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Q2 Q&A #13

T = 00:15 Why did the commander in acts 23 : 23 send so many soldiers to guard Paul? What happened to the Jews that took a oath not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul?
T = 01:30 Are the rates of mental illness the same in Christians and non-Christians?
T = 03:05 In the Bible, why are pronouns, that referr to Jesus, sometimes capitalized and sometimes not?
T = 03:30 Please shed some light on Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
T = 06:40 What does it mean to say some things in the Bible are not salvation issues? If some things are not salvation issues, then do we have to abide by them?
T = 10:07 Are there scriptures that give us a guide on how to handle debt?
T = 14:00 Is it healthy to go searching for sins committed that day? Aren’t I a new creation, living in God’s forgiveness?


Q2 Q&A #12

T = 00:45 What do you think made it possible for one third to accept Satans message but not for the 2 thirds? thanks.
T = 01:35 What doesn’t God talk to us in a real conversation voice to voice?
T = 05:15 What are your thoughts on “That We May Know Him” chapter 218: “When we act like culprits under sentence of death we bear false witness against God?”
T = 06:35 How would you define “the flesh” referenced in Galatians 5 and what do you think attitudes and behaviors of the flesh look like in the Church?
T = 09:45 How can I train up my children to love Jesus and want His character?
T = 15:25 To what extent can we draw similarities between the Revelation heavenly Sanctuary and the Mosaic earthly Sanctuary?
T = 17:40 How do I handle being asked to volunteer for a particular duty without hurting people’s faith and at the same time protect myself from the invasive request?


Q2 Q&A #11

T = 00:15 Can you clarify the difference between seraphims (6 wings) and cheribims (4 wings)?
T = 01:20 I always thought any fear comes from the evil one. Why are there so many bible verses that say fear God?
T = 02:40 If covid-19 is not as serious as it has been made out to be, then why were there so many patients in the hospital I work at last year?
T = 07:20 I heard a radio commentator comparing the use of psychotropic drugs to the increase of violence and shootings. Is there any validity to his claim?
T = 12:05 What is the Omega of (SDA) apostasy when the Alpha is pantheism?
T = 15:50 How will the vestiges of sin will be removed in the believers’ characters during investigative judgment?
T = 16:35 Further explain your thoughts on the idea of us being “undeserving” and is that any different from God not giving (allowing?) us what we are “due?”
T = 18:00 Is simply talking about God bringing him glory even though their conclusions are wrong?
T = 19:45 What is the man of Romans 7?
T = 21:45 What is the mark to be placed upon God’s people? Is it the keeping of His holy Sabbath?
T = 27:40 What has kept Gabriel from sinning?
T = 28:50 What do you think made it possible for one third to accept Satans message but not for the 2 thirds?


Q2 Q&A #10

T= 00:10 Do you feel it’s appropriate for the United Nations and the World Health Organization to supersede our national and constitutional sovereignty in establishing worldwide policies during declared emergencies?
T= 05:10 I think I remember you saying that when Jesus overturned the tables in the temple that it wasn’t violent? What bible verses back that up?
T= 08:20 Can you offer a biblical response to shame and guilt that results from spiritual and sexual abuse?
T= 13:47 What coping strategies would you recommend, in the aftermath of 2 years of lockdowns in Australia?
T= 15:35 Is there a printed Bible study series that contains the healing message, including prophecy?
T= 16:20 Can you explain why death is God’s response to sin?
T= 21:10 I’m still contemplating 1 Thes 5 : 3 “pease and safety’ from last week’s Q & A. Could this be referencing end times false revival?
T= 21:45 In the SARS-COV-2 response context, please refer or consider expounding on vaccine types and the use of All Cause Mortality/Morbidity as the proper scientific clinical trial endpoint.
T= 30:22 Aside from the law of “sin & death” are there any other laws of that have come into effect because of sin?
T= 30:50 While I don’t see the need for “millions of years”, is it possible for the earth, as we know it, to be millions of years younger than the universe?
T= 32:45 We are unsure of how to select a marriage counselor with a correct view of god? What questions should we ask, what criterion we should look for?
T= 34:15 I listened to your 2013 (a holy and just God) study class, where you said, “instead of praying for the Holy Spirit, we should start by praying to be made ready to receive the Holy Spirit.” Please elaborate


Q2 Q&A #9

T = 00:05 What are you thoughts re. prepping for food crisis at the end of time?
T = 01:25 How do you interpret the symbold of Daniel and Revelation?
T = 02:05 Con you make your publications available in Australia or as PDF downloads?
T = 03:12 What’s your take on the claim that Paul is a false prophet and contradicts Jesus’ teachings?
T = 04:03 Did the remnants (of Israel) eat a plant based diet and will the last day remnants do the same? Did Jesus eat meat?
T = 06:55 Please elaborate on the crowd’s response to Stephen’s “radiating face” as opposed to Moses’ “radiating face” experience.
T = 08:15 What “Spiritual Lessons” (if any) would You draw from the “laws of thermodynamics”? For example, “you can cannot 1. win, 2. break even, or 3. get out of the game.”
T = 11:10 Why did Solomon offer all those animals to god when blessing the temple. 1kings 8:63 Sounds brutal to me. Did God like this offering? And if He did why?
T = 13:00 Expand on how Theselonions 5 : 3 ‘peace and safety’ then sudden destruction might fit with the King of the North/South?
T = 15:30 Since the earth is “young” compared to the universe; does this allow for some supposedly “evolutionary” beliefs?
T = 17:20 Since God “can’t” Create Character, would this explain why Genesis seemingly presents Man as bipartite— Breath (Spirit) + Dust (Body) but later Thessalonians explicitly, presents Him as tripartite— Spirit + Soul (Character?) + Body ?
T = 18:15 Is it possible to become sinless while on earth, but still have moments of not acting Christlike?
T = 23:05 I hear some jewish people say Jesus did not really die on a Friday but on a Wednesday, because he wouldn’t have been a full three days in the tomb if he died on Friday. What are your thoughts?
T = 24:25 What lessons did you draw from the mama drama wife (Rachael, Leah) swapping dialogue?
T = 25:10 Is Pastor Bill Chambers still alive?
T = 26:30 In Genesis it says that Adam and Eve were covered by light, they were naked and not ashamed. Did the light really cover their whole body? If so, why did the Bible have to mention they were not ashamed?


Q2 Q&A #8

T = 01:05 My friend’s daughter is non-binary and wants to be called them, they etc. I’m uncomfortable using these terms should I suck it up and call her what she wants?
T = 05:20 I don’t really have scriptures that directly say God’s laws are Design laws, so people say I’m a false teacher. What would your answer be?
T = 11:00 There is a lot of fear around the end times, King of North etc. How do you see 1 Thessalonians 5 : 3 fit within your description of King of the North?
T = 13:50 Wasn’t tithing in the Old Testament done away with, replaced with the New Testament system of Freewill offerings to advance the gospel (2 Corinthians 9 : 6-8)?
T = 19:10 What is the best way to represent your view regarding the Roe vs Wade abortion issue?
T = 22:55 What are your thoughts on “prepping” for food crisis prior to the close of probation?
T = 27:10 How do you interpret the symbols specifically for Daniel and Revelation?
T = 28:15 What’s your take on those that claim Paul is false and contradicts Jesus’ teachings/words?
T = 30:15 I was told that the remnant people of 1844 ate a plant based diet and the remnants of today will being mostkyt doing the same. Did Jesus eat meat?


Q2 Q&A #7

T = 00:05 Do you think the US will do pandemic lockdowns the same as China is doing now?
T = 03:53 Is it possible to put the King of North Coming in a Bible study or tract?
T = 04:18 In the book “Seventh-day Adventists Believe” on page 111 it says “God’s justice requires that sin be carried to judgement. God must therefore execute judgment on sin and thus on the sinner.” Doesn’t this statement put the SDA church squarely into Babylon?
T = 06:45 How would rescuing Ukranian citizens be different from Abraham rescuing Lot?
T = 07:40 I understand that Jesus died to show us how much the Godhead loved us but how did that destroy the inherited genetic tendency to sin?
T = 09:10 If you were to paraphrase another book in the bible that you have not already, which would you pick and why?
T = 09:40 I am challenged with how to present the healing message with my immediate family. Often I am accused of hating the church.
T = 12:50 Could you please explain why Paul seemed to still keep the Jewish laws?
T = 14:05 Why does Ellen White comes across as penal-legal view, sometimes down right terrifying, and occasionally contradictory to the gospel?
T = 19:30 What lessons can you draw from the differenct responses of people to Moses “radiating face” verse Stephen’s?


Q2 Q&A #6

T = 00:15 Based on Matthew 21 : 33-39 (vineyard owner), could Adam be one of the servants sent to collect what is due God, or perhaps is Adam the first of the ones to be called a “Son of God?”
T = 01:32 Please address the view that Lot’s daughter’s were in fact evil. I would contend that the laws of incest were not in effect at the time of Lot. Am I missing something?
T = 04:40 What happens when someone, who was a good sincere person, has a brain injury that damages them and changes their character? Is that person judged by their current heart motive or what it was prior to their accident/injury?
T = 05:45 Does Ellen White teach in The Great Controversy pp. 672-673 that the final death of the wicked is “God’s Strange Act?”
T = 11:02 What is the symbolism/meaning of the “cup” of God’s wrath, because there are several different “cups” described in scripture?
T = 14:23 Are there hierarchies of sin? Should we be most scared of sexual sin and rest a little easier if we have that under control?
T = 17:45 What is the exact mechanism of the remedy for our terminal condition brought about by sin? How does His sacrifice translate into a redefinition of the human race?
T = 21:45 Some people are always LATE! Can anything be done to motivate them to be respectful of those ‘on time’?
T = 23:35 Will there be atheists in heaven? My son doesn’t believe in God but has a good heart.
T = 25:00 Won’t Sunday keepers versus Sabbath keepers be a big deal in the end of time?
T = 30:20 If you know your enemy’s tactics, then should use them to your own advantage?
T = 31:00 Do you think the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, is for today’s church?
T = 31:54 How do you LOVE people who are toxic, violate boundaries, bully, abuse, lie, etc.? What does it look like in real life? Having healthy boundaries often times is necessary.
T = 33:30 At what point should we come out of Bablyon/King of the North?


Q2 Q&A #5

T = 00:05 Why doesn’t the SDA church reach out to past members?
T = 00:43 Could it be that death, before anyone/thing went ‘to sleep,’ was understood by angels and Adam and Eve as being separation from God, the source of life?
T = 01:43 Do we know what remedy God would have used if Adam had chosen to trust God and not choose to sin with Eve?
T = 09:54 What is your understanding of the end time scenario? Will it be total chaos, or will everything seem fine and peaceful in society?
T = 13:13 What is your view on negative words having a physiological impact by producing stressors that affect an individual’s health and therefore should be considered a form of “physical violence”?
T = 16:10 Is right and wrong a matter of coming to your own conclusion on what scripture says or is the scripture pretty clear on things we should abstain from?
T = 19:15 Do you by chance know or have an idea of how long women in the Bible breastfed their babies for?
T = 19:58 What’s your thoughts on God saying all the feast days should be kept FOREVER?
T = 21:42 Could the scapegoat represent Jesus? He is the sacrifice and takes the sins away forever.
T = 30:14 I often wondered from the beginning of covid if it was a man made poison disguised as something else, possibly from snake venom, do you have any insight?
T = 32:00 If someone cries to God for sins forgiveness at the last minute before dying, are they forgiven, since they didnt have time to be changed and transformed to look like Jesus?


Q2 Q&A #4

T = 00:10 Does Romans 1 : 20 mean Sola scriptura is not the only way to know and expierence God?
T = 01:30 Do you have or when are you creating a brochure around the Investigative Judgment, Bridegroom and New Jerusalem?
T = 03:18 Can you give tips on helping a divorced woman move from thinking like a spouse to thinking like a divorced person?
T = 04:48 What is the “abomination of desolation”?
T = 05:20 Will I be lost if I’m responsible for others not being in heaven?
T = 08:06 Do people with unhealthy diets still have the accountability for how they treat others or how they make decisions or do we just blame it on the foods that they are eating and say that they can’t help it?
T = 11:05 Please comment on Great Controversy, psges 426 & 427 in regards to the Bride of Christ and the New Jerusalem.
T = 11:25 Why in acts 20 : 7-12 did Paul THROW himself on Eutychus? Why so dramatic?
T = 12:35 Is Jesus one of the covering cherubs?
T = 15:55 What is your opinion of the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)?
T = 17:08 Is it okay to have sex with your spouse during Sabbath hours?
T = 21:11 Are death threats from your spouse grounds for divorce? What exactly does the word “sexual immorality” mean?
T = 25:00 One of my favorite definitions of ‘submit’ is ‘to submit a proposal’ What are your thoughts?
T = 26:10 Today you read the beautiful marriage covenant. I would like to know where did your quote it from?
T = 26:45 What is your opinion about 90 minerals that we need to supplement every day? Is that true?
T = 27:50 Please explain Isaiah 58 where it says keeping the Sabbath is not thinking your own thoughts, seeking your own pleasure, doing your own deeds, etc.?


Q2 Q&A #3

T = 00:00  In Matthew 24 : 20, why did Jesus ask us to pray that our flight not be on Sabbath or winter?
T = 01:10  When I explain that Christ took on the sin’s of the world at the cross and we are covered by his blood is not true, people tell me I’m crazy and incorrect. Any help would be appreciated.
T = 04:23  The president of the SDA church states that “Soon Christ will return and ultimately place the final penalty on Satan.” What are your thoughts?
T = 06:35  If God created man in his own image, male and female made he them, then does God have male and female aspects?
T = 07:55  Are the writings of E.G. White considered equal to scripture in authority?
T = 10:24  Any thoughts on how to counter those who promote someone who needs to be delivered from “demonic forces” without being divisive?
T = 13:47  Explain Gal 3 : 13 “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law” under design law.
T = 16:22  1 John 3 : 20. “For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.” What does this mean?
T = 17:22  How do you gently bring pentacostals to an awareness of the errors of “agreements made with the devil” and the gift of “declarative discernment?”
T = 21:10  Please explain the parable of Abraham and Lazarus.
T = 24:45  What are your thoughts on Thought from the Mount of Blessing, page 18 (Righteousness is freely given to every soul who hungers and thirsts to receive it)?
T = 25:50  I have been studying acts and it appears that Paul still observed the Jewish holidays and traditions. Why and should we also?
T = 27:45  Should a nation that has worldwide influence use its power and influence to restrain evil?
T = 28:45  How do you explain Hebrews 10 : 25?
T = 30:15  So many want punishment/justice done for sin/harm committed by others to them or the earth. Should we instead desire the remedy over harm?
T = 32:42  How will the predicted collapse of the dollar go along with the no buy no sell unless you have the mark of beast?


Q2 Q&A #2

T = 00:22 Why didn’t Satan die when he was in the presence of God’s fire of love and truth?
T = 02:20 Couldn the door of Noah’s Ark represent 1. Probation closing 2. the mercy seat, or the door that God shuts no man can open?
T = 05:15 Why do you not end your prayer with “in the name of Jesus”?
T = 09:20 Does 1 Peter 3 : 19/20 also show God’s “sleep death” mercy?
T = 13:17 Does Ephesians 4 : 7,8,9,10 and 1 Peter 3 : 19/20? describe the same event?
T = 14:30 Would you say Repentance, Belief, Water Baptism, and Receiving the Holy Spirit are the steps in experiencing a Born Again relationship with God?
T = 17:10 In the design law perspective is there a difference between the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit in those who live to see Jesus come without seeing death verses those who sleep before hes comes?
T = 20:48 Any Idea what/who the amalgamated species/races are that EGW speaks of?
T = 21:23 Explain why all the cultures surrounding the Jews were sacrificing in general?
T = 23:50 Since we will be fully sanctified in heaven will the Holy Spirit Still live in us?
T = 26:02 How do you come to the conclusion that Michael is the Son of God (Jesus)?
T = 27:41 Why does the Bible always refers to God as He? Would it be disrespectful to call God she?
T = 30:45 I read your blog “Despising and Rejecting Jesus Today” Are you saying that if a thief broke in my house I should not defend my myself and my family?
T = 33:20 Is our life sustained by God’s grace or by a natural law He created that allows only a certain amount of time to live? And how do we add 2nd death into this equation?
T = 35:10 Why were our sins placed on Christ? And why did He need to experience what unrepentant sinners will in the end?
T = 38:50 Why do women have to suffer the consequences of Eve’s disobedience through pain and desires to follow after the husband?
T = 40:00 What is the purpose of the seven last plagues after the close of probation in the design law model?


Q2 Q&A #1

T = 0:12 How should we respond to corrupt and oppressive governments?
T = 2:00 When and how might Enoch, Moses, Elijah and those resurrected with Christ obtain their cleansing for fitness to heaven? Are they exempted from the Investigative Judgment?
T = 5:20 The Ten Commandments say to not commit murder. Self defense is not murder so do you think God I’d ok with self defense?
T = 8:45 Please explain the focal point of Christ’s death which opened the door for us to live God’s design laws.
T = 13:15 Jesus said that if He didn’t leave the comforter could not come. Why not?
T = 15:00 Do people have a relationship with Satan? Does Satan know he is getting defeated? If so what is he offering people to get them to follow him?
T = 16:54 What is your view on trade unions in world events at the moment?
T = 20:20 At what age did Jesus come to understand he was God the creator of everything around Him?
T = 20:53 How is the story of the stoning of Shelomith’s son commanded by God in Leviticus 24:10-23 viewed/explained through the design law lens?
T = 23:30 What does it mean to blaspheme the name of God?
T = 24:00 The words investigative judgment suggest God doesn’t know all. Doesn’t he already know everything?
T = 24:47 Many say God murdered at the flood. Would it be better said that God used self defense and thus it was not murder?
T = 25:20 If we can’t know our heart, how can we know our spirit?


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