Podcast: Come And Reason with Tim Jennings, MD 2022

This is a weekly, 15-minute talk-show in which Dr. Jennings answers questions on topics regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships.

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Executive Producer – Come And Reason Ministries. Producer, host, and editor – Charles Mills.

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January 4
Episode 1: Healing a Broken Heart Part 1
Emotional pain and suffering are part of life on this earth. Dr. Jennings insists that, as much as we may want to sometimes, we shouldn’t run from pain. We should stand our ground and face it.
January 11
Episode 2: Healing a Broken Heart Part 2
Be truthful, enlarge our perspective, and then move on. These are more of the mental tools we can use to face the emotional pain in our lives. Dr. Jennings explain how and when to do it.
January 18
Episode 3: Healing a Broken Heart Part 3
Hope when feeling hopeless, forgive when feeling revenge or anger, and putting God first. Dr. Jennings describes the final steps we need to take to mend a heart that’s broken.
January 25
Episode 4: The Power of Love Part 1 – In The Beginning
How did humanity get the way it is? What devil brought us here? And is there hope, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles to peace and love? “The Power of Love” seminar begins now!
February 1
Episode 5: The Power of Love Part 2 – Masks We Wear
The results of Satan’s fall from grace was devastating to both him and our newly created world. Dr. Jennings highlights the fear, shame, and false identities humankind quickly developed.
February 8
Episode 6: The Power of Love Part 3 – Law Of Liberty
We all know that God pleads with us to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). But, how does God love? And can we even hope to emulate that?
February 15
Episode 7: The Power of Love Part 4 – Law of Worship
In what ways did sin damage our world? The answer depends on which “law lens” we’re using to look at God, this world, ourselves, and what constitutes divine love.
February 22
Episode 8: The Power of Love Part 5 – Two Law Lenses
Dr. Jennings focuses on the two types of laws in operation on this earth—two laws that aren’t always compatible with each other. More often than not, they are at odds with each other.
March 1
Episode 9: The Power of Love Part 6 – Old Testament Through Design Law
The story of the woman taken in adultery reveals a simple truth about God. He looks at us differently from how the world looks at us. Christ’s words reflect who God is and how God acts.
March 8
Episode 10: The Power of Love Part 7 – At The Cross 1
“You will surely die.” This was the warning that the Creator God delivered to Adam and Eve concerning the consequences of sin. Which begs the question: who is the source of that death?
March 15
Episode 11: The Power of Love Part 8 – At The Cross 2
Many still cling to Satan’s distortions concerning God that swept Adam and Even into sin. Even Christ faced those distortions. His responses can provide a template for our own battles with evil.
March 22
Episode 12: The Power of Love Part 9 -Moral Decision-Making
How can we make the right decisions as we push through life? Dr. Jennings offers seven levels of moral decision making that can save us a lot of pain and misunderstanding.
March 29
Episode 13: The Power of Love Part 10 – Atonement
The decisions we make with God in our hearts are unique and strange to this world. That’s because our choices aren’t just about us. They’re about others. Christ showed us the way.
April 5
Episode 14: The Power of Love Part 11 – Mass Fraud
How does the Biblical principle of “Atonement” really work? Dr. Jennings looks at several theories; some true, some false. He says we really need to learn the difference.
April 12
Episode 15: The Power of Love Part 12 – Who is Trustworthy?
How do we determine if someone is trustworthy? That would be a good thing to know, wouldn’t it? Dr. Jennings offers some powerful guidelines to help us do just that.
April 19
Episode 16: The Power of Love Part 13 – Life Defined
What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be a sentient human being? Dr. Jennings tackles this sometimes controversial topic with evidence straight from God’s world.
April 26
Episode 17: The Power of Love Part 14 – Christ’s Second Coming
What are the meanings of the many feasts that God introduced as part of the sanctuary service for the Children of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament. What was their purpose?
May 3
Episode 18: The Power of Love Part 15 – Symbolic Feasts
Lies can be destructive. Just ask Adam and Eve. But, Dr. Jennings suggests an equally destructive power. Accusation. It can destroy , too, in some very subtle ways.
May 10
Episode 19: The Power of Love Part 16 – What’s In a Name
The sanctuary service was set up in the desert for the Children of Israel. It was to be a visual representation of spiritual issues. Dr. Jennings explains what God had in mind.
May 17
Episode 20: The Power of Love Part 17 – Cleansing and Fire
According to Scripture, Jesus is hard at work in the Heavenly Sanctuary. His labors there will have eternal consequences for each one of us. Dr. Jennings explains in what ways.
May 24
Episode 21: The Power of Love Part 18 – Fire of Truth
The fires of hell and God’s judgments; two topics where confusion reigns between religious denominations in the world today. But what does God’s Word say about them?
May 31
Episode 22: The Power of Love Part 19 – God’s Judgment
“The Hour of God’s Judgment has come.” This proclamation has been spoken from many a church pulpit over the years. But, do we really understand what “God’s Judgment” is?

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