2023 Q2 Questions & Answers Index

Q2 Q&A #10

T = 00:00 Can you comment on the world lossing the idea of what it means to know the truth?
T = 01:40 Could you please share any therapeutic interventions you’d recommend for depersonalizion?
T = 02:20 How does your interpretation of the mark of the beast fits with Selected Messages, Vol 2, pg 368 restoration of popery?
T = 10:35 Why is the Day of the Lord called “dreadful?”
T = 11:10 Does God wants us to feel guilt?
T = 14:05 Is guilt directly related to PTSD?
T = 15:40 Elaborate on the character of God and Satan becoming the seal or mark, respectively, in one’s forehead, with 666 being added to pin down who the actual man is.
T = 16:25 Is it always the case that ferocious beasts are powers that coherce, but gentle beasts do not (even when Christ, the Lamb, is refered to elsewhere as a roaring lion)?
T = 17:40 Does Revelation give any indication that the antichrist will seem to be the one reigning for the 1,000 yrs?
T = 18:40 What can we study to help vette the bible, new and old testament, so that blood and sacrifice language isn’t pagan sounding?
T = 21:10 What does Jonah 4 : 11’s 120,000 people unable to tell their right hand from their left mean?


Q2 Q&A #9

T = 00:15 Aside from EGW, what speakers do you listen to and authors you read that have helped you develop your design law ideas?
T = 01:45 Any suggestions on how to ‘push back’ on the various social evils that are attempting to normalise perversion?
T = 06:00 Can we use C&R materials in sermon preparation?
T = 06:50 Isn’t the spirit of judgement the 7th power the Spirit has to make useful the other six powers?
T = 09:30 In Judges Chapter 20, the Israelites seek God’s council on how they should attack the Benjamites. Yet, the first two times they lose. Why?
T = 10:15 How should tension regarding diet between two parents play out in a family where the parent’s choices influence their children?
T = 14:20 In John 14 : 2 Jesus tells the disciples that His Father’s house has many rooms. Does this mean that He remembers what heaven looks like?
T = 17:20 Were the recent TV ads advocating transgenderism done intentionally?
T = 18:05 During COVID, was a conglomerated beast participating, or which beastly powers did not participate?
T = 26:20 Regarding 2 Thessalonians 2 : 9-12… How and why does God send powerful delusions to the wicked?


Q2 Q&A #8

T = 00:10 Was Satan able to develop his character to the point that he was perfect?
T = 03:35 Which of your publications would be most understandable for multiples denominations of those who do not understand design law?
T = 05:00 How do you converse with people who believe truth and reality are subjective, rather than objective, which to them is a mark of immature or unintellectual thinking?
T = 07:55 I would very much like to share the truth about design law and God’s character with pastors and church leaders, but I am very nervous. What is the first step that I should take?
T = 10:00 Will there be sexual relationships in heaven? When Jesus talks about “no marriage and giving of marriage” in heaven, is he refering to procreation or physical intimacy?
T = 11:20 How can Jesus give the Holy Character He procured at the cross as a gift, to another being? How do HIS choices in HIS life change MY character?
T = 19:25 Is God’s love unconditional, for instance, based on repentance, obedience to God’s law, and submission to God?
T = 23:15 When Jesus said to the thief on the cross “I tell you today, you shall be with me in paridise,” could that be interpreted as Jesus knowing the thief would die that day, and the next thing he would know was Jesus second coming? If so, does that make the matter of where the comma goes irrelevent?
T = 24:00 How do I explain verses like Luke 19 : 27 where Jesus tells a parable about a king who has his enemies brought before him and slaughtered?
T = 26:25 I have to take classes on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Is there a way to help my fellow classmates understand the Godly view of CRT?
T = 29:30 How is it that for those who don’t know God and have never been exposed to Godly morals understand and accept Gods character?


Q2 Q&A #7

T = 00:15 Do you think that there is any difference between the Catholic Eucharist and The Protestant communion?
T = 06:50 Would ‘healed’ be an effective synonym for ‘holy’ in the verse “I am the Lord who makes you holy?”
T = 07:40 The Investigative Judgment has never made sense to me. Why would God wait over 1800 years after His ascension to simply look at pages in a book in heaven?
T = 09:00 What are your thoughts regarding the rejection of Holy Spirit by the SDA church at their 1888 general conference?
T = 10:20 How can the SDA church represent itself as God-led when they are financially dependent upon state funding; and then expect to function independent of state priorities?


Q2 Q&A #6

T = 00:00 The fourth commandment tells us to REST. Why do we stress Worship?
T = 00:50 Which death Jesus is referring to when he said that the forefathers ate manna and are dead; then goes on to say that “whoever eats this bread shall live forever”?
T = 01:50 In Genesis 3 : 15, I know that “he shall bruise your head” means Jesus will destroy satan, but what does “you shall bruise his heel” means?
T = 02:30 Many people with an imperial/imposed law view seem to express sincere affection for God. Do you think this stems from the apparent resolution of their fear of God through rule keeping/appeasing behaviours?
T = 05:35 What are some simple suggestions on how to help others deal with depression and lack of joy and motivation following the pandemic aftermath abuses by goverment, employers, and family?
T = 09:55 Is there a fear that is healthy? ie. fear of bear attack or getting ran over by road traffic, etc.
T = 12:30 How do I share the truth about a God of Love to those who are victioms of horrible tragedies with my local community, such as mass shootings?
T = 15:10 Can you helpin identifing “the loud Cry” with the design law message?
T = 15:55 Has end times fear caused many to resort to charms, potions, intoxicants, and everything but the essential Source of Triumph?


Q2 Q&A #5

T = 00:15 Is there a way to say Jesus will forgive me without feeling guilt for a specific thing I have not done?
T = 02:40 Can you expain Num 11 : 1 from a design perspective? “When the people complained it displeased the Lord…His anger wa aroused. So the fire of the Lord burned among them and consumed some in the outskirts of the camp.”
T = 05:15 Please explain 1 Samuel 2 : 25 re. the wicked sons of Eli not heeding the voice of their father, because the Lord desired to kill them.
T = 11:05 Why does it seem that the SDA church is fading away from Ellen white?
T = 13:00 Please explain God hardening their heart.
T = 14:15 Was it necessary for Christ to defeat the infection of sin in his own humanity by battling out the two antogonistic principles in his own mind or could he have just become human, degraded and weakened by sin, but not infected with it?
T = 18:00 Why did Paul write about women covering themselves in 1 Cor 11 : 5-15 and why is this not a current custom for christians in today?
T = 20:00 How would you interpret God’s intention of slaying in the accounts of Balaam in Numbers 22 : 33 & the circumcising of Moses kids in Exodus 4 : 24?
T = 21:20 How long after the first Sabbath did Adam and Eve eat from the tree?
T = 22:05 Who is the red dragon and the 1/3 of the stars of heaven in Revelation 12?
T = 22:50 If Catholicism had made a law to keep the sabbath on the seventh day, that’s still would have made them advance Satan’s methods, correct?
T = 24:00 Would you say the father of the prodigal son was an example of bible wrath?


Q2 Q&A #4

T = 00:15 Please give insight on 144000 & the Great Multitude. Are they the same group?
T = 02:50 Did God make Adam and Eve clothes by killing animals as a lesson on how to perform sacrifices?
T = 06:30 Are the mark of the beast and the sealing of God’s people concepts only reserved and applicable to the last days or have they been experienced throughout history?
T = 10:05 What is other centered living actually going to look like in heaven when everyone is healthy and no one is in need of help?
T = 11:40 How do we know if we have forgiven someone, when they still still irritate us?
T = 16:30 Is conception based on one’s state of health or is it based on God’s timing? Many couples try months to conceive and others can get pregnant the first try.
T = 20:15 Would you expand upon the cleansing of the sanctuary per 1 Thess 5 : 23?
T = 23:15 Please clarify if we have physical substance in the new earth and how we can be within God’s fire, but not consume.
T = 26:30 Why was marriage within family valid at the time of Abraham but is now forbidden?


Q2 Q&A #3

T = 00:40 Why would God be so angered by Uzzah touching the ark (2 Samual 6 : 6,7) that He would kill him?
T = 06:35 Is it true that the OT tithing system was done away with, replaced by free will offerings in the NT?
T = 08:00 How is it fair to people, born after satan’s rebellion, to be lost compared to those born after the second coming, who aren’t tempted into sinning?
T = 11:25 What does Paul mean in 1 Cor 15 : 29 regarding those who are baptized for the dead?
T = 13:30 What does Paul mean in 2 Cor 12 : 2 regarding the Third heaven?


Q2 Q&A #2

T = 00:10 How do I explain to someone who questions why a loving God allows evil things, like mass school shootings, to happen to innocent children?
T = 08:50 Why did God command Moses and the Israelites to execute rebellious leaders and genocide other nations, IOW why did the ‘good people’ have to do the killing?
T = 11:55 Are the seven last plagues literal or symbolic?
T = 13:30 Is it true that adventist hospitals have abortions?
T = 14:00 Please explain Paul’s separation of reconciliation from salvation in Romans 5 : 10; “when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”
T = 16:40 Is there a difference between “Natural law” and “Design Law?”
T = 18:40 Does God put all world leaders in power, as Roman 13 : 1 seems to say? If so, how and why?
T = 24:25 Explain more about Genesis 3 “I will put enmity between you and the woman.”
T = 26:00 What can I share with my legalist-minded Christian friend who is afraid of holding on to sin in her life, yet thankful for Christ’s blood covering her sins?
T = 27:40 How much Time do You Spend on Preparing Your Notes?


Q2 Q&A #1

T = 00:15 Would you please explain why Jesus called them gods in John 10 : 34?
T = 01:10 If you were looking to tithe to a ministry but found out someone in the ministry smokes, would it be wrong to look elsewhere to send your tithe or is the smoking irrelevant?
T = 03:05 Is it normal to feel more of a kindred spirit with one of the God Head than the other Two?
T = 04:25 Please explain why Jesus uses the word “hell” in some of His parables.
T = 06:15 What is your view on emotional intelligence?
T = 07:50 I want to start observing the Sabbath, but the job I now have has me on the road a lot and many times over the Sabbath. Can I still keep sabbath in a way if I’m working?
T = 09:50 If I pray for hard experiences and suffering for those who are evil and hurt others, so they might Repent in the Lord and be saved, is this my burdened hate shining through?
T = 12:35 If we die trusting the Lord, am I corrent in understanding your teaching that God will fix any residual issues in our minds while we sleep?
T = 16:10 Can a person have the Love of God without God’s Law of Love?
T = 16:30 Is the 7th Day Sabbath of the 4th Commandment the Eternal Sabbath from God’s heart, or is it just a rule for humanity from His mouth?
T = 18:25 When Jesus used the word “Sleeping” for actual death, the cessation of life, was He inferring that there will be a wake-up time in the morning?
T = 19:35 Since there is only one church that God authorizes in the Old Testament, and again, only one church that God authorizes in the New Testament, why are there so many churches today?
T = 22:35 What did Jesus mean when He said we must be born-again to be citizens of God’s Kingdom? And is that different from being “adopted” into the family of God?
T = 23:00 The pastor found out my daugther is living with her boyfriend and studying the bible together and has requested she withdraw her membership. How does she respond?
T = 26:40 Why does it seem that eve was a afterthought? He said it’s not too for man to be alone, let’s made a helpmate?
T = 28:35 In the case of Tamar of 2 Sam 13 who was hated by Amnon after he disgraced her, what is your advice to those who have Amnon’s heart?




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