2023 Q4 Questions & Answers Index

Q4 Q&A #13

T = 04:55 Why can’t we let the Jews have the designation of being the 144,000?
T = 12:00 Does the resuming of temple services in 164 BC and the Temple Dedication in John 10 : 22 have any application for our time?
T = 14:30 How do I help people see a positive future, who express how tired, weary, and on-dege they are of govt lockdowns and depression-inducing weather patterns?
T = 17:30 How do I help very rules-oriented church members see God’s law as design law and to not have such a behaviorally-focused relationship with God?
T = 18:30 Am I in conflict with my new found understanding of Sabbath based on your ministry’s teachings.
T = 22:35 Is the Garden of Eden still a place on earth?
T = 25:30 How do you counsel a newly married couple that just had a baby where one parent isn’t getting their spouse’s “worship” they were used to getting before the baby arrived?


Q4 Q&A #12

T = 00:00 What are your thoughts on requesting non-combatant status and if your views have changed since you served?
T = 02:00 What does mean to be angry with someone “without cause” in Matthew 5 : 22?
T = 03:30 How do we introduce the right God to people who can’t understand a God who would not use power to protect himself?
T = 07:50 Do lightboxs for depression actually help?


Q4 Q&A #11

T = 00:25 When does the 4th Judgement (determining who goes to heaven or not) occur?
T = 04:15 How can a medical school expect to produce good physicians when we are taught that students are part of the racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion problem?
T = 08:30 When the Bible talks of Christ bearing our sins or sin, 1 Peter 2 : 24, what does this ultimately mean?
T = 09:50 Do you think that we should avoid everything that comes out of Hollywood?
T = 10:50 Would Jesus have died if he did not give up his spirit, since he was God and God cannot die?
T = 13:50 How do you handle a situation where you are being taught in a non-denominational private school that we go to heaven when we die and it is backed up with “bible proof”?
T = 15:30 What is the Laodicean lukewarm condition of Revelation 3?
T = 18:20 In addition to having a protective role with us, do our angels also have love for us?
T = 19:05 How do you think the SDA health message impacted the acceptance and delivery of the gospel?


Q4 Q&A #10

T = 00:10 What is your understanding of restraining evil on the global scale?
T = 03:25 What is the significance of Arron’s rod and pot of manna being placed inside the ark of the covenant?
T = 07:40 How would you answer when asked if you’re a member of a certain denomination or a christian, since there are false and true versions of both?
T = 08:50 Why doesn’t the bible record Jesus’ mission or interactions with his half brothers and sisters?
T = 11:05 What events do you think are to soon “break upon the world”?
T = 12:10 When people say “everyone has their sin” or “it’s not possible to keep the commandments” is that true? Can you have a flaw that’s not a sin?
T = 17:30 Why does it seem that most Christians get stuck at level four of moral decision making (law and order)?
T = 19:50 Can you identify who or what the beast & false prophet are in Revelation chapters 16, 19, and 20?
T = 20:15 Do you have a blog that I can share with someone who has a problem with God killing women and children?


Q4 Q&A #9

T = 00:10 Do demons physically enter and take control of your mind/brain or stay external and only influence behavior?
T = 06:00 Can you reconcile giving tithe to modern-day institutions not teaching truth with Jesus praising those giving their offerings to the Jewish Temple He knew was corrupt?
T = 11:40 Why can’t I connect with God? How do I connect with Him?
T = 13:00 Explain what “sinful neglect” is in EGW 3SM 258. “Pleasure seeking, ball playing, swimming, was not a necessity, but a sinful neglect of the sacred day sanctified by Jehovah.”
T = 15:30 How are we to correctly interpret Elisha’s bones resurrecting a corpse?
T = 16:30 Do you have any advice regarding taking on large debts (mortgage) during these uncertain times?


Q4 Q&A #8

T = 00:55 Could us being tripartite beings (mind, body, energy) help us understand how Christ saved us, having flawed biology (hardware) but flawless software (mind-psyche), so that his mind reshaped the physiology of his brain to align perfectly with the law of love through his experience?
T = 02:25 Was incarnate Jesus omniscient?
T = 06:35 How can I share that Satan alleges God can not be trusted, that God is out to punish, and that every sin must meet its punishment using only Bible verses, not Ellen White?
T = 08:55 Why did God turn Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt?
T = 10:10 Can hystrionics personality disorder be cured?
T = 11:20 Was Judas possessed by satan directly or a demon in his body or his mind? Who was Jesus giving the command to “go do what you’re going to do quickly,” Satan or Judas?
T = 12:40 Was the purpose of the OT laver a form of baptism?
T = 14:25 Do we need to complete a full set of bible studies prior to being baptized and becoming a church member?
T = 18:25 Is Mark 5 about Jesus casting demons into a heard of pigs that jump off a cliff to their death an example of demons self indicting themselves?
T = 19:35 Do you give any importance to keeping the OT feast/holy days and avoiding pagan-influenced cultural holidays?
T = 23:30 Could the thief on the cross be characterized as experiencing a baptism of death as he contemplated his future after accepting Christ’s redemption?


Q4 Q&A #7

T = 00:15 In Luke 1 : 6 Zechariah is said to be righteous and in verse 12, he was afraid of the angel. I thought after becoming righteous, fear is out of the heart.
T = 01:00 Where would you direct someone to be baptised when they do not want to join a church that teaches the imposed law view?
T = 02:30 Is there a difference between “in christ” and “through christ?”
T = 03:20 Why does Deuteronomy 21 : 18-21 tell people to stone a stubborn and rebellious child to death?
T = 06:25 Why is Jesus telling the cast out demons to be silent in Mark 1 : 34? Isn’t that Satan’s method?
T = 08:25 Should we take biblical lessons from a transgener person, or allow them to be church leaders?
T = 10:45 Could you do a blog on each of the chapters of the book of Daniel?
T = 13:45 Can Jesus Christ be considered Lucifer, the light bearer or conveyor/carrier of light? Is the name Lucifer a good thing that we attach an evil perception to?
T = 14:55 Can narcissistic personality disorder be cured?
T = 15:25 When Revelation 20 : 9 occurs, the fire from heaven passes through the saints and the city without harming them before devouring the wicked outside the gates. Can you provide the source for making such a statement?
T = 17:20 Please share wisdom about helping people heal from perfectionism.


Q4 Q&A #6

T = 00:10 What is a healthier way to think when following God, but his “open doors” don’t work out?
T = 01:50 Will the wicked raised in the second that they will wake also with their sickness (cancer, ugly sickness). Thank you for your insight
T = 03:20 What’s the lesson for us re. the deceitful, murderous, lying prophet in 1 Kings 13?
T = 05:15 How can we avoid communicating the wrong idea when we say ‘God sent or gave his son’?
T = 07:10 How do you interpret the heavenly sanctuary and prophetic timeline that ended in 1844; what happened at that time?
T = 10:40 What does it mean to surrender to Christ?
T = 11:45 How does one address a nit-picky supervior in a toxic workplace environment without offending them?
T = 13:50 What is intercessory prayer? Does it really change God’s mind OR allow Him to act in ways that He would not have otherwise been able to do?
T = 16:15 Will the wicked dead be raised at the end of the 1,000 years with same type of bodies they had upon death, e.g. diseased, crippled, paralyzed, blind, etc.?
T = 16:30 Were the demons that Jesus cast out of the demoniac freed from the pigs they entered after the pigs drowned in the lake? Can a mind be so controlled by a demon that the victim is not able to choose differently, even if they want to be healed from their tormentor?
T = 20:45 Why was the earth distroyed by water at Noah’s time and by fire at the end?
T = 22:00 Are there different types or fear or only one that all human beings suffer from that do not know God?


Q4 Q&A #5

T = 00:20 It is unchristian to draw boundaries to limit volunteer work for those in need who have mismanaged their time and resources?
T = 02:25 What is the best way to support Israel now at war with Hamas?
T = 09:00 Do you think God could have opened a way for the Messiah without having his people becoming killers?
T = 11:55 Is the act of helping people more for us than the person we were led to help?
T = 13:50 Does the King of the North or South both fulfill the definition of “Popery’ you provided regarding Babylon?
T = 15:05 Can being “trained” to follow the penal legal lead of a bible study guide editor be habit forming and train them what to think rather than how to think?
T = 16:00 What is the mechanism at work here mentally, physically, and spiritually that brings healing and character development when we tell God about our gratitude, questions, confessions of weaknesses, faults, mistakes, and failures?


Q4 Q&A #4

T = 00:30 Does God honor the decision of the terminally ill to end their lives via doctor assistance?
T = 03:00 Is “that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” referencing Satan appearing as the Fake Jesus?
T = 06:45 if one can be saved today and not saved tomorrow, then waere they really ever saved, seeing that God knows the end from the beginning?
T = 11:00 How do you understand Isaiah 45 : 7 “God creates evil?”
T = 13:25 Please help me understand why EGW says Eve was not horror-striken to hear satan’s accusations that God is a deceiver, but the angles were.
T = 15:00 Do SDA’s believe in “original sin?”
T = 17:00 Are pilgrimages something the bible suggests is important and needed as christians?
T = 18:25 What does “Anointing” with oil actually do?
T = 22:00 What did Jesus purchase at the Cross?
T = 24:30 Are terrorists, who commit heinous crimes and torture, demon possessed and worthy of redemptive prayer?
T = 25:10 Since Mathew 24 is end time troubles and Jesus warns woe to the pregnant woman is there ever in a time when christian couples should stop trying to conceive?
T = 26:00 How do you see the current evil in Israel in relation to End time Biblical prophecy?
T = 27:50 You said “God will change my mind if i ask him.” I’m unable to DO anything. Am I still able to have that super sanctification you spoke of?


Q4 Q&A #3

T = 00:10 What is your opinion on “only who through faith in Christ obey all of God’s commandments will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression?”
T = 02:20 Do you think the SDA shift from “lamb and dragon” toward “lamb to dragon” that took place around WW1 when the FBI approached church leaders and threatened them with jail time if they didn’t alter what the FBI considered “anti-american” rhetoric from our publications is valid?
T = 05:20 Explain further about the OT temple being an illustration/object lesson and not the reality of the heavenly temple itself?
T = 14:40 How can Lucifer, the anointed covering cherub now become satan, withstand God’s glory and not be destroyed by God as a consuming fire?
T = 16:10 Why didn’t God warn Adam and Eve in the garden about the talking serpent?


Q4 Q&A #2

T = 00:25 Is it possible for at least one of the fallen angels to be drawn to Jesus after the cross, realizing the true nature of Jesus and the true nature of Satan?
T = 03:05 Please explain Spiritual Gifts. vol 1 pg 193 re. God cannot take the slave to heaven who has been treated lower than an animal.
T = 11:25 What DESIGN LAW was deviated from in the Garden of Eden?
T = 13:45 Could have God created some other kind of location or object in the Garden of Eden, like an elevated and fenced in “swimming pool,” and set it as the test of obedience?
T = 17:00 Why did Jesus tell the man whom he healed from leprosy in Mathew chapter 8 not to tell anyone?
T = 18:40 Why is the holy spirit not mentioned in many verses where the Father and Son are?
T = 20:50 Does God allow a person brutely treated and isolated from education to miss going to heaven?


Q4 Q&A #1

T = 00:05 Do you think Micahel (angelic form Christ took when appearing to Abraham) also visited Melchizedek?
T = 02:20 Is God a narricist for imposing the 10 commandents on us?
T = 05:00 Why did God allow we and this Earth to age and “expire?”
T = 06:35 Will the saved have elevate priviledges in the universe?
T = 08:40 Do you tithe on employer funds given to you for moving expenses?
T = 11:35 Hasn’t the Holy Spirit always been present on Earth prior to Jesus sending him?
T = 14:20 Did God have rules and laws, like the sabbath, prior to creating Earth?
T = 15:40 Why did God create Earth and mankind and then send the “war” with Lucifer down here?
T = 20:45 Did Christ die the same second death that sinners will?
T = 23:25 Should church membership be conditional on belief in the Trinity?
T = 27:20 Was Jesus baptised so that those who can not are considered as baptised virtually?
T = 29:30 Why would God require us to keep the sabbath holy when He knew we cannot make anything holy?
T = 30:50 Why did God use violence and death, like the flood, but Jesus never killed or hurt anyone?
T = 31:35 What material should I used to prepare to talk with Jehovah’s Wittnesses?
T = 33:10 Is a committed relationship between three people, like it is between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, healthy and in harmony with God’s design?
T = 35:15 What do you do when someone is unable or unwilling(?) to be empathetic?
T = 38:30 What is you view re. King James Version-only christians?


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