2024 Q3 Questions & Answers Index

Q3 Q&A #5

T = 00:20 If Judas was with Jesus for over three years and was lost what chance do I have of being saved?
T = 01:20 According to Daniel 2 : 42-43 kingdoms won’t hold together. If the divided kingoms of Daniel 2 do not unite, how are governments going to pass the Sunday law or take away religious liberties that most countries claim to have?
T = 02:40 How do we keep our on eyes on Jesus when we see loved ones suffering?
T = 09:55 In Rev 14 : 7, it appears that “his judgement” would be clearer if the translation used a capital H for His, yes?
T = 11:00 What are practical ways to live by the Spirit?
T = 12:40 Could Satan be the one who turned our pre-creation Earth into a formless void? It seems like whenever Satan is given freedom, he destroys.
T = 15:10 When God uses restraining power is he not using force? Is this the same type of force Satan uses?


Q3 Q&A #4

T = 00:10 Is there any absolute truths, is anything black or white?
T = 09:55 Why was the pre-creation Earth without form and void? Why would God have a section of His universe that was this way?
T = 11:50 Is the judgment in Isaiah 42 : 2-4 our judgment about God, or is it saying something else? What does “Isles shall wait for His law” mean?
T = 13:20 Explain your comment about leaders telling church memebers to believe in the Bible in the Bible only regardless of what denominations say yet they do not follow that advice themselves.
T = 16:40 Does the Bible actually say that sins are recorded in record books in heaven? If not, where does this idea come from?

Q3 Q&A #3

T = 00:15 Why didn’t God heal Moses of his “burdened mouth and a weighed-down tongue?”
T = 02:05 How is a wife to believe her fallen, human husband is going to be to her what Christ is to the church and live up to the perfect expectations defined in Corinthians?
T = 04:35 Why Paul was determined to go to Jeruseleum, despite being warned not to three times?
T = 07:50 When Satan declared that the law of God could not be obeyed (DA 761), what exactly could not be obeyed? How did this lead to his imposed law paradigm?
T = 10:10 Am I being judgmental thinking family members who drink are not really christian?
T = 12:15 Please give a more broad discussion on self-defense. Is it right to use force to defend others, but not self?
T = 16:30 How do I reason with those who support states passing legistlation to display the 10 Commandments in school classrooms?
T = 22:15 Does God forgive before we fail or after?


Q3 Q&A #2

T = 00:00 How important is it to salvation to believe specifically in Jesus, to study his word, and develop a relationship with Him, instead of just believing that “God” is good, and trying to be a kind, honest, and healthy person?
T = 02:00 Why are we are held accountable for acts that harm others (symptoms of characterological disease, sin), but not coughing and high fever (the symptoms of physical disease)?
T = 10:20 The following from GC 486 frightens me! Please explain: “passing into eternity, bears its burden of records for the books of heaven… they will bear their testimony to justify or to condemn.”
T = 13:30 Chistianity teaches that when Jesus returns he will be a conquering king to destroy his enemies and rule over the nations with a rod of iron. Explain this in terms of design law.
T = 14:25 Does accepting the mark of the beast boil down to the only people who will experience 2nd death are those who will have a seared-conscience, willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them regardless of the issue?
T = 15:50 Should we be re-baptized every time we publicly sin (Acts 19 and Hebrews 6 : 6)?
T = 19:05 Does repentance cause an actual change in our brain neuro pathways?
T = 20:45 Is fasting only about not eating food? What about Isaiah 58?


Q3 Q&A #1

T = 00:00 Why does the Bible say that God “sent” His Son? “Sent” seems to imply that it was the Father who made the choice.
T = 01:40 When Satan declared that the law of God could not be obeyed, what exactly could not be obeyed? The design law paradigm of love?
T = 03:40 If Sabbath observance will not be the issue, then why does ‘Christ Triumphant,’ pg 178 say, “In this age the great test will be upon the point of Sabbath observance… All who refuse will be put under oppressive laws?”
T = 09:55 What is the reference for Moses’ adoptive Egyptian mother leaving with Moses during the exodus?
T = 10:10 In “common” English, what is does Matthew 16 “keys of heaven being given” and Matthew 18 “what is bound in heaven or earth” mean in our everyday life?
T = 13:45 Is it possible Amos 8 : 11, 12 is refering to the Bible becoming so corrupt that there will be “not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD?”
T = 17:05 Do you identify as a Christian Apologist?