2024 Q2 Questions & Answers Index

Q2 Q&A #13

T = 00:15 What do you think about this statement: “We serve a loving God?”
T = 01:20 Before the fall of Lucifer, when Jesus was Michael the Archangel, do you think He was omnipresent, or did He only lose that status when He became human?
T = 06:15 Do you think that the “Everlasting Covenant” with Israel was also an everlasting covenant to the 2/3 angels and the witnessing universe?
T = 07:45 Is our character perfected the moment we surrender ourselves to Christ, or when He returns (when we’re changed in the twinkling of an eye)?
T = 10:50 Does “the Loud Cry” have something to do with the difference between design law and imposed law? Is it the true essence of the 3 Angels’ Messages?
T = 11:50 Are all people either a child of God or a child of satan?
T = 12:35 Do the ritual services of Passover, Pentecost, etc. have any relevance in christian observance?
T = 14:20 How are we to be patient, loving, understanding while dealing 24/7 with a person with early onset dementia, without making them feel bad?
T = 19:55 Since satan lived with God for a long time and watched Him create and talked face to face-do you think he knows God better than we do?
T = 21:00 Would the use of the police to remove demonstrators from a church property cross the line into beastly use of force?
T = 23:45 Is it being legalistic to not wear scarlet/red clothing or nail polish because it could be a stumbling block to brothers/sisters who believe this color symbolizes satan?
T = 25:50 Was Earth created before Lucifer sinned in heaven?
T = 29:00 How do you integrate design law into EGW’s descriptions from the Great Controversy that include the time of trouble?
T = 29:15 Why did God not frown on David telling King Saul lies?


Q2 Q&A #11

T = 00:15 What might EGW have meant by using the word “merely” in: “We are not merely to observe the Sabbath as a legal matter.” 6T 353
T = 02:30 In Selected Messages Vol 1, pp 236-241, Did EGW contradict what she says on pp 233 & 244 saying that the 10 Commandments always existed even before creation?
T = 06:10 You refer to the New Jerusalem as a cube, no doubt derived from the dimensions given in Rev 21. However, could not those same dimensions describe a pyramid?
T = 10:20 What do you think of television series, “The Chosen?”
T = 13:15 Why did the tree of life in Eden have to be removed first before seeing death and decay?
T = 20:20 How do I deal with the guilt of not being able to help ease suffering humanity that causes me great saddness everyday? How do I stay centered and joyful without putting blinders on to world events?
T = 25:20 How can we explain to our children the truth about global warming?
T = 30:00 How do we protect our children from false doctrine being taught in church?
T = 32:00 What is the correct translation of the Sabbath commandment: Remember the Sabbath Day to keep IT holy, or remember the Sabbath day to keep holy?
T = 33:55 Is it prudent to let a sincere senior citizen maintain their genuine faith and trust in a false, punishing God, or should I introduce her to the design law God, which I know she will reject?
T = 38:45 Explain Rev 14 : 20. Is it referring to the French Revolution or a future event?


Q2 Q&A #10

T = 00:15 Is the 28 fundamental beliefs of the sda church creed?
T = 04:00 Is the statement, “one has any righteousness of their own. We can only be covered by Christ righteousness” (Isaiah 61 : 10) truth mixed with error?
T = 06:45 What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimers? Is there any promising treatments that could slow or reverse these conditions?
T = 11:20 Is heaven a literal city with real houses, streets, and a real, physical throne God sits on?
T = 13:25 Can TMS help those with severe anixiety and depression where medication helps, but they struggle with very low iron which really bring on panic attacks?
T = 16:15 Why did God need Moses to intercede on behalf of the children of Israel when they worshiped the calf at Mount Sinai?
T = 18:40 Is owning property and material things a symptom of being selfish?


Q2 Q&A #9

T = 00:10 How do you think God views the decision of people in extreme survival conditions awaiting rescue, canabalizing the deceased?
T = 01:10 How can we recognize and not fall for the traps of the devil coming from both the imperial religious (king of the north) and imperial secularists (king of the south)?
T = 03:55 Is there a balance between wanting to delay or stand up against the advancement of the godless movement, and letting the end times events unfold?
T = 06:20 What is God’s covenant in comparison to legal vs lawful contracts, public and private?
T = 08:20 What is the difference between the earthly mosaic ark of the covenant hidden away, yet to be discoveredm and the true ark in heaven?
T = 11:50 Is ALL scripture to be studied as deeply as you have gone?
T = 14:30 Why do [SDAs] eat only clean meats, as the Bible says, yet ignore that it is not prepared as the way it says it is supposed to be (kosher)?
T = 16:00 Why were the Israelites instructed to not cook meat in goats milk?
T = 16:50 How do we deal with relatives who appear to suffer from kleptomania, when some relatives defend such actions as not harmful or damaging to the victim or the perpetrator?
T = 20:40 I’m troubled by God not intervening to save 85 family members, including children, of the high priest, Ahimelech, from being killed by king Saul. Help us understand why the innocent weren’t spared.
T = 23:15 Even though you say the Sabbath represents those who do not use force or imposed law against anyone, why does it play such a big part in people making right decisions regarding the true worship of God? (according to EGW in chapter The Final Warning in he book, The Great Controversy)


Q2 Q&A #8

T = 00:50 Does defective character/personality (“software”) affect our physical body and brain (“hardware”)?
T = 05:20 Is Daniel 7 : 26 talking about the second coming of Jesus? Also who are the “they” that it is talking about?
T = 07:15 If Christ took on 4000 years of Adman’s heredity, wouldn’t he also inherit the sinfulness of humanity?
T = 10:30 How do those who believe God declares them to be righteous (when they are not) think they’re getting to heaven without actually being righteous?
T = 11:50 Will we see more people in USA turning to Jesus in the end times, since currently the growth rate is far below the world’s rate of people becoming SDA?
T = 14:00 What would you say to a young adult who believes there’s nothing wrong with having multiple sexual partners over time?
T = 15:30 In your practice as a psychiatrist, have you noticed our youth, especially after covid, becoming more restless, irritable, nihilistic, and not wanting to learn ANYTHING?
T = 18:25 What is your persuasion on what the metaphor of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit all living in us means, in everyday reality, from your Trinitarian perspective.
T = 21:35 What are your thoughts regarding the disturbing trend in Christian education to instigate a faith vs. reason dichotomy?
T = 29:00 After the resurrection, do we develop a perfect character through the 1000 years or are we given a perfect character?
T = 29:55 What is Gods wrath that descended on His only begotten Son?
T = 34:15 Do you have any advice for teaching these truths in a winsome way?
T = 40:10 What is the “other door that was opened” after “the door of hope and reason” that was closed after 1800 years, per Great Controversy, pg 429?
T = 42:30 Why will none of those of the second resurrection come into the heavenly city of New Jerusalem after it descends and comes to rest on Earth after the 1000 years?
T = 44:45 Have you heard of the “Love Reality” teaching?
T = 46:35 Why would God allow all the bible translations to be stained by legal language influences that cause misinterpretations?


Q2 Q&A #7

T = 00:10 Do you have any on the C&R website for all the various dual fulfillment prophecies you often reference?
T = 01:00 Are you familiar with the book “The Wrath of God” by Troy J. Edwards, who appears to echo the same message as C&R?
T = 01:30 Can only God create a life or are we doing so when procreating?
T = 03:35 Why does the bible contain violent stories like the cutting up of the concubine in Judges, etc?
T = 06:40 The words ‘ransom’ and ‘pardon’ are confusing me in Ellen White’s statements where she says Jesus had been pleading with His Father to offer His life as a ransom, to take the sentence of death himself so man could be pardoned, that through His blood AND obedience to Gods law we could have favor with God.
T = 12:00 I just read your blog on imputed and imparted righteousness. So, if imputed righteousness is God’s mercy and compassion extended toward us, does that mean that everyone in the world, including Sinners who ultimately reject God’s mercy and do not respond positively to it, receive God’s imputed righteousness?
T = 13:50 I just read your blog regarding the red heifer. Recently, 4 red heifers (meeting the requirements set forth in the Bible) were sent from Texas to Israel. Since dual fulfillments are often realized, could there be a significance to 4 red heifers being sent to the Holy Land? Rumors are spreading that Israelis are planning to sacrifice a red heifer around Passover. But will the sacrifice actually be made, what would it mean for Jews and Christians, and what would happen next?
T = 19:00 What Bible Stories would illustrate the placebo &/or nocebo effect? What of Paul(& Israelites) experiencing the snakebite(s)? The food to idols? healing of sickness ‘by forgivness’ of sin?
T = 20:25 “Pleasure seeking, ball playing, swimming, was not a necessity, but a sinful neglect of the sacred day sanctified by Jehovah” 3SM 258.3 Care to Share Your Thoughts?
T = 23:40 How does the design law salvation paradigm differ from the widely accepted “once saved always saved” paradigm?
T = 22:55 Is there a time frame for how long one should mourn the loss of a loved one? Is it normal to take a year to process this type of loss?
T = 30:40 Is there any connection between the 10 toes of Dan. 7 and 10 horns of Rev. 13?


Q2 Q&A #6

T = 00:10 When does hope become fantasy?
T = 00:30 Is it important to understand which death, first, second, or something else, Christ died?
T = 06:35 Where is the line between the pain and suffering God causes VS what Satan causes?
T = 09:40 Does God have two legs, a face, etc, since we’re told we are created in His image?
T = 11:15 What is the meaning of ‘a mediator between God and man’?
T = 15:05 If the laws of physics reflect God’s design and His character, wouldn’t the destruction of the wicked be a violation of the first law of thermodynamics?
T = 15:45 If the “souls” of the righteous are safely stored in the Lamb’s book of life, where do the “souls” of the unbelievers and rejectors of God go in sleep death?
T = 17:30 What are your thoughts on the Shepherd Motif, particularly of breaking the lost sheep’s limbs?
T = 19:10 Since God is not the source of darkness, in reference to Isaiah, what about “natural” darkness, ie. night? or black holes and the “darkness” of outer space when earth was created?
T = 20:25 Can a Christian, who only wants to be declared righteous and not become righteous, participate in the outpouring of the Latter Rain?

Q2 Q&A #5

T = 00:15 Many people who are in the process of dying will reach up toward the sky and “see” their deceased loved ones. Are these “loved ones” they are seeing demons? Is it a satanic trap right before death?
T = 03:40 Why does EGW say God is the one who punishes, but you say He doesn’t? (Desire of Ages, pg 628 and Selected Messages, vol 1, pg 235)
T = 06:00 Should I become a member of a sunday-keeping church if there are no sabbath-keeping churches in my region?
T = 09:25 At the fall, did the design laws on earth change due to sin, eg. the serpent changed from flying to slithering or in plants baring thorns and thistles?
T = 12:35 What are your thoughts on children who have not reached the age of accountability at the second coming?
T = 13:40 I must disagree with you. God’s word, which has creative power, puts His righteousness within me and I become righteous the instant He declares me to be righteous!
T = 15:30 If God tells us we must honor and obey those in leadership, because they have our best interest at heart and will keep us from evil, does that not put him in partnership with evil, as ancient history and current events show?
T = 17:20 Was God meeting the Hebrews where they were at when he instituted animal sacrifices?
T = 18:15 How can a penal substitution religion divorce the Son from the Father in addressing redeeming creation in the context of His and His Father’s name written on their foreheads (Revelation 14 : 1)?
T = 19:05 Please help clarify contradictions created by calling out the transgender movement specifically as being of the enemy and practicing Satan’s methods. That is, are they loved by God vs rejected?
T = 22:50 Are there church conferences where clergy are free to express their support of this message without fear of reprisal?
T = 24:40 Who has the perfect record that God demands?
T = 26:35 Is Jesus truly God in human form or is He the Son of God with the express image of God?
T = 32:20 In her writings, did EGW transition from an imposed law lens to a design law lens directly after 1888?
T = 34:40 Did Satan came to realise he was wrong and believe the truth about God’s character (despite not being sorry or redeemable)?
T = 38:25 Why did God say to kill those who broke the sabbath (Exodus 31 : 14 & 15)
T = 39:20 Why does it seem that many Protestants scoff at the apostle James’ statement that “faith without works is dead.?”
T = 40:15 Why does it seem more Adventists are worried about a supposed Sunday law than Satan manifesting as an angel of light and deceiving the whole world that he is the Christ?
T = 41:10 Is there validity in the 7 week concept? Eg Earth is 6,000 years old (1,000 years is as a day) and the 1,000 years in Revelation will be the 7th “day” sabbath?
T = 41:55 How can I explain to primary age kids why Jesus had to die on the cross?
T = 42:25 Will Adam ever regain the position as head of humanity that he lost?
T = 42:55 How can the King of the North, which you say is religious imperialism, come against the King of the South (secular imperialism) and overwhelm him when the number of professed Christians is a deminishing minority
T = 44:25 Why didn’t the ceremonies include an explicit explanation of the symbols?


Q2 Q&A #4

T = 00:12 What do you think about the colloquialisms: “fake it till you make it” and “practice makes perfect”? Does it really help people to “change“ their behavior?
T = 00:40 What is the red heifer prophecy for and about?
T = 08:35 Did you say, or mean, that Lucifer DID NOT KNOW Jesus was the Son of God, but just another angel?
T = 09:25 If a Sunday law forcing worship is wrong, then is a Saturday law just as bad?
T = 14:50 What actually happened in heaven in 1844, and is it as foundationally important a doctrine as we Adventists make it out to be?
T = 18:00 Is it incorrect to use Revelation 19:10 to prove “the spirit of prophecy” is an identifying mark (EGW) of the remnant church?
T = 21:35 Is the imposed law lens translation “God commanded” Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree clear evidence that almost all Bible translators have been duped by Satan’s imposed law lie?
T = 23:25 I have heard Isaiah 66 : 22-23 preached from the pulpit that this is evidence there will be sabbath keeping in the new heaven and earth.
T = 28:15 Was Satan and his angels hurled to earth before or after Creation week (Revelation 12: 7-9)?
T = 34:05 What is your take on the phrase “close of probation?” Is it biblical or just an SDA thing?
T = 39:55 Are moral decision levels and Design Law depicted in Exodus 1 : 15-22 re. God being good to midwives that lied about killing the Hebrew babies? Are all the other commands also based on heart motive?
T = 41:00 What is the relationship between Imputed and Imparted righteousness and the theological terms Justification and Sanctification? Are they two completely different concepts?
T = 42:55 How can I explain “The blood of beasts could not satisfy the demands of God as an atoning sacrifice… [Jesus] was the only sacrifice of sufficient value to fully satisfy the claims of God’s perfect law” in 2SP 9 as design law instead of penal legal?


Q2 Q&A #3

Not presented.

Q2 Q&A #2

T = 00:55 I often find myself reading the Bible through the imposed law lens. It is very disturbing to me at times. Am I alone in this?
T = 02:00 What are your thoughts re. predictions of doom supposedly to come upon Nashville?
T = 05:25 Please expand on Jesus’ end-time warning about “when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them?”
T = 07:10 When Jesus said “If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father”, could he have been speaking to the angels, too?
T = 08:00 How can I CONSISELY capture the beautiful character of God, its embodiment in design law, His desire to heal and not to punish in a short conversation?
T = 09:35 My church knows that God’s law is a law of love yet they can’t seem to go beyond a level 5 understanding. What other real-world scenarios would help them understand lvl 6 and 7 decisionmaking?
T = 12:00 Are you against the teachings of the general conference of the SDA church?
T = 15:05 You mentioned not fighting back to protect self. Can we defend, with potential violence, those physically attacking others?
T = 17:15 How do you respond in situations where many churches that followed covid restrictions and mask mandates?


Q2 Q&A #1

T = 00:15 Are babies saved? 2 Samuel 22, 23 seems to imply such.
T = 01:05 Are we “imprisoned” by Satan in the hell-grave by our death sentence passed on spiritually by Adam?
T = 04:45 Is my understanding accurate regarding Adam & Eve’s sin, that we’re born into a sin condition that brings death. Before Jesus came we did not have a way to heal. Then he came as a human to show us His character to learn to trust?
T = 06:40 Why does EG White say in Story of Redemption that ministers who did not speak truth experience God’s wrath 10 fold?
T = 11:00 Does God bring people into repentance before they pass and what goes on for the unsaved during soul sleep?
T = 13:15 Why did Jesus have to feel the loneliness of being (forsaken) given up by God? Did He feel betrayal?
T = 18:05 What are your thoughts on the so called ‘law of attraction’ which is the belief that everything one wants or needs can be obtained by repeatedly thinking about it with positive emotion in order to “attract” the desired outcome?
T = 19:55 What is a good response to the statement “everyone knows what is required for salvation and breaking things down to design law vs imposed law is thinking too much”?
T = 20:50 Why did God create humans a little lower intellectually than angels?
T = 23:05 Are there trees of knowledge of good and evil on other worlds that God created?
T = 26:35 Do you see the breath of Jesus’ (2 Thess 2 : 8) the same as in Gen 1-2 creation?
T = 28:30 Is Hebrews 2 : 9 litteral in the sense of our adoption as priests/princes in our kinship with Jesus?