Free “The Final Message of Mercy” Magazine!

Because we have never seen such rapid, seismic changes happening in society, it’s our burden at Come and Reason Ministries to share God’s final message of love and mercy to a lost world quickly and effectively. We believe our new, beautifully illustrated publication, The Final Message of Mercy to the World, will help do just that.

In it we uncover the true meaning of the messages of Revelation’s Three Angels, given to a sin-weary world, including accurately explaining the four judgments and God’s design-law kingdom. We believe you’ll have more peace and be better equipped to meet the spiritual challenges of our times, while also helping others prepare for the soon return of Jesus.

Click here to order 1, 5, 10, or 25 copies, while supplies last (available in USA only).

For our global audience, you can download and print the digital PDF version yourself, or read this publication online as a “flip book.”

  • For those in Australia and New Zealand, you can order this and other printed publication by emailing our distribution hub manager, Simon Harris (see e-Store menu above).
  • For those in South Africa, you can order this and other printed publications by emailing our distribution hub manager, Jacques van de Heever (see e-Store menu above).
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