2023 Q3 Questions & Answers Index

Q3 Q&A #9

T = 00:10 Since Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was necessary for us to overcome sin, then why did He expect those in the OT to overcome sin (see Gen 4 re. Cain)?
T = 01:40 Why do you say love only works when there are three people involved?
T = 02:04 Explain what happens to our character when we, per Romans chapter 2, “judge another… revealing your own sickness of heart”?
T = 07:30 What is the design law view of God allowing men to have multiple wives in the OT, but not women to have multiple husbands?
T = 14:35 Does 1 Corinthians 2 : 15 give direction to judge “things” like sin but not people?
T = 17:45 Is there a pamphlet of scripture examples where there seems to be a translation issue?
T = 22:00 Is Isaiah 53 : 10 a possible fulfillment of the Genesis 3 : 15 promise?


Q3 Q&A #8

T = 00:20 Do you believe that there will be competitive sports in heaven?
T = 02:10 How would you recommend someone go about fasting (from food) to help aid spiritual focus?
T = 04:40 If character is unique due to decisions in life, couldn’t God make another you?
T = 06:25 Could we say that the moral laws were also nailed to the cross, the same as were the ceremonial, because they are hidden in our hearts?
T = 07:50 Christian keep saying jesus died the death that we deserve, but why did I deserve to die the same way Christ was?
T = 14:40 Since the English word “atonement” implies reconciliation between TWO estranged parties, does that mean God is just as enstranged from us as we are from Him?
T = 16:45 Why isn’t the Old Testament more clear about the Godhead being 3 ‘persons’?
T = 18:10 How do we express anger toward family members, yet speak kindly?


Q3 Q&A #7

T = 00:15 Does comtemporary christian praise music qualify as worship?
T = 04:35 Can a person who passes way from disease be in the first resurrection?
T = 04:55 In Ezekial 38, why was God pleased at the wicked being dragged away by hooks in their jaws?
T = 06:15 Did Ellen White refer to the seal of God as being sabbath keeping?
T = 18:00 Is your Ministry Magazine reference in your Rev13 & 17 publication a red herring, because the catholic Our Sunday Visitor, pg 3, April 18, 1915 confirms one of the pope’s miters is inscribed with “vicarius filii dei?”
T = 19:30 Did people in the Bible, when told by God to kill an entire community, suffer PTSD?
T = 26:20 We are told that the Israelites were baptized in the Red Sea, but they did not get wet, so what were they immersed in?


Q3 Q&A #6

T = 00:00 What can I say when someone tells me that “God is not a pushover” and IS the source of death and punishment and the proof is when God removed Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life?
T = 03:20 Do different audio frequencies, like white noise or binaural frequencies, have a positive or negative affect on the brain?
T = 05:00 What are your thoughts about SDA’s worshipping on Sunday to lead people to other important Bible truths?
T = 10:00 Do you have a summary video of design law and gospel in 3 angels messages we can share with others?
T = 11:50 What are your thoughts on decision-making as we anticipate Christ’s return?
T = 13:40 Once the mark of the beast happens and the two groups of people are established can people change sides?
T = 18:20 Could Anselm of Canterbury, who regarded “sin” as a substantive “debt” that has to be paid for, be the origination of the belief that sin is “carried” across the heavenly sanctuary to be “purged,” “accounted,” and “paid for?”
T = 19:30 What does revelation 2 : 10 “you will only suffer for 10 days” mean?
T = 20:50 Why did God order the Israelites to murder those who gather sticks on Sabbath?
T = 25:50 How do you understand “vengeances is mine said the Lord I will repay?”
T = 28:20 Is there an object lesson re. the priests eating the sacrifical animals, seeing that it was meant to be revolting to the sinner who had to kill it?


Q3 Q&A #5

T = 00:00 How do we understand all the times that miracles occurred in the Bible that break the laws of physics and thus Design Law?
T = 03:40 What is the purpose of the investigative judgement?
T = 06:30 Does using the statement, “It’s not a salvation issue” diminish God’s instruction?
T = 08:35 Am I wrong for feeling guilty for not being able to help all those that are worse off than me?
T = 10:45 Why don’t people want what’s good for them, like a healthy diet, or waiting ’til married to have sex, or remaining sober and abstaining from drugs?
T = 16:10 Did Ananias and Sapphira died at the hands of God?
T = 17:45 What was Christ revealing in what seemed to be his disappointment in his disciples not tapping in to a so-called 6th sense of knowing something bad has happened to someone far away?


Q3 Q&A #4

T = 00:05 What does it mean to speak against the Holy Spirit and not be forgiven, per Matthew 12 : 32?
T = 04:40 When John 1:18 says “no man at any time has seen the Father,” does that mean Jesus is the only God this world has ever seen, including in the Garden of Eden, Abraham, Noah, Job, or Daniel?
T = 06:25 Is the rising doctrinal support of theonomy — enforcing laws of the Old Testament by jurisdiction of the state — the king of the north responsing to the king of the south (Dan 11)?
T = 10:50 How can survivors of church cults differentiate between false theology and truth, and realize God’s actual character of love and grace?
T = 14:20 Why does Genesis 11 say “Come, let us build… a tower that reaches to the heavens…” if heavens mean an infinite outer space above us?
T = 15:40 Is it true that symbols in Revelation can be both represent God and Satan?
T = 17:45 How do design laws, liberty, etc., shed light on Jesus cleansing the Temple?
T = 20:05 Do you have some recommendation on how to love a temper tantrum boy?


Q3 Q&A #3

T = 00:00 Does Revelation indicate the close of probation occurs before Satan impersonating Christ or shortly after?
T = 02:05 Why did Jesus say in Matthew 5 “thou shalt not kill” when He wrote it with His own finger in stone?
T = 03:50 Why does scripture say Jesus will come from the line of Juda, which is Joseph, who is not Jesus blood?
T = 05:30 Did EGW have an understanding of Design Law when she wrote things such as, “God will finally destroy the rejectors of his grace.” GC 543?
T = 11:30 How is guilt a good for some, but not for others, or is guilt similar to shame?
T = 14:30 How does one embrace the biblical principals of avoiding lust and fornication while not causing shame, phycological damage, and disabling sexual nature?
T = 20:05 Define “the wicked.”


Q3 Q&A #2

T = 01:05 Since the Trinity is a 3-entity collaboration, can I pray to the Holy Spirit just like I pray to the Father?
T = 02:00 Can you explain Mark 14 : 27 in the GNT where Jesus said: “God will kill the shepherd and the sheep will all be scattered?”
T = 06:10 Can people be water emersion baptised more than once?


Q3 Q&A #1

T = 03:10 Please explain EGW’s “No sorrow can bear any comparison” and “The sword of justice was unsheathed” in Amazing Grace, pg 168.
T = 17:25 How does Daniel 2’s statue relate to Revelation’s image/Dragon?
T = 18:35 What are your thoughts on why God allows people to experience very bad health, despite living a healthy lifestyle? I believe I’m a casualty of this spirtual war we’re in.
T = 20:45 How do I not fear that I and my children/grandchildren will be victims of some evil act, seeing how the world is getting worse?