Podcast: Come And Reason with Tim Jennings, MD 2024

This is a weekly, 15-minute talk-show in which Dr. Jennings answers questions on topics regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships.

THE FINAL EPISODE OF THIS PODCAST is April 23, after almost 5 and a half years running (52 ftimes a year). However, something New and Better is coming soon!

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Executive Producer – Come And Reason Ministries. Producer, host, and editor – Charles Mills.

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January 2
Episode 1: Forgiveness Part 2
Dr. Jennings has revealed four myths concerning forgiveness. On this podcast he adds to the list, presenting a clear picture of what true forgiveness really is—and what it isn’t.
January 9
Episode 2: A New Command to Love
In the time of Christ, “God’s People” knew all about the law. But then Jesus added a new command which revealed the foundation truth upon which all of God’s laws are built.
January 16
Episode 3: Why We Need the Holy Spirit
We sing about Him, pray about Him, and some even talk to Him. But do we really understand what he is? Dr. Jennings shares insights concerning the Holy Spirit.
January 23
Episode 4: How Parents Represent God to Their Children
As if parenting wasn’t hard enough, Dr. Jennings shines a bright light on an often overlooked element of being someone’s mom or dad. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.
January 30
Episode 5: The Casualties of War – Part 1
“Why do bad things happen to good people?” This question in on the lips of many these days. Dr. Jennings looks to the Bible to find the answer.
February 6
Episode 6: The Casualties of War – Part 2
The battle between good and evil isn’t a local conflict. It’s universal. It’s not about power. It’s about love and discipline. With God, those two are one and the same.
February 13
Episode 7: The Casualties of War – Part 3
The devil would have us walking the path that leads to death. But God wants us firmly on the path to life. To do so, He sometimes suspends the consequences of sin … for a time.
February 20
Episode 8: The Way of Death – Part 1
“There’s a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” What is that “way?” How can we tell if we’re on it? Dr. Jennings offers guidance and suggestions.
February 27
Episode 9: The Way of Death – Part 2
If God isn’t threatening to destroy the unrepentant, then what will He do to those who reject Him? He takes the only loving action He can. Dr. Jennings explains.
March 5
Episode 10: God’s Wrath vs Satan’s Wrath
Seems God doesn’t just get mad. He’s gets “filled-with-wrath” mad. Since God is our example, so should, too, right? What’s it look like when we have the “wrath of God” in our hearts?
March 12
Episode 11: God’s Old Testamen Law
What exactly did God have in mind when we created His Old Testament laws? Were they a test of belief? Do those laws condemn us to hell when we don’t follow them as God intended?
March 19
Episode 12: Types of Depression
Most people, if they were honest, would admit to experiencing depression. Dr. Jennings says there’s more than one type of depression and we really should understand the differences.
March 26
Episode 13: Coming Out of the Shadows
Dr. Jennings reads a chapter from his groundbreaking book “Could It Be This Simple. We meet a young lady who discovered hope beyond fear, uncertainty, and self-loathing. So can we.
April 2
Episode 14: The Mind Restored
Dr. Jennings reminds us of the origin of evil, the many evidences of God’s love, and how we were created for a very noble cause: to reveal to the world the truth about God’s character.
April 9
Episode 15: How Satan BlindsT he World
Living a normal life requires the presence of light. So, what does Satan do when he’s trying to get us to follow him? He turns out the lights. Dr. Jennings reveals how Satan blinds the world.
April 16
Episode 16: Lessons From The Santuary
It probably looked out of place there in the middle of the desert; that rather ornate Sanctuary erected by the Children of Israel. Why was it there? What was its divine purpose and meaning?
April 23
LAST Episode 17: Q&A – Death And Love
Is death a punishment from God or a natural consequence of sin? Who are the 144,000 of which the Bible speaks? How can we learn to love ourselves? Dr. Jennings provides insights.
THIS IS OUR LAST EPISODE AND END OF THIS PODCAST! Something New and Better is coming soon!
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