Unmasking The Beasts of Revelation 13 & 17

Has reading the book of Revelation left you with more questions than answers? Have you ever wondered how the last book of the Bible is relevant in this age of world history? Then we have great news for you!

Come and Reason Ministries presents a new publication by Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., titled “Unmasking the Beasts of Revelation 13 & 17: Discover Untold Truths to Prepare for What’s Coming Next.”

In this dynamically written and beautifully designed magazine, you will learn stunning key insights never before explored, which specifically relate to your daily life and the future right before us.

As a ministry, our goal is to spread the good news about God’s character of love; that’s why we are GIVING AWAY this magazine to all addresses in the USA and its territories. It is also available online for free download.

Unmasking the Beasts of Revelation 13 & 17 is not just an important tool to read and share with others; it features ideas that we must embrace in our walk with Christ to live victoriously. So order your FREE copy today! Available while supplies last.

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