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Q4 Q&A #12

T = 00:32 What can we say to those that are suffering from losing their jobs, family animosity, barred from church, shops, hairdressers, attacks on their personal self-worth etc. due to no jab?
T = 02:40 How do you respond to being barred from church? How do we respectfully challenge the elders’ decision, while they feel they are doing the right thing by following the rules?
T = 06:42 What is symbolism of the high priest leaving the most holy place, carrying the blood, and cleanses the holy place of the tent of meeting and the altar?
T = 09:40 Could we consider centrifugal force as part of the gravity design law and without centrifugal force the planets would be drawn toward the sun without resistance?
T = 10:27 It seems that you were saying that we will be sinless when Jesus comes again. Please clarify.
T = 14:07 How does Christ’s victory work in reality with our lives?
T = 19:22 In regards to John 16 : 26 and 27, I have read in several versions that this means we don’t end the prayer in Jesus name, because we pray directly to God.
T = 24:10 How could the book of Deuteronomy be lost for so many years?
T = 25:13 How do people from other Christian belief systems love and trust God, even though they have the classic legal penal understanding of believing that he will burn them if they don’t make it into heaven?
T = 30:36 Is perfection total trust in God to transform us then we are sealed? Then what is meant by Ellen White’s comment that we must be sealed and have a perfect character in order to be able to live without a mediator?


Q4 Q&A #11

T = 00:15 In the bible, are the words, sorcery, witchcraft spells, potion, magic, enchantments, poisons metaphors for Satan’s lies, false light, temptations, bribes, and apparent good?
T = 02:30 Why did God promise Noah not to destroy the earth again with a flood, but then went on in Revelation and say that the whole earth will be destroyed?
T = 04:17 Do all babies that have died, miscarried, or aborted go to heaven, even though the parents are not going to heaven?
T = 06:13 Do you have any tips for helping people find healthy balance when they have extremes in their emotions?
T = 08:53 What would be the impact of having you in the audience while others give the Sabbath School?
T = 09:38 How would you respond to someone using the scriptures stating, thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God, when discussing the vaccine, i.e. if you didn’t get the vaccine, you are tempting God to protect you from the virus that you should have protected yourself from?
T = 12:03 John 5 : 38 – 40. How can we come to him and avoid the Pharisee pitfalls?
T = 15:34 What is your favorite story about Jesus and why?
T = 16:34 Would it be acceptable to ask a guest staying in your home from out of state to not smoke during their stay? If so, how would you ask them?
T = 18:41 Could justification and sanctification be described as a locked door, where justification is unlocking the door and sanctification is the Holy Spirit coming in and cleansing?
T = 23:08 Jesus cursed the fig tree and by force, according to some, drove out the temple traders, how do you explain this in light of God’s love?
T = 25:57 As a massage therapist, should I be concerned for my own safety, having such close physical contact to those who have had the covid shot?
T = 27:17 What is a carnal Christian?
T = 28:00 What would the Greek word pharmakeia be about in biblical metaphor?
T = 29:09 Jesus said some are born eunuchs. Can this be biological lesson about being born gay?


Q4 Q&A #10

T = 00:13 Why was Moses punished for striking the rock twice?
T = 03:28 Do we have prophets today? If so, where, and if not, why was Ellen White our last prophet?
T = 05:33 With the threat of termination of my job I am being asked to write a statement detailing the religious basis for my vaccine objection. Could you briefly explain how you might respond to such a request?
T = 08:44 If you were CEO of Advent Health and this mandate came down from the federal government, what would you do?
T = 14:26 What are your thoughts about ecumenism?
T = 15:15 How can a group of believers organize for service and carry the gospel to the world, while avoiding the trappings of manmade organizations where men will Lord it over each other like Gentiles?
T = 17:30 Are all of the events that have happened to us in our life God’s will?
T = 18:37 Does God have a plan for us, or are we supposed to choose for ourselves?
T = 19:37 Are our lives supposed to be everything that God wants us to do, or do we get to plan out our path while praying to God for guidance?
T = 23:44 If everything in our life is God’s will for us, is it really our free will?
T = 24:21 God looks at the heart like in people with down syndrome etc. What about people like pedophiles or psychopaths, do they have a heart for God?
T = 24:54 Please elaborate on words or quotes like God’s wrath, God’s judgment, etc.
T = 26:23 Could you please put up the CDC link that states the vaccine was not designed to prevent covid but to lessen symptoms?
T = 27:24 Does the mRNA type vaccine go against God’s design laws of health, because it uses a man-made message to create an immune response. Could this not be a valid religious exemption used to claim a liberty of conscience?
T = 29:17 Do you have a prediction on what they will do with the thousands of military members who have refused to get the shot?


Q4 Q&A #9

T = 00:51 If Satan, being an angel, does not eat earthly food like us, how would he be given the power to know our body functions and produce disease, sickness, and pestilence in mankind, as we often blame Satan for its cause?
T = 03:04 Where will God be in the metaverse?
T = 03:46 I don’t understand why God would require the killing of a lamb sacrifice. I don’t know if I could slit a little lamb’s throat. Please explain how a loving God would ask people to kill.
T = 09:51 According to Proverbs 21 : 1, does God does control people? ‘The king’s heart is in the hands of the Lord He directs it like a water course wherever he pleases.’
T = 11:02 Any news update on the new building?
T = 12:02 Are there any downloadable online materials for prison ministries, like the ‘Could It Be This Simple’ workbook, etc?


Q4 Q&A #8

T = 00:06 Young adults, aged 13 to 30, would love design law versus imposed law messages and real life tangible reasons why scripture is a living document, however, why aren’t there more youth or young adults in your class?
T = 02:10 What is the mature way, if at all, to teach the restrictions and or regulations associated with Sabbath they found in the inspired word? (duplicate from #7)
T = 03:47 Isn’t the only way to get God’s peace that passes all understanding to pray for it? (duplicate from #7)
T = 04:41 God couldn’t let Lucifer die or the angels would have worshiped God out of fear. Doesn’t that mean there was a trust issue between God and angels to begin with?
T = 06:02 Which element in our society fits the description of religious power found in this great controversy quote? ‘In order for the United States to form the image of the beast the religious power must so control the civil government that the authority of the state will also be employed by the church to accomplish its own ends.’
T = 08:39 What do you think the end time pouring out of the spirit on all flesh from Acts 2 looks like?
T = 11:20 Last week your discussion seemed to lead to the belief that God does not punish, correct, or discipline, but only impresses, leads, encourages, guides, and loves.
T = 14:44 Based on the previous question, does the destruction in the Old Testament conflict with this?
T = 19:55 What are your views that the new heaven and new earth will make any difference to the remnant people, because we still carry the sinful nature? Will eradicating the people and angels really eradicate the sin problem?


Q4 Q&A #7

T = 00:12 If we consider all that the mark of the beast is supposed to accomplish is there anything the vaccine mandate is not doing?
T = 13:29 I know Ellen White mentioned that a time will come when we should move to the country. What are your thoughts if that time has come?
T = 14:34 If asked, based on the Bible, the reasons for not taking the jab, what would you say is best way to incorporate God’s design law to use this opportunity to witness effectively?
T = 18:08 You say that we get a new body, that God doesn’t need our old body. Why did the angel need to fight with Satan over the body of Moses? Why are we resurrected from our graves and not just recreated in heaven?
T = 19:33 If only loving others is the basis of being saved, does it matter if we keep the Sabbath or not? How does it relate to the mark of the beast of the third angel’s message?
T = 24:54 What is the mature way to teach the restrictions and/or regulations associated with Sabbath as found in the inspired word?
T = 26:54 Explain Isaiah 58 about keeping from doing your pleasure on my Holy Day? It seems to be something you shouldn’t do on the Sabbath.
T = 27:56 Why do people, who wouldn’t think of going to their regular job on Sabbath, go to a restaurant and buy food on Sabbath?
T = 28:40 So can you do whatever you want on the Sabbath? Can you go shopping?
T = 29:33 Does smoking affect someone’s ability to reason?
T = 30:34 Isn’t the only way to get God’s peace that passes all understanding to pray for it and to be led to people, publications, and experiences that will give us the peace he wants for us?


Q4 Q&A #6

T = 00:25 In ‘Covid Crisis: A Biblical Worldview, 12 Lies Inciting Fear and Dividing Society,’ powerpoint slide number 78 discusses why so many doctors are wrong. Please give us some insight into virtue signaling and why it is deceptive?
T = 08:12 What is your view of why God only communicated with Moses when he went up on the mountain? Why would God want them to be totally dependent on Moses rather than God himself for direction?
T = 10:56 What is appropriate for Halloween? I understand the principles of Romans 14, but how should that work with divided opinions in the home or church?
T = 16.27 Clarify the difference between the moral law versus the 10 Commandments and could one argue they are the same?
T = 17:41 How can we share with others the importance of keeping the Sabbath or should we? In a nutshell what is the message for these last days in relation to Three Angels message?
T = 25:08 If Jeptha had known God the way Abraham did would he have sacrificed his daughter after making a vow to God that he would sacrifice the first thing to come out the door?


Q4 Q&A #5

T = 0:05 What can I do to participate in getting young people attracted to the design law messages?
T = 1:39 I have a friend who left a ‘christian’ cult and takes drugs to tame her anxiety. She became a Buddhist, because she said Jesus didn’t help her when she was suffering and cried out to him. What can I do to help her fall in love with Jesus?
T = 3:14 I am struggling with explaining Ezekial’s avenging angel on a specific mission compared with a loving and gentle God. How do I word it for a punishing God believer?
T = 5:53 Psalms 110 : 3 in the Remedy translates, ‘Your people voluntarily surrender in trust to you on the day when your power of Truth and Love is fully revealed.’ What results in increased submission to God in the end times and how can we encourage people toward this submission?
T = 7:47 Explain Satan being bound and cast into the abyss (the burnt up Earth) with no one to tempt for a thousand years. This sounds like all living wicked are asleep during this time, but where are the fallen angels?
T = 10:12 I don’t understand why you keep saying that the Pfizer vaccine has not been officially approved by the FDA because of the naming game. The letter on the FDA web page it says that the vaccine has been approved.
T = 14:45 Do you think that once the Beast system of Revelation 13 has implemented the mark it will be a decision we will have to make as to whether or not we will get it? Isthe seal of God something that is naturally placed upon us from God? Will both the mark and the seal be visible for all to see and how will it affect infants and children?
T = 18:20 Regarding the parable of the ten virgins (symbol of the church having truth), who then is awake to give the Midnight Cry?
T = 21:07 Please explain Revelation 19 : 10 where the testimony of Jesus is called the spirit of prophecy.


Q4 Q&A #4

T = 0:17 Considering God’s truth in Philippians 3 : 10, how do we suffer like Christ, sharing in his death and how does that relate to knowing him?
T = 2:43 In 2 Samuel 6 : 6, is there a reason for striking Uzzah dead for merely touching the ark and are there other offenses that we will be struck dead immediately for?
T = 12:48 Does forgiving someone mean that you should totally forget what that person has done or the pain that they inflicted?
T = 16:41 If you believe as an Adventist, but do not have an Adventist Church anywhere near you, do you recommend going to a church with others whose biblical beliefs do not align with yours or watch sermons online from home?
T = 17:36 What are your thoughts on the multi-faith Abrahamic house complex?
T = 19:44 How does one differentiate and/or appreciate design law, as taught by Come and Reason, from universal and/or natural laws, as taught by others, like new age movements and social science theorists?


Q4 Q&A #3

T = 0:43 In the book of Leviticus chapter 21, why is God so fussy about not having persons with physical blemishes serve in the sanctuary?
T = 2:55 Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for military members facing possible dishonorable discharge because they won’t get the vaccine injection?
T = 5:53 What are your thoughts on the government coming out and saying that there are UFOs?
T = 7:29 Is the light or fire of God’s unveiled glory materially different from the fires that consumed the elements in the book of Peter?
T = 8:44 Could you please run through the chronological events of Daniel 7 : 10 – 28 and explain the reason and logic of the order of the successive scenes.
T = 9:20 How would you explain to someone that homosexual activity for humans is not God’s design? Or is it, in the face of supposed scientific evidence that some animals practice this?
T = 12:43 What is your understanding of how COP26 (related to climate change and climate legislation as proposed by the pope) fits in with end time events and intense mind conditioning?
T = 17:27 If we are giving in to the Beast system by getting vaccines against our will, shouldn’t we stop paying taxes, which help pay for abortions?


Q4 Q&A #2

T = 00:13 If decisions need to be made concerning the character of God and Satan how would a Sunday law allow for this? Would it not be better to have a non religious event?
T = 04:05 Please share your ideas about how EGW seems to not directly reject the penal legal, substitutionary idea in Desire of Ages, pg 540.
T = 07:40 Why is it that when God ends a human life it’s putting them in sleep mode, but if we end a human life it’s considered killing? Is wounding or killing someone in self-defense considered a righteous use of power because it is restricting evil?
T = 12:48 What are your thoughts after the majority of a nation is vaccinated and people continue to die from the infection of the mutated virus?
T = 23:51 In Revelation 2 : 20 of the Remedy you describe Jezebel as a person who imposes law, inflicts torture, and must be appeased. How does this spirit most commonly manifest today?
T = 25:41 If someone doesn’t want to take the ‘vaccine,’ but will anyway to show they love others and because they’ll loose their job if they don’t, even though they already had COVID, does going along with the authorities demonstrate God’s love or Satan’s cunningness?
T = 27:58 Adventists say we cannot shop on the Sabbath, even produce at a farmers market, but when I look for verses myself, I cannot find any. Can you help with this?
T = 30:58 At what point of memory would a person who died in dementia or any other memory disease wake up in the resurrection? if they were abused under someones care while alive, would they remember the abuse?


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