The Dr. Tim Jennings Show!

Last year, Shea Vaughn, from the WBTVN.TV network, had Dr. Jennings as a guest on her show two times. During preparation for the second interview, she said she had been to this website, watched a number of seminars, and believed the message Come And Reason Ministries is presenting needs to reach a larger audience.

As the founder and CEO of WBTN, she invited Dr. Jennings to have a weekly show on her network.

The ministry agreed and found a studio, production crew, director, post-production editor, and in two, 8-hour days, recorded the first 20 episodes. We are please to announce that The Dr. Tim Jennings Show is now broadcasting every Tuesday at 8:00 PM Eastern on Women On TV. Click this button to go to the show’s homepage to view the show (when live) and past episodes. The show can also be viewed live on the following devices: Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices and apps. Search for “women on tv” on these devices and apps and add the channel to your favorites list. If you would like to get notifications when new episodes are available, click the purple Subscribe button on the show’s home page and create your free account.

The show will be a resource that you can use to share with friends and family, to introduce them to the beauty of the God of love and His methods that heal, presented from an evidence-based approach that integrates science and medicine with scripture and faith.

The show will cover a wide variety of topics, such as: God’s character of love; Design Law versus Imposed Law; How to Make Healthy Decisions; How our Beliefs Impact the Brain; Codependency versus Healthy Love; How to Find a Healthy Life Partner; Guilt Resolution; Forgiveness Myths; Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage; The Aging Brain; The Developing Brain; Sleep; Drug Free Treatments for Depression, and many more topics.

When a show covers a topic that is important to you, your friends, or family, please share the link on your social media platforms, or email the link to interested friends and help us share this message with the world.

In conjunction with the new show, we have launched a new website,, where you can access archived shows and many more resources. It will be a perfect site to share with friends, not only those who already love God, but especially those who have become disillusioned with religion and church.

In addition, if you have a question you would like Dr. Jennings to answer at the start of each show or a topic you would like to see covered in a future show, send it to us by clicking here.


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