Podcast: Come And Reason with Tim Jennings, MD 2021

This is a weekly, 15-minute talk-show in which Dr. Jennings answers questions on topics regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships.

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Executive Producer – Come And Reason Ministries. Producer, host, and editor – Charles Mills.

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January 6
Episode 1: Culture Wars and the Christian
“Culture War” is a cultural conflict between social groups and the struggle for dominance of their values, beliefs, and practices. Christianity is no stranger to it. Dr. Jennings explains why.
January 13
Episode 2: Four Strategies Satan Uses to Destroy People
Christians are under attack by evil forces beyond our imagining. Dr. Jennings reveals four strategies Satan uses to destroy us. Like they say, “Forewarned is forearmed.”
January 20
Episode 3: What Happens When We Die
Death, like taxes, is part of life. It’s going to happen to us all—unless Jesus returns and puts an end to sin and suffering. But, there are things we need to know about this mysterious condition.
January 27
Episode 4: What are the Signs of Christ’s Soon Return
Seems every generation since Christ is absolutely convinced that His return is just around the corner. Yet, here we are, 2000 years later, still waiting, still watching, still longing. Why
February 3
Episode 5: The Injustice of Human Justice
What’s so unjust about human justice? Dr. Jennings shares insights into the source of human justice and how it’s often out of sync with God’s ideal for His children.
February 10
Episode 6: How to Disagree and Remain Friends
Have you been on Facebook lately? Or Twitter, or Instagram? There’s a whole lot of arguing going on—some rather heated. How can we disagree and remain civil?
February 17
Episode 7: Loving Those Who Don’t Love Us
God tells us to “love one another.” But what about those who don’t love us? How do we overcome our seemingly inborn desire to say, “Well, forget you!” and move on?
February 24
Episode 8: Five Keys to a Successful Relationship
Life is all about relationships. How we relate to others forms the backbone of our happiness. So, it’s essential that we are maintaining good relationships with others. How do we do it?
March 3
Episode 9: Q & A
Dr. Jennings fields questions about teaching children that there are consequences to their actions, how to remain focused in a chaotic world, and the proper way to rest even when you’re busy.
March 9
Episode 10: Knowing God’s Will
“Insha’Allah.” This Arabic utterance means: “If it is God’s will.” In many minds, most if not all life events are connected to the will of God. Countless Christians agree. Is this true?
March 16
Episode 11: Lack of Faith
It’s a problem that even with some Bible characters. “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” Unbelief. Doubt. Lack of faith. Is there any hope for us? Can God still reach us?
March 23
Episode 12: Act of God
When a great natural disaster strikes, when unexplained destruction takes place, people and insurance companies label it as an “act of God.” Really? Is that the way God acts?
March 30
Episode 13: Equality
“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Dr. Jennings reveals in what ways men and women are different, and in what ways they are the very same in God’s eyes.
April 6
Episode 14: Finding God
For some it’s like a cosmic version of hide-and-seek. For others, it can be so frustrating that they just give up altogether. What is? Finding God. Is it even possible?
April 13
Episode 15: Human Sexuality and Gender
Human Sexuality and Gender issues have been in the spotlight lately and many church-goers aren’t quite sure how to deal with them. What would God have us know?
April 20
Episode 16: How Human Economics Corrupts the Gospel
If there’s one thing the devil hates more than anything is any good news about Jesus and His plan to save our souls. Even human economics perpetuates the lie that began in Eden.
April 27
Episode 17: Paternalism vs. Autonomy
Paternalism and Autonomy. What do they mean and why should we care? Dr. Jennings explains that one echoes the worldly system sin has devised for humanity. The other, the divine.
May 4
Episode 18: The Destructive Power of Accusation
Lies can be destructive. Just ask Adam and Eve. But, Dr. Jennings suggests an equally destructive power. Accusation. It can destroy , too, in some very subtle ways.
May 12
Episode 19: War and the Human Mind
Dr. Tim Jennings spent quality time with our fighting forces a few years back and shares some of the insights he uncovered as he helped men and women deal with the unnaturalness of war.
May 19
Episode 20: Fake World
How are we supposed to live in a world filled with fake news, fake people, and fake truth? Dr. Jennings offers insights on how it’s possible to survive in a Land of Liars.he bad, and the dangers of both.
May 26
Episode 21: Biblical v. Eastern Meditation
Meditation and mindfulness. You find audio books, streaming seminars, and popular gurus endlessly promoting them. Dr. Jennings shares the good, the bad, and the dangers of both.
June 2
Episode 22: Q&A
Seemingly endless grief, doubting God, explaining Jesus to atheists, and forgiving self. These topics are clearly and Biblically addressed in this issue of Questions and Answers.
June 9
Episode 23: The Great Exodus
Americans’ membership in houses of worship continued to decline last year, dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend. Why, and how can we reverse it?
June 16
Episode 24: Level of Sin
There are different levels of legal mischief. Even death can be the result of negligence, manslaughter, and three degrees of murder. Is there such a hierarchy when it comes to sin?
June 23
Episode 25: Four Habits of Effective Leaders
Some people in leadership roles in the country and in the workplace tend to get high marks for their actions and some don’t. What makes the difference?
June 30
Episode 26: Hinder Not Help
Dr. Jennings recently wrote a blog entitled “When Praising Jesus Hinders His Work?” What? Isn’t praising Jesus an important part of His work!
July 7
Episode 27: When God does Ungodly Things
Sometimes it seems that God does things in the Bible that don’t seem to match the meek and lowly character of Jesus. Yet, Christ insists, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father.”
July 14
Episode 28: Dealing with Temptations
Temptation is like air. It’s everywhere. And the fact that we’re so enticed by evil must mean we’re lost or totally separated from God, right? Dr. Jennings offers some fresh perspectives.
July 21
Episode 29: The Four Judgments
No one likes to be judged. But, the Bible suggests that we are facing not one, but four judgments. What’s going on? Dr. Jennings sets the record straight by offering some good news.
July 28
Episode 30: Dialogue with Those Who Disagree
Just how should we talk with those who don’t share our worldview? Dr. Jennings offers a checklist to follow and some proven ways to protect ourselves and our spiritual well-being.
August 3
Episode 31: Am I Devil Possessed
You’ve heard the old saying “The devil made me do it!” A more serious side of that declaration is that some people think it’s true. The devil, they believe, has possessed them. Is that possible?
August 10
Episode 32: Who Created God
We Christians believe that we were created by God. But, who created God—or at least the version of God we worship? Our answer reveals much about our worldview.
August 17
Episode 33: Our Lonely Hearts
You see their posts on social media all the time: people who feel isolated and separated from sociality. People who are lonely. But which “lonely” are they? Dr. Jennings explains.
August 24
Episode 34: Seeking Wisdom and Where to Find It
Proverbs 8:11 reads: “for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Where do we find wisdom? Dr. Jennings suggests two sources.
August 31
Episode 35: Q&A
Selfishness, transgender people, the reality of the Bible, diseases as punishments from God, and overcoming the emotional scars of abuse. Dr. Jennings answers some of today’s tough questions.
September 7
Episode 36: How Satan Uses God’s Law Against Us
Satan is constantly looking for ways to harm us. He’ll utilize anything to fulfill his evil purposes—even God’s Law. How does he do that?
September 14
Episode 37: Everyone Must Choose
There’s a verse in the Bible that admonishes us to “choose ye this day.” So, what are we choosing and what are the consequences of that choice?
September 21
Episode 38: Mind and Media Manipulation
No one likes to consider him or herself a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. The bad news is we’re all attached to some power strings these days. The good news? There are scissors.
September 28
Episode 39: The Three Untruths
It’s no secret that there are many lies floating around. Satan is even called “The Father of Lies” (John 8:44). Dr. Jennings reveals the three most destructive untruths and how to counter them.
October 5
Episode 40: Psalms Un-biased
he Psalms, as recorded in the Old Testament, contain some of the most poetic and descriptive language found in the Bible. But, Dr. Jennings says something is often lost in the translation.
October 12
Episode 41: God’s Ten Laws – Part 1
The Ten Commandments have much to reveal about God’s true character of love if viewed from the proper perspective. That Godly “lens” changes everything.
October 19
Episode 42: God’s Ten Laws – Part 1
How do we find God’s true character in the Ten Commandments? By looking, not through the worldly, but through the divine “lens” of love. Dr. Jennings explains.
October 26
Episode 43: Forgiveness Myths
Have you ever had anyone mistreat you, take advantage of you, drag your name through the mud? Well, just forget about it, right? Wrong! What’s needed is forgiveness.
November 2
Episode 44: Rebuilding Self-Worth
What are you worth to the world and to your family? By earthly standards, not much! But, Dr. Jennings reveals how we can judge our true value using another tool. A divine one.
November 9
Episode 45: Reason and Conscience
What roles should reason and conscience play in our day-to-day thoughts and actions? Dr. Jennings says that God designed reason and conscience to work in concert with each other.
November 16
Episode 46: Faith
We need faith, right? We need to trust that God’s word is true and we can depend on Him. But Dr. Jennings says there’s something that can masquerade as faith. Fiction. How can we tell?
November 23
Episode 47: The Mind Restored
Dr. Jennings sees patients on a regular basis and has helped hundreds do something that we all need to do, at one level or another. Restore our minds. How does that happen?
November 30
Episode 48: Q&A
These questions come from the Psychology Today website under the title, “The Top 5 Questions Everyone Asks a Psychiatrist.” Dr. Jennings offers insights and answers.
December 7
Episode 49: History and Aging
The forest of birthday candles on our cakes seems to grow thicker each year. What’s an aging man or woman to do to protect and nourish his or her mind as time goes by?
December 14
Episode 50: Oxidative Stress and Aging
We want our brains to keep functioning clearly and productively even as our bodies show the passage of time. Dr. Jennings says that #1 on our to-do list should be, “Watch your weight!”
December 21
Episode 51: Lifestyle and Aging
There’s much we can do to help make our journey into old age tolerable. We have more control than we think! Dr. Jennings shares some specific areas in which we actually improve our lot.
December 28
Episode 52: Pathological Aging
Alzheimer’s is one of the saddest diseases in the world. Dr. Jennings examines that deadly condition and provides a roadmap to help us navigate the risk factors.
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