2022 Q3 Questions & Answers Index

Each timestamp link takes you directly to our weekly Q&A video where the question is asked (click the play button, since autoplay is not possible).  Another page where questions will be arranged by topics and categories will be in the works. For now, the best way to “find” a particular topic is to use your browser’s search function and enter keywords that may exist in the text on this page.

Q3 Q&A #2

T = 00:10 If Jesus was punished for our sins who punished him?
T = 03:10 In the statement by Jesus in Matthew 7:8 “For every one that asketh receiveth”… is this a design law where the process of asking for a new heart actually is effectual in making the change inside of us physiological?
T = 04:47 According to Acts 24 : 27 about handling snakes and ingesting poison, is it okay to get the covid jabs?
T = 06:50 How can we simply present a God of love to Sabbath school class juniors and preteens
T = 07:30 Expand on how God has delayed or held back the death inducting damage of sin to give humanity time to see their error and to chose Life
T = 11:10 Why did Jesus have to die?


Q3 Q&A #1

T = 01:32 Regarding the deceitfulness of Joseph, you called it purposeful misdirection. Help me grasp this principle.
T = 07:55 Are people who’s parents didn’t teach them manners or kindness, beyond excused for their unkind/rude behavior since it was never modeled to them?
T = 09:37 When we talk about Gods plan for our lives, how do we know what our part is and what His part is?
T = 16:00 Please contrast the doctrine of “original sin” with our “terminal sin condition inherited from Adam.”


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