Podcast: Come And Reason with Tim Jennings, MD 2019

This is a weekly, 15-minute talk-show in which Dr. Jennings answers questions on topics regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships.

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Executive Producer – Come And Reason Ministries. Producer, host, and editor – Charles Mills.


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April 3

Bible v. Science
It’s an age-old dilemma: trying to harmonize what the Bible says with what modern science proclaims. Is truth nothing more than the interpretation of facts? Where does faith come in? Dr. Jennings suggests some insights and guidelines.
April 10

The Aging Brain
Like it or not, we’re all aging. If we want to protect ourselves from what’s becoming more and more common these days, dementia, what should we do? Can brain function loss really be prevented? Dr. Jennings weighs in.
April 17

The Impact of Fear
Life isn’t exactly for the timid. Fear is part of the experience. But can fear impact our physical health, relational abilities, and even the health of society in general? The Bible says fear can cause men’s hearts to fail. Dr. Jennings suggests an alternative.
April 24

God View
“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18). Dr. Jennings amplifies Paul’s insights.
May 1

Healthy Aging
It’s a fact of life that we’re all aging. No matter if we’re eight or eighty, the clock is ticking. If we’re smart, we’ll want to know the answer to this question: can we age healthfully? Dr. Jennings suggests guidelines for fighting the destructive forces we all must face.
May 8

Rest The Brain
When you’ve experienced a good night’s rest, your body feels great the next day. That same type of transformation happens in your brain as well. Bodies and minds need both rest and sleep.
May 15

Feeding Thoughts
“You are what you eat.” You also “think what you eat.” Food is being implicated concerning many brain functions. What we eat impacts our ability to think and reason in life-changing ways.
May 22

Interpreting the Bible
How is it possible that two people can read the very same Bible text and come away with two very different interpretations? It has to do with what came before.
May 29

Fear of Death
There are some who are actually afraid of dying—and that fear can drive behavior. Should we be afraid? How should we look at death, so we can live life in a more positive state of mind?
June 5

Forgiveness Myths
God calls us to forgive one another. How many times? “Seventy times seven” Christ suggests in Matthew 18:22. So, why is it sometimes so hard for us to forgive even once?
June 11

We all feel down in the dumps on occasion. Not to worry. We pop a pill and we’re on top of the world again, right? However, we should exercise caution when self-medicating depression.
June 18

Old Testament
A lot happens when we move from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It’s almost like a whole new God shows up. Or are we simply not paying attention to the script?
June 25

Resolving Guilt
Some describe it as a feeling in the pit of the stomach. Others say it’s that nagging sense that something isn’t right with the world. Guilt can be useful—or it can be very misleading.
July 2

Suicide Risks and Prevention
It’s been called the permanent solution to a temporary problem. And it is on the rise. Dr. Jennings identifies the risks and provides some tools for the prevention of suicide.
July 9

Telling Right from Wrong
The devil has made right and wrong almost interchangeable. He’s removed the barriers separating them. Dr. Jennings suggests how to begin telling one from the other.
July 16

The Truth about Hell
We’re heard about it. We probably feel uncertain about it. One thing is for sure. It’s somewhere we don’t want to be. Using Scripture and reason, Dr. Jennings reveals the truth about hell.
July 23

Near Death Experiences
How should we deal with the concept of “near death experiences” when we read glowing reports about them? Dr. Jennings explains that, while the experience is real, the interpretation often isn’t.
July 30

ADHD, the acronym for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a mental condition that makes life difficult for many. Dr. Jennings explains what’s going on, and how we may have gotten here.
August 6

Demon Possession
Demon Possession. Is it possible for the devil to take complete control of you? And if that happens, what happens? Dr. Jennings offers insights and a warning.
August 13

Roads We Travel Part 1
Proverbs 14:12 states bluntly: “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” That death may be physical, spiritual, social, or even mental. Dr. Jennings explains.
August 20

Roads We Travel Part 2
We’re all traveling toward a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of our God and, yes, as the Beatles said, it can seem long and winding. Dr. Jennings suggests a road map to follow.
August 27

The False Allure of Universalism
“Universalism” is an area of Christian theology focused around the view that all human beings will ultimately be “saved” and restored to a right relationship with God. Is that truth or error?
September 3

Remember the “Mary Poppins” song “I love to laugh. Ha, ha, haha. Loud and long and clear?” Dr. Jennings makes the connection between laughter, health, and God’s Word.
September 10

Does God Do Harm
Medical doctors work under the directive to “Do no harm.” They’re in the business of healing, not destroying. Does that mantra also apply to God? Dr. Jennings examines the issue.
September 17

Mind Change
Can our brains be changed by what we hear? Dr. Jennings explains how we’re all affected by what we observe and believe and how we can guard ourselves against the lies so prevalent today.
September 24

Why Did God Tell Abraham to Kill Isaac?
It’s a story that some find hard to believe, but there it is, in the Bible. God is telling a man to kill his son. Dr. Jennings digs deep into the story to reveal truths many miss about Divine love.
October 1

The Value of Discord
“I don’t agree with you,” is a common comment posted on social media. Society seems to be running on discord. Dr. Jennings shares some good news. Not all discord is bad!
October 8

Solutions for Sick Societies
Humans and animals aren’t the only things that can get sick. So can whole societies. Is there a cure? Dr. Jennings says YES! The prescription some straight from the Bible.
October 15

Sanctuary Lessons
“Let them build me a sanctuary,” God told His people in the Old Testament. Why? What purpose would it serve? The answer, says Dr. Jennings, is as much about theater as it is about salvation.
October 22

Why Do We Need the Holy Spirit
He’s ready to help us through life. He’s insightful, a great teacher, and an amazing comforter. But, the Holy Spirit is much more than what most people think He is. Dr. Jennings explains.
October 29

Does God Punish the Wicked
You sin, you get punished—and then die. Seems simple enough. But from where does that punishment and death come? Dr. Jennings reveals the surprising source of the wages of sin.
November 5

Is God in Control?
“Don’t worry,” some say concerning troubling situations in the home, in the workplace, or in politics, “God is in control.” Comforting thought. But, just how accurate is it?
November 12

God’s Design Laws for Life
When we hop into a car, airliner, or sit atop a tall building, we’re putting a lot of trust in those who designed them. We need to learn to trust the One who designed us just as much.
November 19

Finding a Trustworthy Life Partner
If you’re looking for a trustworthy life partner and may be wondering right about now if such a person exists on this planet. Dr. Jennings offers a practical checklist for finding true love.
November 26

Food for a Healthy Brain
Are there foods that actually improve brain function and health? Dr. Jennings—a board certified psychiatrist—shares some insights into the powerful and often overlooked food-brain connection.
December 3

Whenever Thanksgiving rolls around each year, we stop and count our blessings. Dr. Jennings says we may be unaware of the many other benefits of a thankful heart.
December 10

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
The Christian faith tends to focus on one core event in history. The death of Christ. Everything else revolves around Calvary. But, why did Jesus have to die? Dr. Jennings provides answers.
December 17

Truth and Evidence
Truth. It’s not exactly a favorite topic these days. Opinion is so much easier to explain and deal with. Speculation and conspiracy rule the roost. Who has time for the truth? We should!
December 24

Medical Marijuana vs CBD Oil
It’s legal in many states and some say very effective. But there’s a downside. Medical Marijuana does contain some benefits, if you know where to look and what to leave out in the process.
December 31

Sanctuary Symbols
The Old Testament Sanctuary in the Desert served as a stage upon which important lessons about God were taught. Dr. Jennings identifies some that revealed Heaven’s plan of salvation.


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