Let’s Talk

This was an open, town hall style meeting, moderated by Tim Jennings, M.D., who discussed various topics of interest regarding doctrine, health, and the character of God.

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Difficult Questions and Bible Answers   (PDF Handout) MP3 Sept 24 38 MB
After a 4 year hiatus, Let’s Talk resumed with this one-time session that answered questions from listeners about the Healing Substitution Model.
The Bloody Truth: Why All The Blood?   (PDF Handout) MP3 Jan 13 31.5 MB
Exploration of the meaning of the Old Testament Sanctuary System
Christian Clichés MP3 Feb 10 32.8 MB
What do the often-used Christian phrases, like “cleansed by blood,” “robe of righteousness,” and “saved by the blood” really mean?
God’s Healing Ways MP3 Mar 31 29.5 MB
Learn how to apply God’s methods to our everyday lives, explore principles that bring healing to broken relationships, learn the difference between love and dependency, and discover secrets to finding a compatible life partner.
God’s Intelligent Design of Your Mind MP3 May 12 29.0 MB
Discover God’s original design for your mind, what sin has done to damage it, and discover how you can intelligently cooperate with God to experience restoration here and now.
Death and Dying and the Christian Response MP3 Jun 9 35.3 MB
How do we as Christians deal with our own mortality, the loss of loved ones, grief and recovery? How can we have confidence, as we age, to not be afraid to breathe our last?
The Hour of God’s Judgment MP3 Aug 11 29.2 MB
The hour of God’s Judgment has come and you are the jury! What do you do with the old testament God that  destroyed the entire world in a flood, wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah, killed 185,000 Assyrians, and  states, “If anyone worships the beast and his image… will drink of the wine of God’s fury… poured full strength into the cup of his wrath?”  Can such a God really be trusted? Listen to the evidence, deliberate, and come to your own conclusion.
Love, Marriage and Alternatives MP3 Feb 11 18.4 MB
God’s original design for marriage, how sin has damaged the marriage relationship and the Christian response to “alternative lifestyle” issues.
Is God going to get You for That? MP3 Apr 8 20.6 MB
Have you ever done something wrong and then worried what God might do? Will God use His power to inflict pain upon the wicked? What is the truth about God’s wrath? Discover powerful insights that will take away your fear.
The Truth about the Sabbath MP3 May 14 17.5 MB
What is the purpose of the Sabbath? Is it a test of obedience? A day of rest for mankind? Why was it created? Is it relevant today? Does the day one observes Sabbath rest really matter? Why or why not?
How to Discern the Spirit MP3 Jul 8 23.1 MB
What are the true and false manifestations of the Spirit of God. Demon Possession vs. Mental Illness is explored.
Why Hasn’t Jesus Come Again? MP3 Aug 12 23.8 MB
What is taking so long and can we do anything to hasten the day? If so what? And when He does come back again, why won’t sin ever rise again?
The Purpose of The Cross MP3 Oct 14 18.4 MB
Why did Jesus have to die? Was it a payment? Was it to assuage God’s wrath? Was it to simply to reveal the truth about God? Or was there more involved? Did Christ’s death actually provide a remedy and cure? And if so, how can you receive this remedy in your life?
180 Degrees Backward MP3 Dec 2 32.0 MB
The Jewish Nation was God’s chosen instrument on earth, blessed with the prophets, the scriptures, the sanctuary and feasts days, yet the devil was so successful in confusing their minds about the meaning of it all, that when God came and stood among them they hated Him and killed Him. Is it possible that the same insidious twisting of truth has happened within Christianity? Could some of our beliefs actually be 180 degrees backward?
Situation Ethics MP3 21.0 MB
How do we apply God’s perfect Law in an imperfect World?
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