2024 Q1 Questions & Answers Index

Q1 Q&A #13

T = 00:10 What does “pleading and interceding” mean in Romans 8 : 34 if it’s not Jesus trying to change God’s mind?
T = 04:50 Are we seeing the repercussions of Protestantism’s rejection of science and nature in religious education by using coercive power to maintain orthodoxy?
T = 05:50 It would appear that Satan is now confined and emprisoned only to our world; are we the jury in his trial?
T = 10:00 Timothy 3 : 16 says ALL scripture is inspired by God. Does this mean we should take the Bible word for word as from God?
T = 12:35 How do I answer those who genuinely believe that the dead are being judged because their ‘accounting’ books have to be balanced so the more they work, the more their debts are “paid off?”
T = 13:55 How could David’s pebble kill Goliath unless God stepped in and performed some sort of miracle?
T = 15:10 Let me clarify my question last week… how did Satan convince the angels they were under some IMPOSED law that he cited causing their distrust of God? Adam/Eve were under God’s IMPOSED law not to eat the fruit.
T = 20:50 What is the final end time Elijah message and who proclaims it? The 144,000?
T = 22:30 I was taught that the next day starts at sunset, but sunset is not night or evening, because it’s still light out. Am I wrong in teaching others this?
T = 24:30 Why would anyone prefer Roman law over Design law? Is it possible people are drawn to Roman law because it’s a system that doesn’t lead them to giving up on self, and putting God and others first?
T = 25:45 Why does it seem that the design law perspective tends to resonate more with non-Adventists than Adventists as a whole?
T = 27:50 If God is a consuming fire of conviction to the wicked, why wasn’t Satan consumed in heaven when he rebelled against God?
T = 30:00 If the result of sin is death, how could sin have been immortalized if the sinner ate from the tree of life?


Q1 Q&A #12

T = 00:10 Are the Ten Commandments, that were placed in the ark in the earthly temple’s most holy place, also in the heavenly sanctuary’s ark? Since Jesus told us there is no marriage in heaven, why would the commandments, such as “do not commit adultery,” need to be placed in the heavenly sanctuary if there is no marriage in heaven?
T = 03:55 What is the Old Covenant and what is the New Covenant?
T = 06:25 Is it possible to hold a natural law construct and still rely on our own performance/merits?
T = 08:25 Did ALL first death experiences come because of God’s direct action?
T = 14:05 Is the message of the great controversy between God and Satan unique to to Adventism?
T = 14:50 Will there be many “Elijahs” taking the message to the last days world?
T = 19:20 Can we apply Ellen G. White’s words from 150 years ago to today environment?
T = 23:15 Where is it stated in the Bible that a sinner must be punished because he is a sinner.


Q1 Q&A #11

T = 00:10 What exactly is the cause of death that Jesus destroyed at the cross?
T = 03:30 Where are the characters of the lost retained if they aren’t written in the book of life? They need to be somewhere in order to be “downloaded” for the 2nd resurrection, right?
T = 05:35 In Revelation 19 : 19-21, why is the beast and the false prophet thrown into the lake of fire at the second coming?
What’s the difference between the lake of fire and the sword out of the mouth of Jesus?
T = 08:55 What did satan say God is lying about and can’t be trusted to the angels in heaven?
T = 11:00 Is The Book of Enoch valid?
T = 11:20 Right before Jesus comes, will we see more people turning to Him or more people turning away from Him?
T = 13:00 Rev 18 : 6 talks about Babylon reaping a double portion. What might that look like?
T = 14:00 Why did Jesus quote Psalm 22, rather than using His own words?
T = 15:35 The New Jerusalem is called “the bride, the Lamb’s wife,” but invited guests to the wedding cannot also be the bride, right?
T = 16:45 How would you comfort the remaining family about their loved one who committed suicide?
T = 17:35 What do you say to someone who is very excited about “recently” discovered books of Scripture?
T = 19:30 Is guilt the same thing as knowing right from wrong?
T = 19:55 Do you anticipate special opportunities for delusion through the use of AI?


Q1 Q&A #10

T = 00:40 I’m struggling with where God wants me worship; at a tiny SDA with no connection, at a sunday-keeping with connection, or online?
T = 03:10 In Revelation 20 : 12, are there two separate books: the book of life and the book of damnation?
T = 04:45 How is the design law message of Come and Reason expanding to the rest of the world from your metrics and evidence?
T = 08:50 Would you please discuss and provide a Design law definition of inspiration?
T = 10:10 While Satan was still in heaven, what law was he insinuating doubt about to the angles? (see Patriarchs & Prophets, 37)
T = 12:20 Have you responded to the Fulcrum7 article evaluating the teachings of Tim Jennings?
T = 14:25 How do I know if I am breaking one of the design laws? Is there a list of such laws?
T = 14:45 What was Jesus’ purpose in physically breathing on the discples in John 20 : 22?
T = 16:00 Why do humans have a proclivity to doubt God rather than Satan?
T = 16:50 How does Patriarchs and Prophets, pg 728 correlate with God’s retributive judgement of punishment on the wicked through the 7 last plagues?
T = 19:00 You have said that the christian world believes they are declared righteous but there is no change in behaviour, however I have not seen this. Can you expand on your position?
T = 24:15 When I completely surrendered myself to God, I immediately gained the victory over all of my besetting sins. Do you and the Come and Reason audience experience this power of deliverence?
T = 25:30 When God puts the unrepentant to sleep, and then are raised in the second resurrection, how can they continue living where they left off? Aren’t they condemned to eternal death, instead?
T = 27:35 Isn’t there another little book in rev 10:10?
T = 28:30 When others lie about us, and family believes them, what do we do when family is not willing to listen to our side?


Q1 Q&A #9

T = 00:15 What did Jesus mean when he said in John 16 : 7 “if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you…” when there are places in the OT that clearly say the Holy Spirit was working in people’s hearts?
T = 02:20 Is there anything different about your understanding of God’s character vs Graham Maxwell?
T = 03:30 Is Dan 9 : 24 speaking about Messiah making an end to sin during the middle of the 70th prophetic week the same as Matthew 1 : 21, “He will save His people from their sins?”
T = 04:10 Why does David and Bathsheba’s newborn child have to die as a consequence of David’s sin? (2 Sam 12 : 13)
T = 08:40 I am right to call someone out hen they make a public statement that I viewed as incorrect?


Q1 Q&A #8

T = 00:10 Is there a place for all the recent coddling/protecting against “traumatic” event or have we become too weak to handle reality?
T = 01:20 Didn’t Christ do a role reversal with Satan by comeing to Earth as a man?
T = 02:10 How does “Christ being made strong in our weakness” work?
T = 02:45 Why was God so specific about washing the organs of sacrifical animals and the pleasant aroma of the burning flesh?!
T = 06:05 Explain the other set of books mentioned in Revelation 20 : 12, the Great White throne Judgment, and the books from which the wicked are judged according to the deeds recorded therein.
T = 07:40 Is the evidence of Jesus coming to Earth as a man, dying, and rising again, proof that God had already forgiven us?
T = 08:40 How are we to understand EGW’s “When Satan tempts you, breathe not a word of doubt… to others… every doubt you express… is a seed that will germinate and bear fruit in the life of others”, which is contrary to being open/honest with counselors?
T = 14:00 How could Jesus heal Aeneas, resurrect Dorcas, and raise Lazarus without seeking their consents?
T = 15:35 If Jesus was our Substitute on the cross, then why do we continue to die?
T = 18:05 Did the different races develop in Adam or was it part of the curse on Canaan, Noah’s grandchild or at the Tower of Babel>
T = 19:15 What will this look like? “The gospel (truth and love) of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come (Matt 24 : 14).
T = 21:40 Can a sinner “become” righteous while still being a sinner?
T = 22:40 How do you rebute the postion that God made sin available so Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels could chose it?

Q1 Q&A #7

T = 00:15 Why did God use a bronze staff shaped as a serpent to represent Christ?
T = 02:10 What does “Upon Christ as our substitute and surety was laid the iniquity of us all” mean?
T = 06:30 Please explain the account of temptation of Jesus. Was it an hallucination, dream, or actually and physically real?
T = 11:10 How can we help people one level of moral decision-making below were we are understand what we are talking about re. Design Law?
T = 17:40 Why didn’t Satan receive any immediate punishment for disguising himself as or getting the serpent to deceive Eve?
T = 20:20 Why do Chrisitans overwhelmingly prefer to use the pagan Babylonian names given to Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, rather than their real Hebrew names?


Q1 Q&A #6

T = 00:15 Is there any truth to organized fasting during evangelistic series that seek to guilt-trip attendees into baptism?
T = 01:30 Did Ellen White always write under Holy Spirit’s inspiration? How do we know what was inspired and what was not? Did she ever changed her views on matters of doctrines and if she did, which ones?
T = 08:20 You have said that bad things/pain come from either Satan, stuff just happens, or from God disciplining. Is it reasonable to say that all the pain that just happens is really a derivative of Satan’s influence?
T = 10:45 I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer with 6 months to 5 years to live. What does hospice do? It seems to fly-in-the-face of God’s design law for a natural death.
T = 13:00 At what age do you let a wayward child go their own way such?
T = 16:30 Does Isaiah 58 : 1-9 describe true fasting?


Q1 Q&A #5

T = 00:15 Since Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one, why don’t all 3 of them know the time of Jesus coming, only the Father?
T = 01:10 What is a design law explanation of Exodus 4 : 24-26? where God wanted to kill Moses, but his wife circumsized their son and then God changed his mind.
T = 04:45 Why does Jesus call it a “new” command when he tells his disciples to love one another just before his crucifixion in John 13?
T = 05:15 At the very end, when the wicked are about to attack the Holy City and fire reigns down, is that God destroying them?
T = 07:25 How can I not feel loss of all confidence and affection for God when he is able, but does not prevent bad things from happening to me or others?
T = 10:35 Explain how the Ten Commandments are a transcript of God’s character, and the fourth Commandment is the only one that will last throughout eternity?
T = 15:35 Should fasting be a part of our Christian life like praying and giving? Are we missing blessings when we fail to fast?
T = 16:00 How we can have emotional compassion toward those holding onto lies that are toxic to them and their witness, yet not come across as “Holier than thou”?


Q1 Q&A #4

T = 00:07 Help me understand why Christ wasn’t created by God and that Holy Spirit isn’t simply a manifestation of God and Jesus’ life force.
T = 04:45 Please explain why you say we hide behind a covering of some type. What about Zechariah’s statement about God covering us in a righteous covering?
T = 07:50 If we pay our tithe and all other bills and we can afford it and not go into debt over it, is it wrong to like and want to buy designer items?
T = 09:15 Based on EGW’s many counsels on not using caffeine, why do you advise using in your Aging Brain book?
T = 17:15 Why did King David instruct his son, Solomon, to seek revenge for him? Though God gave him wisdom, why did Solomon execute his dad’s last wishes?
T = 19:35 Does the Great White Throne judgment happen in heaven or in the sky on Jesus’ way back to earth at the end of the 1000 years?
T = 24:40 How do you explain to a rape victim that God did not want to violate the law of liberty and so didn’t prevented the rape, but at other times He did prevent evil acts from occurring?
T = 30:05 Please describe ways to reduce or heal adult repetitive night terrors in someone suffering from complex PTSD.
T = 34:10 Do you think our ways of thinking and remaining defects of character are healed instantly as a result of getting new “hardware” (translated or resurrected bodies) or a process of both new hardware and a sin-free environment?
T = 37:20 Since Jesus was the Word Who became flesh and dwelt among us AND since it is “In Him that we live and move and have our being,” is it wrong to assume that we are all alive inside the Mind of Christ?


Q1 Q&A #3

T = 00:13 Please give a more detailed explanation of why Jesus didn’t die the first death.
T = 01:25 Please share your analysis of a popular metaphor about salvation called The Donut Story.
T = 03:30 Please explain Genesis 9 : 5-6, where God says that man is to take the life of any person who murders another human.
T = 04:10 Explain the symbolism of Jeremiah 27 re the bronze pillars and bronze sea being carried away to Babylon.
T = 05:20 Why would God allow bible translators to use legal and confusing words?


Q1 Q&A #2

T = 00:15 Do you see Nehemiah 12 : 27 a metaphor referring to the same cleansing and Levitical role for those coming out of Babylon?
T = 04:20 What does it mean in Luke 22 : 36 where Jesus tells his disciples that if they don’t have a sword, they should sell their cloak and buy one?
T = 05:20 How can we effectively EXPLAIN the transition between God using what appears to be IMPOSED laws in the OT and Design Laws?
T = 07:10 What is a good lexicon for studying?
T = 08:45 What is the meaning of “unceasing prayer?”
T = 09:15 Are the Behemoth and Leviathan in Job 40 & 41 literal animals or figurative/metaphor?
T = 10:15 Is viewing home videos and slides shows of home pictures damaging to a 2 and a half year old?


Q1 Q&A #1

T = 01:10 Is there any benefit at all in a church owning a Formula 1 race car team? How is that relevant to the Gospel?
T = 01:50 What happens with the different resurrections from the Second Coming onward?
T = 02:50 What happened in 1844 and how the cleansing from sin is different from the cleansing of sin that was occurring before 1844?
T = 03:25 Do you agree that the dramatic changes in climate, now more intense than ever, population explosion, and mismanagement of natural resources the result of the four winds being loosened?
T = 10:30 Who is the real Sabbath-keeper, an Adventist pastor seeking to disfellowship a parishioner who works a non-medical job on sabbath or a Sunday-keeper seeking God’s blessing on non-sunday-keepers?
T = 12:10 Is heaven a metaphor, or does it have a literal meaning, is a physical place, with physical buildings and physical landscape?
T = 14:30 How do I rebutt my Christian friends that believe God, or His representatives (Angels), killed all the Asyrians (2 King 19 : 35) proving that he does directly punish sin, validating their belief in hell?
T = 16:00 Did God wait to bless the seventh day until after he finished resting on it (thus blessing it on the first day of the second week)?
T = 19:50 Please explain how Jacob deceived Esau in Genesis it was Esau who agreed, under no duress, to Jacob’s terms?
T = 22:30 Were there any children before Cain and Able?