Almost Tuna

Alfalfa sprouts contain every essential amino acid.  They provide a good source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carotenes, chlorophyll, folic acid, and phytoestrogens.  They’re easily digested and they alkalize and detoxify the body. All very good reasons to eat more sprouts! Add them to salads, stir-fry with veggies, blend them into smoothies, stir into soups just before serving and enjoy them in this tasty recipe.  So good and so good for you!


Food Processor
Large Bowl


3 cups alfalfa sprouts
1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup mung bean sprouts
3 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp kelp granules (such as Maine Coast Sea Seasonings brand)
1 tsp Bragg Liguid Aminos or soy sauce
1/2 cup onion
2 stalks celery
1 tsp sea salt (more or less to taste)


  1. Place 2-3 cups alfalfa sprouts in a bowl and set aside.
  2. In a food processor, combine sunflower seeds, mung bean sprouts, almond butter, kelp granules and soy sauce.  Blend until smooth.
  3. Add in the onion and celery and pulse chop until onion and celery are blended but still chunky.

Serve stuffed in a tomato, over a green salad, rolled in a wrap or spread on toast.

from Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen


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