2021 Q2 Questions & Answers Index

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Q2 Q&A #11

T = 00:25 How did Christ finish His Fathers work in John 17 : 4 in context of the atonement that had not yet occurred?
T = 03:14 Should we only pray silently if Satan hears our prayers?
T = 04:52 Should I teach new people with the design law approach or go with the classic teaching first, so they aren’t confused with the other teachers?”
T = 06:20 Why do we teach that Sabbath is so important that if we give up our job and God will provide another one when it happens for some but not all?
T = 12:21 What is the heavenly sanctuary for?
T = 14:29 We’re told sin can’t be in the presence of God so how was Satan able to be in God’s presence when God asked him, have you considered my servant Job?
T = 16:04 Do addictions fall into mental illness biblically or is it just a weakness of character?
T = 18:08 Is there scriptural evidence that truth is continually unfolding?
T = 18:49 Why does your class have a time limit?
T = 19:44 Is your explanation of the sanctuary new light?
T = 21:16 Please explain if Jesus died the second death.
T = 29:13 If society is at level 4 development would it be deemed good to use force?


Q2 Q&A #10

T = 00:08 Should someone keep going to a church that consistently is misrepresenting God?
T = 01:34 What are healthy ways of laughing or laughter?
T = 03:16 Any advice in how to study with Buddhists who feel they are good people and don’t need anything else?
T = 05:24 What are your thoughts on God giving the death penalty for not keeping the Sabbath law?
T = 17:11 Can you explain getting victory over sin using natural methods versus supernatural methods?
T = 18:53 Is it possible the big bang theory is inspired by fallen angels and why was Jacob’s hip broken when wrestling with the angel?
T = 22:17 Why did God need an old covenant and new covenant when we break them anyway?
T = 25:53 Please explain being perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.


Q2 Q&A #8

T = 00:14 What is the Bibles position on homosexuality?
T = 01:17 Is the purpose of Jesus death to atone for everyone’s sin?
T = 03:03 Was the fruit from the Tree of Life an actual life-giving fruit?
T = 05:14 What are your top 5 favorite books of all time excluding the Bible?
T = 06:03 If we break the law of loving our enemies will God stop punishing our enemies?
T = 10:11 Are the 3 angel’s messages sequential or simultaneous?


Q2 Q&A #7

T = 00:30 How does the average person reading the Bible come to comprehend design-law if they have not heard it from someone else and if they grew up under the legal view?
T = 02:38 How does design-law apply to universes where it seems there is a lot of chaos?
T = 04:02 Where in the Bible does it say we are under a covenant of grace?
T = 05:21 Is the medium consulted by King Saul considered demon possessed?
T = 09:19 What are your thoughts on Jones and Waggoner and the 1888 message of Righteousness by Faith?
T = 12:59 Are there any resources on how to find a mental health provider?
T = 13:12 how does EGW and SDA church reconcile Daniel 10:13 that states Michael was one of the chief princesses with him being a preincarnate representation of Jesus being unique?
T = 16:55 Is there an instance of Jesus breaking Roman law?
T = 18:48 Why does Jesus use so much metaphor and is there a way of unlocking their meaning?
T = 20:17 What atonement theory should we espouse?
T = 20:56 Will the visible church SDA go through to the end when it teaches penal substitution theory?
T = 21:31 Do you think God approved of slavery in the Old Testament?
T = 23:55 What is the purpose of the seven last plagues considering design-law?
T = 25:06 Do you have plans to produce more materials for young people?
T = 27:36 Is Gods wrath poured out without mixture mean God letting us go without mercy?
T = 28:03 Should we study the Bible through design-law or let the Bible speak for itself without any presuppositions?


Q2 Q&A #6

T = 00:18 Please discuss last generation theology.
T = 03:28 What is Gods original design for entrepreneurship?
T = 05:23 Did Jesus die the second death?
T = 13:20 Is it important for Christians to get baptized?
T = 15:07 If maturity of character is necessary for choosing love over being selfishness how did angels mature in their character before Satan sinned?
T = 17:24 Can you explain the millennium time of celebrating the feast of tabernacles?
T = 19:32 How do I explain Acts chapter 5 about Ananias and Saphira? Many say God killed them.
T = 21:26 Do we have to be perfect to make it into heaven?
T = 26:34 Did God tell Abraham to kill and burn Isaac?
T = 31:03 Why do some linger longer in the flames?


Q2 Q&A #5

T = 00:02 Was the Tower of Babel literal or symbolic?
T = 00:39 Will people still do the tabernacle celebration in the New Jerusalem?
T = 01:48 Please explain why C&R teaches everyone has free will to make choices but Romans 9:18 says otherwise.
T = 02:01 What is your method for studying spiritual things?
T = 03:29 Please explain the mediatorial ministry of Jesus.
T = 05:26 Do you have a blog about sleep?
T = 05:54 What is your view of men’s perpetual mistreatment of women?


Q2 Q&A #4

T = 00:47 Should the SDA church be preaching prophecy messages or focus on love?
T = 03:41 Is C&R producing material for children?
T = 04:52 What will we be doing when the smoke of sins is being remembered forever and forever mentioned in the 3rd angels message?
T = 08:05 Shouldn’t there be a discussion between those who believe in the penal-legal model and those who believe in design-law?
T = 15:09 Are you familiar with Greg Boyd’s teachings?
T = 16:14 When God said let there be light was it possible it was the whole spectrum of light and not just visible light?
T = 21:48 In design-law you reap what you sow. Do you always reap the in the same area of life as you sow?
T = 29:03 Is celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in the New Jerusalem talked of in Zachariah 14, literal, symbolic or metaphor?”
T = 31:21 What is our role in sharing the gospel to those who seem to have the generic Jesus and seem to already have unselfish loving characters but are not Christian?


Q2 Q&A #3

T = 00:09 What are your thoughts on last generation theology doctrine?
T = 00:40 What are your thoughts on getting out of the cities during the little time of trouble?
T = 01:34 Why did God wait 4000 years to send Jesus?
T = 04:15 Why have we been waiting 2000 years and Christ hasn’t come yet?
T = 04:25 If both covenants are the same covenant why is there a difference between the new and the old?
T = 05:39 Should we eat raw vegan since there was no fire or heating sources in the garden of Eden?
T = 08:26 How does Jesus’ achievement get applied to our lives?
T = 10:19 Aside from history what else points to Saturday as the Sabbath day?
T = 12:13 If it’s trust plus taking the remedy are we saved by something more than faith?
T = 13:17 Is it important for Christians to attend church?
T = 17:13 What does it mean to let your yes be yes and your no be no?
T = 18:46 Please discuss Savant syndrome.
T = 20:29 What did the yeast represent mentioned several times in Leviticus?
T = 22:18 Why do all creatures have to take part in the suffering if sin is a human condition?


Q2 Q&A #2

T = 00:30 Can you explain through design-law how Jesus became our vicarious sin bearer?
T = 05:16 What does it mean to be born again and experience what Jesus intended?
T = 08:11 How do we approach the abortion issue?
T = 09:50 Please discuss fig tree and the driving out the temple traders from a design-law view.
T = 11:13 Please discuss the second death.
T = 15:55 Please discuss the veil in the temple.
T = 19:09 What would you tell someone who says the law is only for unbelievers?
T = 21:16 What is your interpretation of Romans 1 : 26 & 28
T = 24:00 Would engaging in homosexual acts constitute a violation of design-law and there be a consequence regardless of the intention of the person?
T = 29:39 Has Dr. Jennings written things on the subject of obedience?


Q2 Q&A #1

T = 00:19 If Noah was the only righteous man does that mean his family wasn’t righteous and they were saved for Noah’s sake to repopulate the earth?
T = 02:29 What is the definition of grace?
T = 06:28 To whom is the ransom paid when it talks about, we’ve been ransomed?”
T = 11:58 Did God create the animals and insects that eat each other for survival?
T = 14:35 How is the DNA fixed at the Judgment?


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