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Q2 Q&A #4

T = 00:12 What do you think about the colloquialisms: “fake it till you make it” and “practice makes perfect”? Does it really help people to “change“ their behavior?
T = 00:40 What is the red heifer prophecy for and about?
T = 08:35 Did you say, or mean, that Lucifer DID NOT KNOW Jesus was the Son of God, but just another angel?
T = 09:25 If a Sunday law forcing worship is wrong, then is a Saturday law just as bad?
T = 14:50 What actually happened in heaven in 1844, and is it as foundationally important a doctrine as we Adventists make it out to be?
T = 18:00 Is it incorrect to use Revelation 19:10 to prove “the spirit of prophecy” is an identifying mark (EGW) of the remnant church?
T = 21:35 Is the imposed law lens translation “God commanded” Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree clear evidence that almost all Bible translators have been duped by Satan’s imposed law lie?
T = 23:25 I have heard Isaiah 66 : 22-23 preached from the pulpit that this is evidence there will be sabbath keeping in the new heaven and earth.
T = 28:15 Was Satan and his angels hurled to earth before or after Creation week (Revelation 12: 7-9)?
T = 34:05 What is your take on the phrase “close of probation?” Is it biblical or just an SDA thing?
T = 39:55 Are moral decision levels and Design Law depicted in Exodus 1 : 15-22 re. God being good to midwives that lied about killing the Hebrew babies? Are all the other commands also based on heart motive?
T = 41:00 What is the relationship between Imputed and Imparted righteousness and the theological terms Justification and Sanctification? Are they two completely different concepts?
T = 42:55 How can I explain “The blood of beasts could not satisfy the demands of God as an atoning sacrifice… [Jesus] was the only sacrifice of sufficient value to fully satisfy the claims of God’s perfect law” in 2SP 9 as design law instead of penal legal?


Q2 Q&A #3

Not presented.

Q2 Q&A #2

T = 00:55 I often find myself reading the Bible through the imposed law lens. It is very disturbing to me at times. Am I alone in this?
T = 02:00 What are your thoughts re. predictions of doom supposedly to come upon Nashville?
T = 05:25 Please expand on Jesus’ end-time warning about “when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them?”
T = 07:10 When Jesus said “If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father”, could he have been speaking to the angels, too?
T = 08:00 How can I CONSISELY capture the beautiful character of God, its embodiment in design law, His desire to heal and not to punish in a short conversation?
T = 09:35 My church knows that God’s law is a law of love yet they can’t seem to go beyond a level 5 understanding. What other real-world scenarios would help them understand lvl 6 and 7 decisionmaking?
T = 12:00 Are you against the teachings of the general conference of the SDA church?
T = 15:05 You mentioned not fighting back to protect self. Can we defend, with potential violence, those physically attacking others?
T = 17:15 How do you respond in situations where many churches that followed covid restrictions and mask mandates?


Q2 Q&A #1

T = 00:15 Are babies saved? 2 Samuel 22, 23 seems to imply such.
T = 01:05 Are we “imprisoned” by Satan in the hell-grave by our death sentence passed on spiritually by Adam?
T = 04:45 Is my understanding accurate regarding Adam & Eve’s sin, that we’re born into a sin condition that brings death. Before Jesus came we did not have a way to heal. Then he came as a human to show us His character to learn to trust?
T = 06:40 Why does EG White say in Story of Redemption that ministers who did not speak truth experience God’s wrath 10 fold?
T = 11:00 Does God bring people into repentance before they pass and what goes on for the unsaved during soul sleep?
T = 13:15 Why did Jesus have to feel the loneliness of being (forsaken) given up by God? Did He feel betrayal?
T = 18:05 What are your thoughts on the so called ‘law of attraction’ which is the belief that everything one wants or needs can be obtained by repeatedly thinking about it with positive emotion in order to “attract” the desired outcome?
T = 19:55 What is a good response to the statement “everyone knows what is required for salvation and breaking things down to design law vs imposed law is thinking too much”?
T = 20:50 Why did God create humans a little lower intellectually than angels?
T = 23:05 Are there trees of knowledge of good and evil on other worlds that God created?
T = 26:35 Do you see the breath of Jesus’ (2 Thess 2 : 8) the same as in Gen 1-2 creation?
T = 28:30 Is Hebrews 2 : 9 litteral in the sense of our adoption as priests/princes in our kinship with Jesus?


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