Jennings Speaks At United Healthcare Summit!

On July 15-16th, 2022 some of America’s top doctors and scientists in the areas of pharmaceutical and environmental toxins will be heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a two-day health Summit!

The Summit is an opportunity for providers and patients alike to hear the evidence-based science on some of the most controversial topics we face today in Federal and professional organization regulatory oversight and healthcare.  

Join Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Avery Jackson, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Timothy R. Jennings, and more as we explore the science on toxins and health. For other details, visit:

Watch Friday’s 9-HOUR, unedited stream

Watch Saturday’s 9-HOUR, unedited stream

Watch Dr. Jenning’ presentation below (edited and enhanced) or view it here: Covid And The Manipulation of Your Mind