3rd Quarter 2022: In The Crucible With Christ

Q3 2022 coverIn This Quarter…

we will try to show is that pain, suffering, and loss don’t mean that God has abandoned us; they mean only that, even as believers, we now share in the common lot of a fallen race. The difference is that, through Jesus and the hope He offers, we can find meaning and purpose in what seems meaningless and purposeless and that somehow, even if we can’t imagine >how, we can trust the promise that “all things work together for good to those who love God”(Rom. 8:28, NKJV) — the God who, though He made all things, suffered all things, too (and that’s why we love Him).

Gavin Anthony, this quarter’s principal contributor, grew up in Sri Lanka as a missionary kid. He worked as a pastor in England and was conference president in Iceland when he authored these lessons.

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Lesson Title Audio Video Notes
1 – The Shepherd’s Crucible (July 2) Class MP3
Q&A #1
Class Webcast Q&A #1 PDF
2 – The Crucibles That Come (July 9) Class MP3
Q&A #2
Class Webcast Q&A #2 PDF
3 – The Birdcage (July 16) Class MP3
Q&A #3
Class Webcast
Q&A #3
4 – Seeing the Goldsmith’s Face (July 23)
5 – Extreme Heat (July 30)
6 – Struggling With All Energy (Aug. 6)
7 – Indestructible Hope (Aug. 13)
8 – Seeing the Invisible (Aug. 20)
9 – A Life of Praise (Aug. 27)
10 – Meekness in the Crucible (Sept. 3)
11 – Waiting in the Crucible (Sept. 10)
12 – Dying Like a Seed (Sept. 17)
13 – Christ in the Crucible (Sept. 24)

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