Dr. Jennings Goes to Washington

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Dr. Timothy Jennings was one of a select group of Christian mental health experts to be invited to the White House to meet with the administration’s staff to discuss mental health, opioid addiction, and faith-based initiatives.

Other attendees included noted Christian leaders Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, James Dobson, Paul Meier, Daniel Amen, Caroline Leaf, Henry Cloud, and many others.

Dr. Jennings had the opportunity to dialogue with these thought leaders, including Pastor Paula White, the president’s pastor and friend. During the meeting with White House staff, attendees had an opportunity to hear about the president’s initiatives on mental health issues. They were also able to provide direct feedback to the president’s staff, discuss potential obstacles to effective mental health treatment, and suggest solutions. The president’s staff also informed attendees of his deep commitment to Christian principles and the many attempts he is making to improve mental health care in America.

Dr. Jennings was very encouraged by the meeting and says this is the first in what is planned as an ongoing dialogue between the faith community and the White House. Please keep Dr. Jennings and Come and Reason Ministries in your prayers, that we can effectively communicate and promote God’s healing truths!


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