Find Us On Roku!

For a couple of years, several of our supporters/followers kept asking when we would create a channel for Come And Reason Ministries on Roku, the on-demand, internet streaming media device for TVs. Well, our Creative Director, Media Production Director, and Webmaster, Dean Scott, heard you and investigated what it would take. It wasn’t until discovering that our move to Odysee fulfilled the requirement that all videos must be hosted on a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that he was able to dive head first into the innards of Roku Direct Publishing and create our very own channel! It features all of our 2021 bible study class, 2021 Questions & Answers, and five of our most popular seminar videos for on-demand viewing. More content will be added as it comes available. Do you have a Roku and want to check our channel out? Then simply use your Roku’s Search, type in “come and reason,” and Add our channel to your Roku device or equipped smart TV today.

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