2021 Q3 Questions & Answers Index

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Q3 Q&A #12

T = 00:08 How does the King of the South morph into the King of the North?
T = 10:24 What beliefs did the prophet Daniel hold that kept his behavior faithful to God and resistant to people pleasing?
T = 11:04 How do we follow advice about cleansing the church from the camp of Achan in light of presenting the truth in love and leave others free to decide for themselves?
T = 15:16 What is the special blessing of the Sabbath?
T = 16:57 Is there a difference between the hand and forehead marks of the beast and what are your thoughts regarding the mark of the beast and the covid vaccination?
T = 21:13 How can it be explained from the Bible how God’s fire of love and truth is what causes conscience torment and that the cloven tongues of fire are love and truth too?
T = 22:05 Have you found in your research, confirmation that vaccines are indeed keeping people from being hospitalized?
T = 27:41 Do you have tips to improve prayer life?


Q3 Q&A #11

T = 01:06 Where is biblical evidence that Jesus needed to develop a perfect character as a remedy for our salvation?
T = 01:56 How does Daniel 11 : 29-39 show the transition from literal Israel to spiritual Israel?
T = 03:47 Why did God need to create light and darkness on the first day and would God need to create the Sabbath for Adam and Eve if He was accessible to them in the garden?
T = 06:57 Can you explain the keeping yourself holy part of the Sabbath?
T = 09:46 When did Satan get a rebellious heart? If heaven is perfect how does Satan get tempted?
T = 11:11 What are your thoughts on self-defense?
T = 13:33 Where can we research the truth on the lies being presented to the public on medical statistics? What key words can we search Ellen White’s writings on these subjects?
T = 14:44 Will Christians be around when the plagues fall on those who have taken the mark in Revelation 17&18?
T = 18:21 If the vaccine is not that good why is it that the people in the hospital who have had the vaccine aren’t dying as opposed to the people who didn’t have the vaccine?


Q3 Q&A #10

T = 00:19 There are verses that say that not everyone who says Lord Lord will be in heaven. Does that mean there are Christians that genuinely believe they are save but will have rude awakening at the 2nd coming?
T = 02:33 EGW says when latter rain is poured out, we will more fully proclaim the Sabbath. What more could be said than is already been proclaimed?
T = 03:49 What if your persistent covid messaging creates rebelliousness in minds and hearts?
T = 04:39 Have you listened to Dr. David Martin’s A Manufactured Illusion?
T = 05:53 What methods and tools do you use for Bible study?
T = 07:00 Will Jesus heal and forgive only after we repent, or will he heal regardless of our repentance?
T = 08:55 Why doesn’t C&R do fund raisers? What advice would you give self-supporting ministries regarding finances?
T = 12:41 How do you interpret Mark 10:45, 1 Timothy 2:5 and 1 Peter 1:18 where it talks about Jesus giving His life as a ransom?
T = 15:00 I realize it’s the methods used regarding covid and vaccines but isn’t the truth based on physiological evidence?
T = 17:29 For what purpose do the governments want everyone vaccinated if it doesn’t really help?
T = 19:43 How do you propose I ask the local SDA schools to stop the mask mandates?
T = 21:59 I’m having trouble with a quote from Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings page 9 where it speaks of Jesus pleading before His Father for us. Can you help with this?
T = 23:13 Wasn’t David’s character warped in not obeying God’s natural laws when he took multiple wives?
T = 24:12 School starts this coming week. Do I tell my children to refuse wearing masks?
T = 27:27 What do you think of monoclonal antibodies?


Q3 Q&A #9

T = 01:28 I was told that masking is like laying down one’s life for others. What are your thoughts?
T = 04:36 Read Isaiah 54:6-9 in connecting God’s wrath with the flood waters. What insights can you give?
T = 09:16 Is God’s wrath is the hiding of his face or letting go?
T = 11:24 There are stories of unresolved forgiveness in the Bible. Is it comforting to know God will forgive us even though we don’t forgive and take matters into our own hands?
T = 15:02 What if your persistent covid messaging creates rebelliousness in minds and hearts?
T = 16:45 How can I reach my son who was brought up SDA but is now an atheist and believes in the vaccine?
T = 20:01 Is vitamin D better from animal or vegan & plant sources?
T = 22:26 Are there any studies in your notes on mask wearing?


Q3 Q&A #8

T = 00:50 You mentioned the flood was a therapeutic intervention. Should we not be telling others that God did not send the flood but that it came about by natural results?
T = 05:43 What’s the balance between being a shadow person and putting others first?
T = 09:26 Why is there not any news given on the therapeutics for Covid?
T = 13:33 Where are the studies showing abuse, addictions and divorce rates being the same in Christian and non-Christian homes?
T = 13:54 How do you reframe a quote given on death using design law?
T = 15:37 Should we exercise our civil rights and protest lockdowns etc.?
T = 20:23 What religious reasons should one give to get the religious exemption and not receive the vaccine?
T = 23:47 Are EMDR and psychedelics good for treating trauma?
T = 24:47 Any updates on the building?


Q3 Q&A #7

T = 00:40 Can you give your thoughts on healing from injustices?
T = 10:00 How can I explain God’s regret for creating mankind from a design perspective?
T = 10:57 What Bible verses can you suggest that walking away from an adversarial situation would be the same as standing firm by wearing the armor of salvation?
T = 14:22 What is your comment about not having bodies stacked up outside hospitals right now? Is this evidence of vaccination success?
T = 15:56 By complying with mandates or executive orders that I believe are untrue am I falsely representing Satan’s methods?
T = 18:19 How can I know if I’m saved? Every time I sip a beer or mutter the wrong thing I am left wondering.


Q3 Q&A #6

T = 00:02 How do we say God does not punish without making it sound like the Bible isn’t true?
T = 17:28 Do you think there is an unbreakable link between the health message and the message that God is creator and operates on design law?
T = 18:43 Why does someone else have to bear the sin of another person such as David’s wives and concubines?
T = 24:14 How can one move away from a penal substitution church without making them feel inadequate about losing a member?
T = 27:41 Do you agree that because I’m a child of the living God I deserve everything daddy wants to give and do to me


Q3 Q&A #5

T = 00:07 Is Luke being redundant when he says nations rise against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms?
T = 01:04 It says every knee shall bow but will some the refuse to go with Him?
T = 04:05 How does praying in tongues edify me?
T = 05:42 We are advised to move out of cities before Jesus comes. Why don’t we see SDA’s moving out?
T = 06:52 Will aborted babies be in heaven?
T = 07:25 Jesus rebukes apostles for continuing to be greatest. Jesus says no prophet is greater than John the Baptist. What is your view on this? Is this hierarchy?


Q3 Q&A #4

T = 00:32 Romans 13 says we should not rebel against authority. How do we rectify this in our hearts when we are not to obey authority such as when told to wear masks or Sunday legislation goes into law?
T = 04:37 What is the little book and bitterness in Revelation 10 : 10?
T = 06:15 Is it damaging to our character to disagree with the methods used in mandating vaccine, but we go ahead and get it?
T = 15:50 Did God play favoritism when Enoch was taken to heaven even though the Bible rebukes favoritism?
T = 17:27 Won’t a child deciding to not be in heaven cause daily sadness for parents in heaven?
T = 23:37 Why is speaking in tongues a sign for unbelievers? Did believers speak in thier natural tongue and others hear it in their language?
T = 26:58 Why does the SDA church not allow lay people to baptize?


Q3 Q&A #3

T = 00:07 Is it acceptable to love more with your head and not any with your heart?
T = 01:30 What search engine do you use to find EGW quotes?
T = 02:05 Can you explain the sacrificial system when it seems violence feeds more violence?
T = 03:57 What’s the difference between equity and equality?
T = 07:50 Why would Cain fear he would be killed after being kicked out of the garden?
T = 08:27 Why was Lucifer cast to this earth as opposed to some other part of the universe?
T = 09:59 Do you think the statement “any belief in an afterlife requires divinity to be a tyrant” indicates that person is thinking of divinity working under the human law construct?
T = 10:47 When the Bible says God lives in unapproachable light, then was it Jesus and not God that is being talked about in Job 1 : 6 when all the sons of God presented themselves before the Lord?
T = 12:00 Question about Zechariah 13 : 6
T = 13:24 What’s the difference between design-law thought by C&R and natural law as taught by the new age movement?
T = 14:30 What does Hebrews 9 : 22 mean without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness?
T = 17:12 What keeps us from being saved?
T = 19:30 Is belief in the trinity Godhead a matter of salvation?
T = 20:32 What source can you direct to that describes the different sizes of the horns on the alter in the sanctuary?
T = 20:56 Is the punishment of the wicked forfeiting everlasting life?
T = 21:36 Any suggestions on how to help children want to stay in the church after being ostracized?
T = 24:12 Was Jesus crying out “”why have you forsaken me”” a human emotional side?”
T = 25:27 Can a person take the same action for two different reasons and have opposite outcomes?
T = 26:49 Is there anything to indicate that other created beings were designed to be in God’s image? What attributes would be considered being in the image of God?
T = 28:25 Is standing up to mask mandates, forced shots etc. the right thing to do or should we just stop the fight?
T = 30:01 IF God numbers our days of life can life be taken prematurely?
T = 32:06 When God created enmity between the serpent and the woman wasn’t that a violation of the law of liberty?
T = 32:35 Why do some respond to God’s love, and some don’t?
T = 32:57 How do you set a boundary on a Christian narcissist widowed parent?
T = 35:17 Why wouldn’t God save Paul like he did Daniel in the lion’s den?


Q3 Q&A #2

T = 00:16 Since Sabbath was created for man, is it limited to the earth or will all the universe celebrate the Sabbath?
T = 01:15 Can someone develop perfect character without being tempted to selfishness?
T = 03:27 Can you explain more about the string theory?
T = 03:48 Did God actively cast out Satan?
T = 07:05 If writing is therapeutic why did Jesus not write anything down?
T = 07:43 What is your assumption on physiology of angels?
T = 15:34 Why would God do away with the family unit in heaven?
T = 19:15 How do we overcome phobias through God’s design-law?
T = 21:13 Referencing Isaiah 53, please comment on the part where the travail of His soul was satisfied.


Q3 Q&A #1

T = 00:19 Will amalgamation be a part of end time events like it was before the flood?
T = 05:30 How do you explain the limit of Jehovah’s forbearance through design-law?
T = 10:36 Should baptism and church membership be separate events?
T = 13:03 Why aren’t Satan and his angels doing more destruction?
T = 13:57 Can angels die like human beings do?
T = 15:33 If God couldn’t destroy Satan at first since angels would have feared Him does that mean the angels had a trust issue before Satan’s campaign?
T = 17:55 Does God send judgments on people?
T = 20:43 Please discuss the cosmic week in relation to our world being six thousand years old.


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