The Remedy App Is Now Free!

The Remedy New Testament Paraphrase app for iOS and Android devices is now FREE! Click these buttons to get it from your app store.

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The Remedy is a New Testament paraphrase written by Dr. Tim Jennings, based on the concept that God’s law is love—the design template on which He built the Creation to operate. This approach is distinctly different from many other translations and paraphrases, which view God’s law as functioning no differently than the rules that humans enact—imposed laws that require imposed penalties. The Remedy removes this distortion, which too often misrepresents God as a being from whom we need protection, and puts the New Testament in its proper light: God working through Christ to heal and restore His wayward children.

If you haven’t had a chance to discover The Remedy, now is the time—and if you have been blessed by The Remedy, then share this free version with your family and friends!

MyBible App
The Remedy is now also available on the multi-Bible app, MyBible, a free app with powerful study features and many other free versions available. MyBible can be downloaded for Android or iOS.

From the maker’s app store description: MyBible will help you study the Bible carefully and deeply. It will make the Bible more convenient to read, as you will always have it with you without the need of an Internet connection. Bible translations in more than three hundred languages are available, including the original texts and early translations in ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic. In MyBible you also have commentaries, biblical dictionaries, thesauruses, daily devotions, and powerful tools to help them all work conveniently together.

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