2022 Q3 Questions & Answers Index

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Q3 Q&A #10

T = 00:15 Do you have a suggestion on how to witness to a Mormon?
T = 03:55 Is it biblical or cultural for a man to have his bride’s father permission to marry her?
T = 06:35 Please explain why the Bible states Jesus’s feet will not touch the ground when He come back but in Desire of Ages chapter 87
T = 08:35 Matthew 27 : 53 describes that many saints were resurrected. Are these people considered the first fruits?
T = 09:30 Do you have to discuss in detail people’s life experience, or should we use Jesus example of go and sin no more?
T = 13:15 Is it part of God’s design for us to snip things or remove things to prevent us from having children or having more children?
T = 25:15 Why didn’t Jesus write a book about who God is… Is it because he was the book?


Q3 Q&A #9

T = 00:10 Does Satan feel any kind of pain, hurt, compassion, or empathy for people’s suffering? and do you think the angels that chose to go with Satan are happy with their decision?
T = 01:48 When someone speaks in tongues does a demon enter them?
T = 02:30 Why was John the beloved disciple-does that mean Jesus showed favoritism?
T = 03:55 Why did Jesus curse the fig tree (Mark 11)?
T = 04:50 Please share wisdom on grieving the death of an estranged sibling with whom there wasn’t a relationship because of their abusive behavior.
T = 06:50 Will be there a moment when God’s people will need to leave the cities and flee to the countryside?


Q3 Q&A #8

T = 01:05 In lesson #8 you say, “So it ultimately doesn’t matter which day you go to church on. It matters what law you operate upon and how you treat others.” Please tell me I heard that wrong.
T = 07:00 Do you have any insight into why atheists and those who believe the mainstream Covid narrative always respond to questions with anger?
T = 09:40 What do you say to someone who asks why things that happened in the bible don’t happen today? Like the Jonah in the whale, Samson’s strength, red sea parting, etc.
T = 11:15 When Christ returns and we reign with Him a thousand years, who will satan be deceiving in Revelation chapter 20 when it says he will be loosed again to deceive people? Won’t everyone already have their minds made up?
T = 14:50 Does the Bible say about cremation?
T = 16:00 Do you think the global lockdown we had was the the first surrounding of Jerusalem?
T = 17:40 How do you suggest helping people heal from shame after being lured into unhealthy relationships with narcissists?
T = 21:40 Are mushrooms an original creation of God? Why? They seem to require death and decay.
T = 22:00 What are the differences & similarities between imputed and imparted “Righteousness”?
T = 24:50 Give some statements from Jones and Wagner to clarify and contrast what you mean regarding the division of 1888 is representative of today’s issue with the law.
T = 27:30 Please elaborate, based on the Design Law lens, on the notion many have that a ‘commandment, is repressive and repulsive.’
T = 30:45 What book of the Bible do you recommend to start studying first?
T = 31:05 I have an agnostic coworker that says an omniscient God can’t exist, because his premise is that, if God truely has foreknowledge, then freewill CANNOT exist. How would you answer this?
T = 32:35 Please provide insight into “the law of mutual dependence runs through all classes of society” from EGW’s “Call To Stand Apart” page 62.
T = 33:45 Why is it so hard to let go of lies believed and learn/relearn new truths?
T = 38:10 Have you ever listened to the 1967 recording by Myron Fagan?


Q3 Q&A #7

T = 00:25 Many religious leaders says no one has received the mark of the beast yet. Why?
T = 02:20 Why is satan and the demons, have been sinning for thousands of years, still alive?
T = 03:40 Why doesn’t Gensis say the seventh day had an evening and morning like the other 6 days?
T = 04:30 How much should I worry about whether a university issued pandemic mandate as a medical student and future healthcare provider?
T = 07:20 Can a [vaccine-free] person with natural immunity catch covid twice (or more)? Any new thoughts on this?
T = 09:00 How does fallen humanity have FREE WILL or self governance?
T = 11:00 I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist, so how do I deal with someone who has psychosis? Do I try to cast out demons like Jesus did?
T = 13:55 Did Satan become the ruler of this world when Adam sinned, as many theologians say?
T = 16:00 How does one decide what ‘truth’ is?
T = 19:25 I’m shocked at how little Bible knowledge mature church attending people have. Should I suggest they enroll in a kindergarten bible study class?
T = 21:05 Is there any blessing or special accomplishment on the seventh-day Sabbath, versus resting on any of the other days?
T = 26:25 I struggle with formal prayer, I get very distracted, and feel guilty for not taking formal time in the morning to pray. Do you have any suggestions?
T = 28:20 Explain your metaphor: “As long as there is one panda alive, pandas are not extinct” as it relates to humans and Jesus.
T = 30:20 Is it time for a homestead in the country? Should we pull our money out of out of the banks?


Q3 Q&A #6

T = 00:15 How do you reconcile sin being described so many ways, such as transgression of the Law, distrust, missing the mark, sickness, disharmony, etc.?
T = 01:00 According to Revelation 22 : 11, won’t there will be 4 groups of people when Jesus comes?
T = 02:35 What are your thoughts about this quote? “We don’t like science if someone suggests that earth is 4.543 billion years old, even though we can’t explain those hundreds of thousands of rock layers…”
T = 08:15 What are your thoughts about the “apocrypha?”
T = 08:33 What is your opinion on Muslims saying that no prophet of God in the Old and New Testaments taught it’s a sin to havie more than one wife?
T = 11:30 What would you say to those that say “keeping the sabbath doesn’t make you more righteous than me” or “not eating pork doesn’t make you righteous?”
T = 16:10 Could you speak to the rise of the use of psychedelics and Extasy in therapy for PTSD and other mental health issues?
T = 19:20 One of my students suggested that the blood of Jesus could be seen as dialysis (keeping toxins out of our characters), however I feel the metaphor is lacking the life-GIVING element, yes?
T = 20:56 Please share wisdom about how to help abuse survivors resolve anger toward God for not protecting them?
T = 24:07 Why did Satan lie to Eve?


Q3 Q&A #5

T = 00:30 Can we have both the Holy Spirit and a demon living in us at the same time?
T = 01:20 What is the difference between asking God to take the “Wheel” and asking God for power to overcome temptation?
T = 01:55 Regarding Pastor Venden’s books, I believe his illustration about Jesus taking the wheel has to do with our inability to see the road ahead, and asking Him for wisdom in making correct choices. It is in this sense that I ask Jesus to “take the wheel”.
T = 02:50 Can you give me advice of how to deal with family and teen conflicts in my home on some Sabbath mornings?
T = 06:00 My teenager no longer wants to go to church and doesn’t seem to want a relationship with God. At what point do I let my child have the freedom to choose attending church?
T = 08:00 Does John 12 : 4 prove that Judas Iscariot was really the son of Simon the ex-leper?
T = 09:40 I am trying to reconcile how Shechem raped Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, but then the Bible says he loved her.
T = 10:35 How should we understand Jesus being seen simultaneously around the world at the Second Coming if He gave up His omnipresence?
T = 12:10 Is Last Generation theology (that we can live in state of sinlessness before Jesus comes) anti-gospel? Will we continually keep sinning until Jesus comes?
T = 15:00 Has any evidence emerged that vaccine-free individuals can catch covid more than once?
T = 18:15 Do you have any book, blog, or advice on pursuing a career in your field of psychiatry?
T = 19:10 Ty Gibson (Lightbearers.org) seems to present things that are reminiscent of C&R teachings. Would You consider working together if an opportunity arose?
T = 20:00 How would you respond to an employer that desires employees to always work on Saturdays & Sundays because “seventh-day” can be “kept” on any day depending on when one starts the week?
T = 21:35 Could you please explain exodus 12 : 1-12. re. God sending an angel to kill the first born. Seems brutal, not God-like.
T = 23:40 How do I approach the lack of instruction on understanding bible texts being memorized without sounding like I am discouraging memorization?


Q3 Q&A #4

T = 00:05 Is it possible Job had not arrived to the place God desired him to be by God’s questions to him at the end of the story?
T = 02:20 What are righteous actions to address mandates and support non-coercive, ethical medical practice?
T = 05:28 Have there been any recent changes re. Covid-19 and broad natural immunity given all the new variants?
T = 07:53 If God was to use natural elements (hornets) to drive out the inhabitants. Wouldn’t that still be genocide?
T = 08:38 Please help me understand Exodus 15 : 26. Are the commands being written about the 10 commandments? Which ones are the decrees? Are the diseases any kind or God is talking about only the plagues of Egypt?
T = 10:30 If we love products made by a company that says they support things Christians don’t support, should we not spend money there?
T = 11:45 Jesus tells us to love everyone. I must admit people get on my nerves and I lose patience with them. How can I become more loving?
T = 15:40 When God said build me a santury after the pattern that i will show you, is the pattern the sanctuary in heaven?


Q3 Q&A #3

T = 00:15 What are the grounds for divorice and remarriage, according to the bible?
T = 03:10 A pastor told me Love is not God, just one of his characteristics. How do I rebute this?
T = 04:55 What death, first or second, is God referring to when he instructed Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree?
T = 06:45 Can C&R develope “mini bible studies” to backup what it teaches through the correct law lens?
T = 08:20 Did Jesus have fear?
T = 09:12 Are the flaming sword and the tree of life and the ark of the covenant still on Earth, hidden?
T = 10:50 Do you think God (of Love) took some of Paul’s physical pain away?
T = 12:50 Is asking for a sign (fleece) from God in answer to a major decision what God wants us to do?
T = 15:23 Do people become confused by the word punishment by intertwining destruction of man and destruction of Earth?
T = 16:15 Does God learn?
T = 18:25 Was the overturning of Roe v. Wade a King of the North move?


Q3 Q&A #2

T = 00:10 If Jesus was punished for our sins who punished him?
T = 03:10 In the statement by Jesus in Matthew 7:8 “For every one that asketh receiveth”… is this a design law where the process of asking for a new heart actually is effectual in making the change inside of us physiological?
T = 04:47 According to Acts 24 : 27 about handling snakes and ingesting poison, is it okay to get the covid jabs?
T = 06:50 How can we simply present a God of love to Sabbath school class juniors and preteens
T = 07:30 Expand on how God has delayed or held back the death inducting damage of sin to give humanity time to see their error and to chose Life
T = 11:10 Why did Jesus have to die?


Q3 Q&A #1

T = 01:32 Regarding the deceitfulness of Joseph, you called it purposeful misdirection. Help me grasp this principle.
T = 07:55 Are people who’s parents didn’t teach them manners or kindness, beyond excused for their unkind/rude behavior since it was never modeled to them?
T = 09:37 When we talk about Gods plan for our lives, how do we know what our part is and what His part is?
T = 16:00 Please contrast the doctrine of “original sin” with our “terminal sin condition inherited from Adam.”


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