Podcast: Come And Reason with Tim Jennings, MD 2023

This is a weekly, 15-minute talk-show in which Dr. Jennings answers questions on topics regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships.

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Executive Producer – Come And Reason Ministries. Producer, host, and editor – Charles Mills.

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January 3
Episode 1: The Purpose and Theme of Bible Prophecy
The Bible is an amazing collection of writings designed to reveal God’s true character. But, what about the prophetic writings? What’s their purpose? Dr. Jennings shares his insights.
January 10
Episode 2: Three Rejections of God by Ancient Israel
No one likes to be rejected. Makes you feel worthless. Dr. Jennings says the ancient people of God rejected Him three times. How did they do it and what happened when they did?
January 17
Episode 3: Job’s Cosmic Conflict
Job is a study in suffering. But his conflict wasn’t simply local. It was cosmic. Dr. Jennings explains that writing that particular book allowed Moses to prepare for his own challenging life.
January 24
Episode 4: Identity and the Worship of Self
Identity and the Worship of Self? “Wait,” some say, “I don’t worship myself! I worship God.” Dr. Jennings talks about how self can sometimes be an overpowering god with tragic results.
January 31
Episode 5: Last Generation Theology
There’s a discussion in various Christian circles concerning something being called “Last Generation Theology.” What is it, and, more to the point, is it Biblical? Dr. Jennings weighs in.
February 7
Episode 6: Christian Warfare
“Christian Warfare.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Doesn’t Christ fight our battles for us? Dr. Jennings explains which war we’re actually fighting and how to arm ourselves for victory.
February 14
Episode 7: Dying to Live
When do we need to die in order to live? Dr. Jennings looks at the issue through the eyes of God, seeing that death is sometimes necessary. The good news? Some things are worth dying for.
February 21
Episode 8: What is God’s Grace
“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a retch like me.” This John Newton hymn is often heard among those who love and worship God. But what exactly is grace of God?
February 28
Episode 9: Human Sexuality Part 1 – Tough Questions
A no-holds-barred perspective on this topic of human sexuality presented to a live audience in 2010. Dr. Jennings reveals God’s ideal and how Satan has abused it.
March 7
Episode 10: Human Sexuality Part 2 – Love on the Brain
What happens to the brain during sex? The answers provide an insight into what God had in mind when He created sex and sexual beings.
March 14
Episode 11: Human Sexuality Part 3 – Joy Versus Fear
Sex done God’s why brings about peace and joy. Sex Satan’s way creates the opposite effect. Why? Dr. Jennings speaks to a live audience on the topic of human sexuality.
March 21
Episode 12: Human Sexuality Part 4 – The Chemistry of Sexual Activity
The human body and mind run on, among other things, chemical reactions. Sex causes many such reactions, some healthy, some not. Dr. Jennings explains the difference.
March 28
Episode 13: Human Sexuality Part 5 – Questions Teens Ask
Dr. Jennings answers questions submitted by teenagers on the subject of human sexuality. God’s ideal is best. His answers reveal why.
April 4
Episode 14: Human Sexuality Part 6 – More Questions Teens Ask
Dr. Jennings ends his six-part series on human sexuality by answering the tough questions teens ask concerning intimacy and interaction with others.
April 11
Episode 15: Sexual Abuse Part 1 – Cause and Effect
Sexual abuse is a global tragedy. We’re all victims in one way or another. Why does it exist and how do we begin to deal with its many repercussions.
April 18
Episode 16: Sexual Abuse Part 2 – Hidden Damage
Sexual abuse creates many issues in a person’s life. Some are obvious. Some are hidden. All are life-altering. Dr. Jennings identifies the most destructive and how to address them.
April 25
Episode 17: Sexual Abuse Part 3 – True Love
What is true love? How does it act? Dr. Jennings provides hope for those who’ve been sexually abused and opens the door of understanding and eventual healing.
May 2
Episode 18: Unity Versus Division in Today’s Society
These days, the whole idea of living in unity within a society seems to be a fading fantasy. But, not all of this division is a bad thing. According to Dr. Jennings, it can even be a God thing.
May 9
Episode 19: Tithing
“‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Pay tithe, get blessings. Great! Or are we missing a bigger picture?
May 16
Episode 20: How to Be a Member of God’s Family
“I’m so glad I’m a part, of the family of God.” Beautiful old song with a beautiful, hopeful message. But it begs the question: “What does it mean to be a part of the family of God?”
May 23
Episode 21: Covid and the Human Brain
Covid and the human brain. What happens when they join forces and is there hope when they do? Dr. Jennings shares his perspective on the disease and the world’s response to it.T
May 30
Episode 22: Cursed Ground, Men Ruling Over Women, and God Killing People
Dr. Jennings stands before a live audience and offers his perspective on difficult Biblical issues such as: Did God curse the ground, kill people, and say men should rule over women?
June 6
Episode 23: Raising the Wicked and Consuming Fire
“Why would God raise the dead only to kill them again?” Dr. Jennings begins with a short review of the end time using a computer metaphor and the writings of Ellen White.
June 13
Episode 24: Seal of God, Mark of the Beast, and Homosexuality
What is the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast? Plus, Dr. Jennings offers powerful insights into how Christians should relate to homosexuality in today’s world.”
June 20
Episode 25: Homosexuality and the Christian
How should Christians understand homosexuality in today’s world? Dr. Jennings uses the Bible to uncover some hiding-in-plane-sight truths on this controversial subject.
June 27
Episode 26: The Power of Belief
If you’ve ever wanted Dr. Jennings to visit your home, sit down with you beside a crackling fire, and read to you some of his writings, want no more.

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