Bible Study Class

Bible Study Class

3rd Quarter 2024: The Book of Mark
July 21, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

From the beginning of Mark, the reader knows who Jesus is—the Messiah, the Son of God (Mark 1:1). However, people in the story struggle with understanding just who He is and what He is all about—except for those with demons. They know exactly who He is!

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2nd Quarter 2024: The Great Controversy
June 9, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

This quarter will trace the major developments in the great controversy, beginning with the rebellion in heaven. We will explore the central issues of the conflict between Christ and Satan. We will see the indomitable courage of the Waldenses despite fierce persecution, and the determination of the Reformers to follow Bible truth even in the face of torture, chains, the stake, and martyrdom.

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1st Quarter 2024: Psalms
March 16, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

Like the rest of the Scriptures, the Psalms were written in their distinctive historical, theological, and literary contexts. The task of the study of the Psalms is to bring the particular world of the Psalms closer to the modern audience. We must note that while the Psalms are prayers of God’s people and even prayers that Jesus prayed as the incarnated Lord, the Psalms are also prayers about Jesus.

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Bible Study Class Notes Archive
January 2, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

2006-2009 (13 MB – 950 pages) 2010-2014 (17 MB – 2,877 pages) 2015-2019 (30 MB – 3,016 pages) 2020-2023 (47 MB – 2,948 pages)

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2023 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2024 Archives admin

Q1: Managing For The Master | Q2: Three Cosmic Messages | Q3: Ephesians | Q4: God’s Mission, My Mission

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2022 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2023 Archives admin

Q1: The Messages to the Hebrews | Q2: Genesis | Q3: In the Crucible With Christ | Q4: Future Hope

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2021 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2022 Archives admin

Q1: Isaiah | Q2: The Promise | Q3: Rest In Christ | Q4: Present Truth in Deuteronomy

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2020 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2021 Archives admin

Q1: Daniel | Q2: How to Interpret Scripture | Q3: Making Friends for God | Q4: Education

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2019 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2020 Archives admin

Q1: The Book of Revelation | Q2: Family Seasons | Q3: The Least of These | Q4: Ezra and Nehemiah

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2018 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2019 Archives admin

Q1: Stewardship | Q2: Preparation for the End Time | Q3: The Book of Acts | Q4: Oneness in Christ

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2017 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2018 Archives admin

Q1: The Holy Spirit and Spirituality | Q2: Feed My Sheep – 1 & 2 Peter | Q3: The Gospel in Galatians | Q4: The Book of Romans

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2016 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2017 Archives admin

Q1: Rebellion and Redemption | Q2: The Book of Matthew | Q3: The Role of the Church in the Community | Q4: The Book of Job

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