Truth, Love, and Freedom Bible Study Guide 2

The Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Character

This 204-page booklet, written by Drs. Brad and Dorothee Cole, explores how a destructive principle has infected and altered God’s design for life and is the root to pain, suffering and ultimately death.Like Neo, the lead character in the popular movie trilogy, The Matrix, we all have the desire to see the reality of things and to put our lives in the right context. For centuries, Christian theology has played and replayed a story that has centered on personal salvation with only two main characters — God and humans. We often say to ourselves, “We’ve sinned; Jesus came to pay the price for our sin; if we accept what Jesus did on our behalf, we can go to heaven, receive eternal life, and avoid eternal punishment.” However, this focus on getting in the “right standing” with God often minimizes the importance of Satan and the demonic forces that gather around him.  

Each Truth, Love, and Freedom Bible Study Guide, published by Lennox Publishing, an imprint of Come And Reason Ministries, is a 13-week, undated, daily lesson study, with each week covering various aspects of the title subject.

These study guides are no longer in print.

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