Author: Tim Jennings, M.D.

Author: Tim Jennings, M.D.

Codependency: What It Is—And How to Break Free
April 18, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

There is healing for people who struggle with dependency relationships, but the first steps are realizing that one is struggling with dependency and differentiating those emotions from healthy love.

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Friends With Jesus
April 11, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Bookmark with original poem, “Friends With Jesus,” by Tim Jennings, MD.

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Imputed and Imparted Righteousness—Design versus Imposed Law
April 4, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

The way we understand the Bible and its themes, such as imputed and imparted righteousness, is determined by the law lens through which we view them. What is the reality?

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Salvation and the Cleansing of Our Spirit—Part 2
March 28, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Let’s examine how Jesus’ vicarious, self-sacrificial, substitutionary death provides for our salvation, for our redemption, rebirth, and cleansing from sin.

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Salvation and the Cleansing of Our Spirit—Part 1
March 21, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

In order to intelligently cooperate most effectively with God for the cleansing of our spirits, we must understand what our spirit is.

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Urim and Thummim: Judgment and the Sanctuary
March 14, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

“The sanctuary was designated as the place of divine judgment as indicated by the judgment of Urim (Num. 27:21) and by the breastplate of judgment of the high priest…” When you read descriptions like this, what comes to mind? Something legal?

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Happiness from Killing Babies? A Closer Look at Psalm 137
March 7, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Psalms 137 is the culmination of a short psalm that laments Israel’s captivity in Babylon and concludes with what appears to be a very human, worldly response to injustice—retaliation against the enemy. But is this what the Holy Spirit actually inspired the psalmist to write, or did something get confused in the translation?

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Hope and Healing for Those Struggling with Anxiety
February 29, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Pain is designed to signal us when something isn’t functioning as it should so that we can address the problem quickly, remove the offending source, and prevent more serious injury. Anxiety serves the same purpose; it alerts us that something is wrong…

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Reformers and Today
February 22, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Will we be people who love to grow, discover, and move forward in new epiphanies, deeper comprehension, and closer intimacy with God, which occurs as we press forward in the knowledge of God, His kingdom, His design laws, methods, and principles?

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Death: A Punishment Inflicted by God or a Natural Consequence of Sin?
February 15, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

If the power of death is the devil’s power and God does not inflict death as punishment for sin, then what do we do with texts like these?

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Who Are the 144,000?
February 8, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

There has been much speculation throughout history as to whom comprises the 144,000 of Revelation chapter seven. Do they represent the totality of the saved or just a subset of the saved? Are they the literal biological descendants of Abraham? Is this a literal or symbolic number?

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The Difference Between Clinical and Situational Depression
February 1, 2024 Blogs Tim Jennings, M.D.

Clinical depression is treatable! The best treatment outcomes occur when a holistic approach is taken and the underlying contributing factors are identified and resolved. Read how in this blog.

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