Designed 4 More Podcast

Doesn’t it seem like the whole world is going off the rails? Are you feeling down or anxious about your place, wondering how you can practice God’s design principles for life amid all this confusion, chaos, and contradictory information? Then you’ll love Designed4More!

During this intriguing and enlightening 30-minute video podcast, Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., founder of Come And Reason Ministries and adult medical director of Honey Lake Clinic, along with various featured guests, explore God’s design protocols (laws of health) that govern the four domains of life—mind, body, spirit, and relationship. These video podcasts provide practical insights for joyful living and overcoming the obstacles and spiritual battles you face every day. As you listen, you’ll cherish learning just how much God designed you for more—more love, peace, health, and happiness!

It’s a great way to receive and share the good news about God!

Our first episode will be released July 23! with new episodes every Tuesday.