2023 Q1 Questions & Answers Index

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Q1 Q&A #7

T = 00:00 Why doesn’t God give us physical manifestations of himself in terms of physical touch and sight?
T = 01:50 Why did Jesus wait for 4000 years to appear?
T = 05:50 Concerning the ‘time of trouble,’ how do Daniel’s and Jesus’ statements compliment rather then contradict each other as viewed from the design law lenses?
T = 06:30 Please give us insight on knowing how to determine right from wrong and judging?
T = 07:15 Would I be misrepresenting God by leading the congregation in songs containing lyrics like “washed in the blood” “power in the blood” since these are penal/legal phrases?
T = 08:50 Some people are fixated on religious relics – to the extent they have some kind of special powers. How would you explain reality of these items to such people?
T = 13:30 In my traumatology doctorate at Liberty, how do I encourage my counseling clients to connect with and express emotions using the body?
T = 15:15 What are the 7 religions represented by the 7 heads on the Rev. 17 beast, and the 10 kingdoms represented by the 10 horns?
T = 15:50 Jesus was born sinless and became perfect. When did Jesus become perfect, on the cross?
T = 16:50 Where does scripture point to Michael the archangel being Christ?
T = 21:00 Did God address human law vs design laws when he addressed Cain and Able?
T = 22:00 How was the prodigal son ‘found?’
T = 23:00 When something is going so wrong it is hard to talk to God when you are so mad. How can we get a better relationship with God at the worst moments?
T = 24:20 In light of everything being some form of coercion, is the only sacred privacy left to us our relationship to God?


Q1 Q&A #6

T = 00:00 Would love an in-depth look at the Bible Sanctuary layout from the Design Law view.
T = 00:45 Why didn’t Jesus start his ministry earlier and instead waited till around 30? Should we use this as example for us? Why did Jesus not stay on earth longer?
T = 05:15 Is it blasphemous to glorify Christ on the cross by referring to the cross as a wooden tower?
T = 08:00 How would you expose Mormon philosophy?


Q1 Q&A #5

T = 00:15 Please explain why a mediator is not needed per “But there will be… no Mediator to plead their cause before the Father” in Christian Experience and Teaching, pg 112.
T = 03:00 Since everyone who died will rise again, won’t that be a lot of people on Earth all at once? Will we have the same body? Will children rise too? Will there be recognition of nortoriously bad people?
T = 05:50 Please share your thoughts about being paid on sabbath for humanitarian work being put into God’s treasury, per Medical Missionary, pg 216.
T = 06:10 What is your understanding of the special resurrection of Rev. 1 : 7?
T = 08:20 Could the king of the North be when Satan himself comes, impersonating Jesus, to “fix” the world?
T = 09:20 Did thje Samaritan woman at the well really have 5 husbands in the past? or were these people she fornicated with?
T = 10:15 Please explain how “God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4 : 24) applies to Satan’s Last-days trickery.
T = 11:30 What did Jesus mean in Luke 7 : 28, where He says “I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he?”
T = 12:10 Was the wine in Jesus day the same as alcohol today?


Q1 Q&A #4

T = 00:15 Did the Holy Spirit live in Adam and Eve? Will the Holy Spirit live in us in heaven?
T = 01:15 Wasn’t the Holy Spirit always on earth even at creation?
T = 02:50 I find these NT statements confusing, “if you are not with me, you are against me” vs “if they aren’t against you, they are with you.” Please explain.
T = 03:40 Is it Biblical to say ‘rest in peace’?
T = 05:15 Do you see a difference between the two differnt tithes mentioned in the bible, the first being 10% on increase and the second every 2 out of 3 years for feasting? Should the first 10% tithe go to whatever ministry says the best things about God or to a recognized denomination?
T = 08:00 Expound on the connection between our forgiveness of others and God’s forgiveness to us?
T = 10:15 Is it paganistic to say, “I’m good, because I give cheerfully, therefore I’ll get blessing in return?”
T = 12:00 Why was stoning to death permitted in the past, but God says it’s a sin?
T = 17:20 Who does the ‘fit man’ that led away the scape goat in the wilderness on the day of atonment represent?
T = 18:50 How were fathers able to bless or curse their sons in the Old Testament?
T = 20:30 Explain the symbolism in last few verses in Isaiah re. every Sabbath in eternity we will “go out and look upon the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me.”
T = 21:20 How does C&R allocate their offerings?


Q1 Q&A #3

T = 00:40 Is it possible that God has a desire for someone to remain single? If so, what is one to do if you still desire to married?
T = 02:50 Can you please define what the soul is and its function? Thank you.
T = 04:20 When does true conversion take place?
T = 05:50 Is equity Satan’s counterfeit to equality? Should we aim for equality instead of equity?
T = 11:45 Did King David have ADHD or symptoms? If so, does ADHD allow us to be closer to God’s heart?
T = 14:40 Do you think objects, like pagan crystals, can carry “evil energy”?
T = 16:30 Comment on Malachi 3 in relation to the tithing lesson that was discussed today.
T = 18:00 Were Adam and eve aware of Satan and the fallen angels (war in heaven)?


Q1 Q&A #2

T = 00:00 Do you recommend the abstinence of coffee?
T = 04:40 Is grief about self?
T = 06:05 Are all talents from God? Can satan give gifts of talent?
T = 09:00 Please explain Jesus as high priest through the Design Law lens
T = 11:35 Does it upset God if we want to wear bikinis or leggings?
T = 13:40 How do I talk to and help protect my capable and independent elderly father from internet scams and subscriptions in which he doesn’t learn his lesson or even recognize the problem?
T = 16:45 Doesn’t “Holy Convocation/Assembly” in Leviticus 23 : 3 mean the sabbath is the day to go to church?
T = 21:30 Please explain what SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE is and how to appropriately use/develop it.
T = 23:20 Please explain Patriarchs And Prophets, page 357: “in In the great day of final award… the SINS of all the truly penitent WILL BE BLOTTED OUT OF THE BOOKS OF HEAVEN. THUS THE SANCTUARY WILL BE freed, or CLEANSED, FROM THE RECORD OF SIN.”
T = 26:20 Is it possible for a diagnosed bipolar person to be cured of it?
T = 29:10 Please explain the “Pounds” parable in Luke 19.
T = 30:20 Does the utter agony of Christ during his crucifixtion foreshadow the agony of the wicked at the second death?
T = 31:20 Please clarify your “7 levels of Moral Development” as not being the process of us working our way to Heaven.
T = 34:50 How are we to observe the Sabbath as a holy time according to Isa. 58 and Mrs. White?
T = 36:40 Is it Holy Spirit putting enmity between the woman and satan?
T = 38:50 Can satan speak to us through dreams in order to confuse us and wreak havoc in our lives?


Q1 Q&A #1

T = 00:30 Would you be able to agree with the flood idea that God stopped holding back the consequences of mans actions?
T = 04:30 On page 18 of “Wedding of Christ to His Bride,” why did you use the NIV translation of Romans 3 : 25, rather than NKJV or The Remedy, which doesn’t speak of God punishing?
T = 06:40 Is the Catholic teaching regarding original sin the same as mankind being in a terminal condition after Adam sinned?
T = 08:20 Isn’t observing the Sabbath as a holy time part of loving God supremely with all our heart and as important as loving our neighbor as ourself?
T = 15:50 How can I know it is safe to visit angry, hurtful, abusive family or to stay away from Christmas visits?




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