bible study podcasts, your radio show, and your series — all excellent! I’ve been an SDA since 2003, but not until the past couple of years have I felt like I am becoming a “healthy” adventist with more to share with others than just beasts and commandments! I used to be a Bible worker and preached when the pastors were gone until I had had enough. I didnt realize at the time what the problem was, but i know now…..the message wasn’t properly focused. Now my flame is rekindled… all of your little examples are so perfect in explaining something “complicated” and making it easily understood! Now I’m trying to shape it into a life changing evangelistic series! Thank you!

R. K., Anderson, South Carolina

I just wanted to personally thank you for your teachings and insight into scripture. I came across your website via my cousin who suggested I look into “Healing the Mind” information. My youngest daughter has been struggling over the last couple of years and it all came to a head this spring. When I started listening to the “Healing the Mind” lectures my own life began to be transformed. I began sharing with all my daughters the concepts you laid out so clearly. I ordered your book and soaked it up. I just want to say “Thank You!” My walk with the Lord has been refreshed and renewed. Your obedience to the Lord is a blessing to so many.

A.M., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

I truly believe that to know who God really is the first step to understand ourselves in a balanced and kind way, so the healing can take place. Your approach really makes sense – Thank you for your ministry!

The Healing the Mind DVD set…started me on a journey that has changed my relationship with our loving God more significantly than any other study, and brought me to your book and Bible study podcasts, which I now listen to daily thanks to the availability of archived content on your site and on iTunes…

T.E.H., Salt Lake City, Utah

The blessings of clarity and understanding you and your class inspire me to take from the word of God have impressed upon me so greatly the true, loving character of our Creator. I have found amazing freedom and joy through building a stronger, more intentional relationship with Him. What is new is that this is now a relationship built on love, reverence and respect rather than fear and obligation, and as such my eyes have been slammed OPEN as I am continually impressed by the manifestations of God’s true character in His provisions for fallen man. 


Your seminars… are still inspiring and changing our lives… and we continue to share the principles we have learned from you. Your ministry has changed our lives! 

H.R New Zealand

I have been sharing Come And Reason Ministries Bible study lessons with several folk… you have such a beautiful view of the plan of salvation.  If we had had this message preached when I was young, my generation would still all be in church.


We really appreciate your views on the judgment and they make good sense considering our free choice.

J.B. ,Dalles, OR, USA

I borrowed [“Healing The Mind” DVDs] from a friend and showed them at my home for a small gathering of women friends. Neither of my friends are Adventist but they both enjoyed and embraced the messages you taught. In fact, one of the ladies prayed out loud in our group and that was the first time she had ever had public prayer.

K.C., Ohio, USA

I have been really blessed reading your response to the various questions on your site.

K.B., Louisiana, USA

I would love to have a copy of [“Healing the Mind”] DVDs to have in my therapy office.  I enjoy having clients check out materials to enhance their therapy experience.  I have sat under Dr. Jennings’ teaching at an American Association of Christian Counselors convention and respect his work greatly. 

BLM, North Plains, OR, USA

I personally download and listen to each of Come And Reason Ministries Bible study class lessons and PDF study notes to use when teaching my class. Really appreciate the class especially when Dr. Jennings is teaching. Thank God there are persons like him doing His work and traveling to share His beliefs.

L., Queensland, Australia

I really enjoy with you the view of a gracious God. Thank you for sharing the work you are allowing the Lord to do in you.


Thank you for the ministry you are sharing with us, it is a real blessing to us and especially to my husband and myself! You are encouraging us to think for ourselves and not just to except everything, without thinking it through, with God’s word!

N.B. Canada

Ok…so last night I listened to “The Law of Liberty” and  “How to Achieve Victory:  Freedom, Truth and Spirtual Warfare”…these are both MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES so far….The logic is just soooooo beautiful….I had to relisten a couple of times….I just want to EXPLODE!

H.S., Australia

I got the book [“Could It Be This Simple?”] a few months ago and the reading was wonderful and I was fascinated. I lent the book to a friend at work. She is having a difficult time and the book is helping her to find Jesus and I found this very exciting. She has asked me questions and I can see her life changing.

R.N., Montana, USA

We listen to your bible studies lessons in our class in Montana.  You actually were the main reason I decided to get a laptop so I can go to your site and listen, read, learn and print the class notes. I am so grateful to learn the correct view of God and his character. Now….to just have others have an interest in knowing so I can share it with them. Good thoughts your way.

R.V.N., South Africa

I’m the youth leader in South Africa. We as a youth group are currently using a lot of the material on the Come and Reason site. Since we’ve started using the material, our youth group has grown.

C.F., North Carolina, USA

My husband is a pastor and I listen to your lesson almost every week.  Thank you for helping me in my study life and to help me love the “real” God more.

S.G., Texas, USA

I continue to enjoy your lessons every week. The more that I research your conclusions, the more I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has lead you to distill out the essence of human redemption. Thank you for your courageous stand for the truth.

T.C., Indiana, USA

Thank you!  I love listening to the Come And Reason Ministries Bible study classes and am using some of your notes to get the lessons together that I will be teaching.  You always have such good quotes and Bible texts and pull things together to make good sense.


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