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These forums are member-directed discussions that are monitored for decorum by assigned moderators. They can and will delete inappropriate topics, posts, and replies. The content displayed in these forums do not necessarily represent the views of Come and Reason Ministries. See our Terms of Service for detailed information.


Think of forums as rooms in a building. Each room is a forum. In each room are book shelfs. Each shelf is a Topic that you create. Each book on the shelf is a reply or comment discussing the content of the first post that started and defined the topic. With that in mind, here's how to use this forum system.

  1. The text editor used to compose your posts/replies has word processor-like text formating tools, such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Headings, Block quotes, Indents, Ordered and Unordered Lists, etc.
  2. Some tools do not function, such as the Read More and Page Break tools.
  3. Image uploading from your personal device is not supported. Images, like videos, can only be placed in your post if they are on the internet (have a web address/url). The easiset way to do this is to:
    • Find desired image on the web
    • Right-click > Copy Image Link
    • Paste the link into your post/reply.
    • OR upload your image to or other similar file sharing service (except Google Drive, it's way too complicated to obtain an image's direct link)
    • Copy shareable link
    • Paste the link into the Insert Image Tool in your post/reply editor
    • Delete the "?dl=0" at the end of the link
  4. Replies are sequential in order (added to the bottom of the list of replies), so clicking the Reply button on a post will scroll you down to the editor at the bottom of the page. If you want to reference the content in someone's post, then use the Quote button instead.
  5. The Quote button encloses a copy of someone's post in special [quote] 'tags' (called BBCode) in your reply. This allows you to break up the quoted material by adding additional [quote][/quote] tags around selected portions of text. These tags do NOT appear in your submitted post, instead, they tell the forum how to indent and style the quote. You can learn more about this and other BBCodes here:
  6. You are allowed unlimited Editing of your post once it has been submitted.
  7. You are allowed to Trash and then Delete your post once it has been submitted.
  8. To Cancel creating a Reply or Editing your post, just click on your browser's Back button.
  9. Red shaded posts are Trashed posts ready to be Deleted.
  10. Yellow tinted posts contain elements the forum thinks might be spam, like many images or links. This usually occurs if you copy and paste an entire webpage into your post.


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