Preparing Your Mind to Meet Jesus

A two day seminar hosted by Living Stones SDA Church, Burbank, CA August 24 & 25, 2007. 

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Session 1 – God’s Original Design For The Mind * (1 hr 7 min) MP3 24.2 MB
How our mind was designed to function and what happened when man sinned.
Session 2 – The Law Of Love: How To Experience God’s Healing Now (47 min) MP3 16.2 MB
Discover the secret base code that all life in the universe was designed to operate upon and how it became corrupted.
Session 3 – Freedom, Truth, And Spiritual Warfare: How To Achieve Victory (45 min) MP3 15.6 MB
The battle between Christ and Satan is a battle for the mind, discover God’s methods for victory and uncover Satan’s strategies that destroy.
Session 4 – The Seven Myths Of Forgiveness (1 hr 16 min) MP3 25.5 MB
An exploration of what forgiveness is and is not, how to forgive and seven common myths that impair forgiveness.
Session 5 – Resolving Legitimate and Illegitimate Guilt (1 hr 14 min) MP3 23.8 MB
Guilt is destructive and mental health cannot be achieved until guilt is resolved. Learn how to differentiate between true and false guilt and how to resolve each.
Session 6 – Depression & Anxiety: Physical & Spiritual Connections (1 hr 19 min) MP3 27.4 MB
Major depression affects approximately 20% of women and 10% of men. This presentation explores what happens to the brain and body when someone is depressed, risk factors and the spiritual/physical interface.
(1 hr 19 min)

* recording not optimal.

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