Dr. Jennings’ July 23rd, 2022 Major Announcement

Dear Come And Reason family,

Since the founding of our ministry in 2010, we have been actively praying that God would not only lead us in advancing the truth, but also open new avenues for us to share this life-changing message with ever-increasing numbers of people.

Our ministry has steadily grown over the past twelve years, and we have just purchased and are completing renovations on our broadcast studio, classroom, and office facility. As we are being positioned to create more materials to share, God has now opened an entirely new avenue for advancing the healing principles of His kingdom. Dr. Jennings has been nominated for and accepted the position of Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The vision for this new position is for Dr. Jennings to lead the medical university in creating a world-class psychiatric residency training program that fully integrates Bible-based Christian principles with modern neuroscience and behavioral medicine. This training program will be a state-of-the-art, comprehensive, and holistic treatment program founded on a Christian worldview. It will not only train new physicians, but it will also become a template program to be replicated across the country and globe in like-minded Christian facilities, practices, and programs.

As you can see, this is an incredible opportunity to advance the gospel—pairing it perfectly with not just the healing arts, but specifically with mental healing in a biblically sound lifestyle program that leads people to harmonize with God’s design laws for life and health.

Being at Liberty University will also provide Dr. Jennings with the opportunity to network with other like-minded Christians, increasing the speed at which new platforms to share the gospel and advance the principles of God’s kingdom can be built.

Dr. Jennings will be closing his private practice in Chattanooga, and he and his wife, Christie, will be moving to Lynchburg to begin his new duties starting in mid-September. Dr. Jennings will continue to serve as president of Come and Reason Ministries and contribute weekly blogs, new sharing materials, and new lecture series. He will also continue to be involved in the Saturday morning livestream Bible studies and Q&A.

If you want to interact directly with Dr. Jennings, come to our new facility once it is complete; his livestream will be interactive in the studio. If you live outside the area, you will still be able to get the live broadcast as usual. Additionally, we will have a monthly potluck in our new facility, and Dr. Jennings plans on attending in person on those dates.

We hope you share our vision to advance God’s healing truth that this opportunity presents, because we absolutely need your continued prayers and support as Come and Reason Ministries moves through this transition. We value you as a vital part of our team, so we ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer, join us each week for our live class, and share our resources with your family and friends.


Come and Reason Ministries Board and Team

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