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Q1 Q&A #13

T = 0:10 What is the source for the military statistics mentioned in the Religeous Liberty discussion?
T = 2:14 If we know that the Bible was rewritten and as a result sounds imperialistic, what about the possibility that some books were or weren’t included?
T = 3:15 If we are visiting in your area may we attend your bible study class?
T = 3:24 Where can I get one of the study guide you use every week?
T = 4:00 Where it says that King Solomon sacrifices children to Molech, or is this an assumption due to the altar built for a wife? T = 4:36 Are the last 6 “Commandments” a jurisdiction of state legality?
T = 6:00 How soon do you think the king of the north will be coming to dismantle the king of the south?
T = 7:34 What do you think of Christians saying things like “God is angry with us” or “God’s trying to tell us something?”
T = 8:50 Would you please suggest ways I can help people recognize and move away from pride?
T = 11:13 Do you agree that Putin/Russia is the king of the North and Biden/US is the king of the South?
T = 16:40 When the OT says that only Noah and his family were saved from the flood, does that mean only eight people were saved? Could some of the other races have survived in some other way?
T = 19:04 What are possible scenarios [of the Trinity] re. what law lens we are looking through?
T = 19:31 Why no latrines in heaven?


Q1 Q&A #12

T = 0:10 I understand the basic concept of design law in that disobedience come as natural consequences of our actions. But does God ever kill? (eg. Korah and Dathan, the flood, 180,000 Assyrian soldiers, etc.)
T = 5:50 Why were the Jews Gods chosen people?
T = 6:50 If someone is trying to kill your child how would God want us to handle that?
T = 8:40 Would you share your theory on why the push for mandated Covid vaccines Since it does not prevent transmission?
T = 12:00 Would the same regarding mRNA covid vaccines apply for flu vaccines?
T = 12:45 Why did God tell Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt, instead of directly sending angels?
T = 13:38 In the sanctuary symbolism is obstruction of lies what the veil was a metaphor for?
T = 15:00 Not a question, but I want to share my joy with you all re. me teaching Design Law to my pastor.
T = 15:30 What is the great reality Christ is revealing re. Mathew 18 : 34 the man who is forgiven his debt, but forgives not the debt of one who owed him?
T = 17:55 Do you have an estimate on how long the mark of the beast will be in place until the return of Jesus?
T = 18:05 What are your thoughts re. the narrow road to life vs. the wide road to destruction?
T = 21:55 What is the name of the Europe study referring to 4 out of 5 triple jabbed individuals died with/from Covid in Europe? [ link to the study ]
T = 22:15 So if we are being prepared to meet God while we rest (in death), what’s the difference from that to being declared righteous?


Q1 Q&A #11

T = 0:23 What is your view on the just war theory?
T = 08:07 Can you talk more about the doors of the New Jerusalem being open and where the Bible talks about this?
T = 12:00 I’ve been trying to study The Sanctuary subject from Design law point of view, but I’m not sure how to understand EGW in PP ch 30 “The sins were transferred to the sanctuary, the holy places were defiled”
T = 15:18 I was reading Desire of Ages and on page 300 she says “By every sin Jesus is wounded afresh.” With all the sin going on daily in this world how is this possible for him to receive all this sorrow constantly?
T = 17:04 How do you recommend counseling a patient with schizoid personality disorder?
T = 18:40 Where we can find the “Discussion on The Changing Landscape of Religious Liberty” video?
T = 19:55 What are your thoughts regarding Novavax?
T = 27:20 If someone said to show you the scriptures that say you shouldn’t smoke what would you say?
T = 28:40 Why does no one to want to believe the Design Law perspective or ask questions why it makes WAY more sense?
T = 30:57 What are your thoughts on the current war going on?
T = 41:11 What are your thoughts on God sending Angels to the pastors and the magi from the east about Jesus’ birth; yet instead of directly protecting Jesus from Herod, God told them to hide in Egypt. Any parallel to the end of times? Here in Canada the last few weeks were chilling with regards to personal freedom revocations.


Q1 Q&A #10

T = 1:23 Please explain the difference between feelings and emotions.
T = 2:07 I’m trying to see Isaiah 45 : 6,7 through design law lens, but God seems pretty insistent that it is HE who does these things. And if not, then it seems that the Bible is wrong here.
T = 6:50 What is your opinion of the Nouthetic method of counseling?
T = 9:00 What is the example that you wanted to give and you said your imagination might be different than your audience?
T = 10:30 Comment on Jesus destroying satan’s works.
T = 13:50 Comment on Dr. Conrad Vine’s appeal to the Church’s leadership regarding the authority to make statements that affect our religious freedom?
T = 19:40 Can you set the record straight and let us know whether or not you believe in a literal heavenly sanctuary, the books of record in heaven, and the investigative judgment?
T = 28:10 What would you say to someone when they ask you why you don’t eat pork?
T = 31:55 Comment on Haoreders and the causes and effect since I’m watching re-runs of the show.
T = 32:38 What does John 20 : 23 mean?
T = 34:00 How to disuade a suffering Christian from suicide thoughts using design law instead of the typical imperial law “thou shalt not murder?”
T = 36:55 Please explain Hebrew 5 : 7-10
T = 39:55 Is the glory of Jesus at His second coming that destroys the wicked the same glory that destroys the wicked at the end of the thousand years? If so why do we want to say it is a physical fire the second time?
T = 42:00 What scripture describes the 3 part (tripartite) beings ? mostly the soul? Is it a combination of body and breath become a living soul?


Q1 Q&A #9

T = 0:05 What is the best way to share the three angels’ messages with someone secular?
T = 1:13 Under design law I understand that if you steal, murder, cheat etc… but never get caught you still suffer the consequences of transgression of the law ie guilt shame damaging character.
T = 1:29 Do you think initially the early Australian SDA Christians had a better understanding of righteousness by faith since Ellen White was shipped there? And do you think Satan worked extra hard to prevent or change that?
T = 2:28 Would you please explain Acts 15 : 10 meaning no one could bear the law.
T = 5:25 I had a hard time seeing ‘Our Father Cares,’ pg 200 with the right lenses, it sounded too legalistic for my taste could you please enlighten me?
T = 8:03 You have a beautiful explanation about the wrestling between the angel and Jacob and what it really meant, could you please talk about it ot tell me where to find it?
T = 8:29 Is Bipolar curable? Can the people who has Bipolar live a normal life?
T = 12:49 Can you please give me some resources or sermons and/or explanation as to the true reason Christ had to die through the design law.lens?
T = 13:28 Is it right, as Christians, to vote in elections?
T = 14:27 Where in the Bible is the reference in Daniel 11 : 41 to Edom, Moab, and Ammon historically, in order for you to conclude that “those who retain their independence, liberty, and freedom, think for themselves, do not go along with the merging of church and state and will not come under the power of the king of the North?”
T = 19:24 When there is not an appropriate SDA church is it wrong to go to a Sunday church to worship?
T = 20:08 What are your thoughts around kids/adults watching and reading fantasy, such as Harry Potter, etc.?
T = 24:30 When having a conversation with someone who is nearing death and you’re wanting to give comfort and help them have the full assurance that they are saved and ready to die, what would you say?
T = 26:12 How can people be so unkind and cold to their own family members behind the scenes but make sure they appear as wonderful angels to the church and public? How can people just turn their unkindness on and off so easily?


Q1 Q&A #8

T = 0:17 Why does the bible ask us to fast?
T = 1:56 1 Cor 3 : 16 (The Remedy) ‘His presence will be a consuming fire to them and when He comes again God will destroy them.’ Isn’t this saying God is vengeful and will kill them?
T = 3:00 Desire of Ages pg 162. When Jesus ‘cleansed’ the temple, the people ‘felt as if before the throne of the eternal judge, with their sentence passed on them for time and eternity’ sounds like they are being judged by God, right?
T = 4:10 Why does the SDA church specify that leftover communion ‘bread’ be burned and ‘wine’ be poured on the ground?
T = 5:03 Danial 11 : 41: ‘He will also invade the Beautiful Land…but Edom, Moab, and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand’ What is the significance of these three?
T = 5:35 What are your thoughts on the differences between rebellion and reformation when speaking against or contrary to church leadership?
T = 7:40 How do you understand Hebrews 7 : 1-3?
T = 8:30 What is the best best way to handle differences in the way family members view God’s Law (legal vs. design), due to how they were raised?
T = 12:00 How do you understand In Heavenly Places, pg 37… ‘The death we deserved was suffered to come upon Him that immortality might be given to us, who could never merit such a reward?’
T = 13:34 Do you agree with the concept of cellular memory and Bessel van der Kolk’s theory that trauma settles into the body?
T = 19:35 Would you please explain ‘no one could bear the law’ in Acts 15 : 10?
T = 20:45 In Revelation the message to the churches say ‘To he who overcomes.’ Is God saying those who cease to sin?


Q1 Q&A #7

T = 0:16 I have heard you mention “leftism” a few times with the implication that it is not good. Can you explain biblically why since it has a lot humanitarism?
T = 3:14 In your booklet, “The Final Message of Mercy To The World”, Is there a legal accounting process regarding the judgement of the dead going on in heaven as we speak?
T = 4:45 EGW made a statement that it will take a week to get to Heaven. She also made statements about visiting other inhabited worlds at some point. Are we talking an entirely different level of existence?
T = 7:01 Can you Please explain to me Exodus 31:14? How are we exempt from the punishment of death when we fail to observe the Sabbath as required by God?
T = 12:28 What does it mean that humans were made a little bit lower than the angels?
T = 14:37 How do you stop thinking about things that bother you?
T = 16:14 In a discussion about what Jesus accomplished for humanity, does becoming a child of God change our DNA? Or is Jesus as the second Adam impacting our epigenetics?
T = 18:09 Heb. 10:14, as I have understood, the design view says we are made righteous instantly when accepting Jesus and trust in what God is doing in us. Please explain.
T = 22:07 In Genesis 3:21, did God kill the animal or was it after death came in the world through sin, an animal just died?
T = 24:50 What does N95 masking accomplish?


Q1 Q&A #6

T = 00:05 EGW uses terms like “worldly policy” and “undeviating principles.” Are these terms similar to imposed law and design law?
T = 00:32 What does the word she/her represent in Proverbs 3.13 -17?
T = 01:15 What are alternative remedies for Alzheimer’s?
T = 03:13 What did Jesus mean in Mark 9:1? And Jesus was saying to them, “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.
T = 04:00 In desire of ages on page 87 second paragraph, it says Jesus brothers were older than he. I thought he was the first born of Mary and Joseph. Can you explain?
T = 04:30 Where and how does intercessory prayer fit in with Design Law?
T = 07:14 Wouldn’t God have spent that first Sabbath building the relationship with his ‘new children’, like a new mother holds her new baby for the first time, wrapping it in love, creating connection? Then growing that relationship day by day?
T = 11:10 What is your understanding about marriage in the new earth in eternity future?
T = 12:00 What would be the most accurate explanation of “THE REMEDY procured by Jesus, was it procured by his perfect life and sacrificial death?
T = 12:30 As finite beings, is it ever right to take life to save life? (self-defense no, but to save others maybe?)
T = 16:55 My righteousness is theirs, and for My sake bless them with all spiritual blessings. — EGW, HP, Ch 6. How would you reframe this? What are your thoughts when you read it?
T = 18:30 People I know come to starkly contrasting ideas regarding God, Jesus, Bible, and Prophecy. How can people, who truly ask for truth and light from God, receive completely opposite messages?
T = 23:02 Staying with the truth that Jesus is the only one that could die the unique death in which death and sin was destroyed, securing a way for the salvation of humanity, what would’ve transpired if, after the fall of Eve, Adam remained faithful?
T = 24:50 Please share why you gravitate to the NIV84 version vs the newer NIV2011?


Q1 Q&A #5

T = 00:11 Question on Romans 3:25 and what is God’s forbearance?
T = 02:57 When was Jesus referring to seeing beholding Satan falling like lighting from Heaven?
T = 04:00 Will the wicked after the millennium of Revelation 20 take the same action as Judas did?
T = 06:01 Discussion of Hebrews 4:4 and Sabbath rest and how it relates to creation and God resting His case of proving evidence to refute lies of Satan.
T = 07:08 Are couples living together married even though there isn’t a legal document from the state?
T = 12:30 Explain dichotomy between loving God and a God that uses wrath and plagues in the end of time.
T = 13:42 What can leaders of peaceful resistance movements do differently to create real change without violence against the government?
T = 17:39 Question regarding super immunity
T = 33:34 When does full healing of humanity take place?
T = 35:03 Can you forgive someone but choose to not have them in your life?


Q1 Q&A #4

T = 00:10 Explain the Four Judgments
T = 01:08 Covid-19 Vaccine Discussion
T = 05:10 Cana wedding wine and Timothy’s advice to drink a little wine.
T = 08:34 Advice for clinicians to when Christian patients refuse to change dysfunctional thinking.
T = 09:34 Question on Personal Holy and Evil angels
T = 10:04 Covid reporting guidelines
T = 14:20 What is the everlasting gospel?
T = 15:01 Question on Christ’s humanity
T = 19:29 Omicron boosters for teens and is Comirnaty vaccine available.
T = 22:42 Should I study with a friend who says they speak in tongues?
T = 24:01 Question on mass psychosis and mass formation
T = 26:47 Question on 1 Corinthians 3:11
T = 28:40 Parable of the ten virgins
T =30:36 Question regarding shedding from vaccine


Q1 Q&A #3

T = 00:00 In space there seem to be random acts of destructive nature. Why such randomness of destruction?
T = 01:03 Are other inhabitants of the universe living on a different plane?
T = 02:32 Should we renounce our legal citizenship of sinful governments in order to come out of Babylon?
T = 04:32 Words used to describe the war between God and Satan make it seem like soldiers on each side causing death and fighting. This doesn’t seem to reflect God as a God of love. How can we express this more fully?
T = 07:24 What is the difference between the heart and the mind and is there such a thing as a subconscious mind?
T = 09:49 Are LGBTQ relationships sinful?
T = 20:24 If the law of worship when worshiping the demonic able to make you demonic then why is the law of worship not sufficient to make us Christlike or is it?
T = 23:20 When EGW recommends leaving the city’s when thigs get bad could it be interpreted to recommend moving to Florida or South Dakota to try and preserve our freedoms?
T = 26:08 Could the reign of Christ already have happened?
T = 28:01 Question on Bible perfection
T = 29:14 Question of Jesus robe of righteousness covering us


Q1 Q&A #2

T = 00:18 How do you help people realize healthy vs unhealthy thinking patterns?
T = 01:59 Polygamy vs homosexuality question
T = 09:11 Is there a relationship between God’s forgiving and God’s healing?
T = 18:17 Question about the God the Father and Son relationship.


Q1 Q&A #1

T = 00:15 What does it mean to experience God?
T = 06:40 Explain Peter’s vision in Acts 10 regarding meats
T = 08:13 Why didn’t Jesus destroy Satan when Satan wasn’t open to conversion?
T = 09:32 Discussion on how to deal with someone who smokes, uses bad language, has legal view of God etc. and doesn’t respond to design law. What can help this person?
T = 14:28 Discussion of Daniel 11 and Edom, Moab and Ammon being delivered because of not being fixed to a government and how it relates to not going along with merging of church and state under the King of the North.
T = 17:26 Why is the Bible written through punitive law lens instead of design law lens?
T = 19:49 How did you unlearn your military training?


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