Bible Study Class

Bible Study Class

2nd Quarter 2024: The Great Controversy
April 20, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

This quarter will trace the major developments in the great controversy, beginning with the rebellion in heaven. We will explore the central issues of the conflict between Christ and Satan. We will see the indomitable courage of the Waldenses despite fierce persecution, and the determination of the Reformers to follow Bible truth even in the face of torture, chains, the stake, and martyrdom.

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1st Quarter 2024: Psalms
March 9, 2024 Bible Study Class admin

Like the rest of the Scriptures, the Psalms were written in their distinctive historical, theological, and literary contexts. The task of the study of the Psalms is to bring the particular world of the Psalms closer to the modern audience.

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2022 Bible Study Class Archive
December 20, 2023 Archives admin

Q1: The Messages to the Hebrews | Q2: Genesis | Q3: In the Crucible With Christ | Q4: Future Hope

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4th Quarter 2023: God’s Mission, My Mission
December 2, 2023 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… we focus attention on getting out there and doing something. We will examine many wonderful Bible stories. We will read about exciting experiences and illustrations. We will learn about available resources to assist us in reaching out to our neighbors (especially to those who have no Christian background). But those will just

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3rd Quarter 2023: Ephesians
August 5, 2023 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… Ephesians speaks especially to times like our own in which the allure of the world and the passing of time threaten to dull Christian discipleship. It lifts up Christ and accents the significance of following Him as engaged, active members of His church as we live out the hope of His return.

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2nd Quarter 2023: Three Cosmic Messages
April 22, 2023 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… Marx, Nietzsche, Darwin—three influential figures whose work has caused humanity irreparable harm, but amid all these errors, God did not leave the world without a witness to His truth, which is why, amid these destructive ideologies, He raised up a movement that would, over time, morph into the Seventh-day Adventist Church and

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Bible Study Class Notes Archive
April 2, 2023 Bible Study Class admin

2006-2009 (13 MB – 950 pages) 2010-2014 (17 MB – 2,877 pages) 2015-2019 (30 MB – 3,016 pages) 2020-2023 (47 MB – 2,948 pages)

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1st Quarter 2023: Managing For The Master
December 24, 2022 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… we will study God’s ideal in our relationship with Him and clearly see how we can develop a trust so deep that we will remain faithful to Him, even when we can’t buy or sell. However, our Christian worldview gives us confidence and hope as we see the signs Jesus gave to

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4th Quarter 2022: Future Hope
September 17, 2022 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… we will explore the painful subject of death but through the lens of the hope offered us through Jesus. Alberto R. Timm, PhD (Andrews University), is an associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc., a Biblical Research Institute Committee (BRICOM) member, and a Geoscience Research Institute Committee (GRICOM) member. Previously

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3rd Quarter 2022: In The Crucible With Christ
June 17, 2022 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… we will try to show is that pain, suffering, and loss don’t mean that God has abandoned us; they mean only that, even as believers, we now share in the common lot of a fallen race. The difference is that, through Jesus and the hope He offers, we can find meaning and

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2nd Quarter 2022: Genesis
March 16, 2022 Bible Study Class admin

In This Quarter… not only will we read and study the book of Genesis— but we also will enjoy its beautiful stories and learn to walk better with the Lord of Creation, the Godof Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacques B. Doukhan, DHL, ThD, is emeritus professor of Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis at the Seventh-day

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2021 Bible Study Class Archive
January 1, 2022 Archives admin

Q1: Isaiah | Q2: The Promise | Q3: Rest In Christ | Q4: Present Truth in Deuteronomy

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