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Q4 Q&A #14

T = 00:15 Principles to Life pag 237 is a cartoon of Jesus as our Advocate. Dictionary advocate means “publicly recommends or supports.” Isn’t this a more accurate meaning than someone pleading our case?
T = 02:55 There are several texts in bible about God testing us. I don’t understand why – would he test us on something we would fail at?
T = 05:10 Is the fourth angel, in Revelation 16, pouring out his bowl on the sun to scorch people with fire an actual event, or purely symbolic?
T = 07:10 Are sins of force and coercion the actual problem (in regards to salvation), rather than sins of speach and emotional control?
T = 08:55 How does one explain the Stockholm syndrome in the context of God’s design law
T = 10:45 Doesn’t being willing to listen to God involve obedience?
T = 12:00 Do we put ourselves in jeopardy of misunderstanding God if we take the view that some humans are “infallible?”



Q4 Q&A #13

T = 00:00 Where are some complete descriptions and lessons of the two groups of people God describes in the Ram and Lamb, old and new wine, wheat and tares metaphors?
T = 01:10 How is Come and Reason one of the few ministries able to avoid the pitfalls of “administrative clout, expert opinion, and creedal legislation,” used by the SDA leadership to “silence” EGW?
T = 04:20 In Matt 13 : 42 Jesus says, “And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” This indicates that those cast into the fire are still alive not already dead as you stated before. Can you explain please?
T = 07:15 You said that healthy people can’t have a healthy relationship with with unhealthy people. Aren’t we all sinners and unhealthy in some way?
T = 09:05 If Jesus did not resurrect, would we have any proof that his methods and principals provide life everlasting as opposed to Satan’s that lead to death eternal?
T = 10:50 Can you speak to the idea of FEW will be saved? The Bible says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” This can be discouraging if not terrifying.
T = 14:20 Does EGW use a very strong penal legal connotation in Desire of Ages (pg 843) in describing Christ’s arrival back in heaven, coming into the Father’s presence saying “If Thy justice is satisfied, I will that they also, whom Thou has given Me, be with Me where I am” and then God proclaiming that justice is satisfied?
T = 27:00 Would there be a version of us that came to exist if Adam and Eve never sinned?
T = 30:30 Does communicating with memes, abbreviations, and emoji negatively impact our mind?
T = 32:00 When did you come to the conclusion that God’s law doesn’t operate like human law?
T = 35:50 Did anything happen, to your knowledge, before Aug 26, 2020 justify eliminating 2+ decades of screening blood supply for prion diseases?


Q4 Q&A #12

T = 00:30 In order to be born again does one have to be baptized?
T = 03:10 Regarding symbolism, the Sure Word bible study #8 says, “if it makes good sense as it stands-if it doesn’t violate the laws of nature, then it can be understood as literal.” Who came up with this principle and from where?
T = 04:15 Regarding Romans 14 and your conscience, if you believe something that is not a sin IS a sin, and you commit that act or thought, does it become a sin?
T = 06:35 How was Satan and the deceived angels able to stand in the fire of God’s presence when they were still in heaven?
T = 07:45 Please share more about how people will ask spiritual leaders to use state power to enforce worship of the beast.
T = 08:30 Would you consider the striking of Herod, after Peter’s prison delivery, a shadow of the final destruction of the wicked?
T = 11:00 Are prideful and narcissist behavior just different terms for the same character defect?
T = 12:30 Are all anti-diluvian people lost, including children and the unborn?
T = 17:10 Do you have any productive mental health methods for obtaining a healthy relationship with a spouse who has BPD (bi-polar disorder or borderline personality disorder)?
T = 20:15 Explain the metaphors (ram/lamb, old/new wine. wheat/tares. etc) God uses in the sancrificial system to describe these two groups of people.


Q4 Q&A #11

T = 00:00 In regard to emotional support animals (show mercy and compassion), should we also show mercy and compassion if a smoker said they needed cigarettes to help them with life’s trauma?
T = 04:10 What do you think of God telling the Jews to burn people with fire because of wickedness as described in Leviticus 20 : 14 and 21 : 9?
T = 09:55 How do you stay upbeat/happy in this sinful world, when loved ones in physical and mentail anguish do not want to know God?
T = 11:45 Victoria, Australia was one of the hardest hit in the world for lockdowns. The people are pushing back. Is this a big ‘swing’ back to ‘values’/Christiantiy’ and potentially be what causes the people to demand governments to enact Sunday laws?
T = 13:25 A man walked into Walmart where he worked and killed 6 coworkers. Is he evil, mentally ill or both?
T = 17:15 How would applying the Integrative-Evidence Based Approach reduce the 44,000 demonimations resulting from scripture without science and experience?
T = 20:20 Have You read “the living temple” by Dr. J.H Kellog? Do You find any “gems” from any of His “controversial” work(s)?
T = 21:35 What is the biblical evidence of your idea that our “software”/character is cleansed in death?
T = 22:15 Do you have a blog that contrasts the fire that consumes versus God’s glory fire?
T = 23:15 What is the difference between the fires that consumed Nadab and Abihu and the final fire?
T = 24:35 What are some methods and tools to help regulate and treat symptoms of an enlarged Amygdala?
T = 26:25 Which do you believe offers more healing power over disease? The mind body connection or the diet body connection?
T = 29:20 Help me understand Desire of Ages, chapter 69 re. the destruction of Jerusalem.


Q4 Q&A #10

T = 00:00 When told a secret, many people feel the need to tell someone else. Is this a psychological effect of some sort?
T = 00:40 How do you think God views sinners who ask for annointing for healing?
T = 01:50 Knowing Satan turns everything upside down, what does the Ledger of Heaven mean in the context of ledger and the debt Christ paid for us?
T = 02:30 How do you know Job was the first book Moses wrote?
T = 04:10 Doesn’t Christ, who you say stepped out of eternity future to forever be human, change the triune nature or composition of the Godhead, despite God saying he is the same in eternity past and future?
T = 06:10 Is Jesus’ death salvific?
T = 08:10 What does the Euphrates river symbolize in Rev 16, since it isn’t part of Israel’s geography or featured in the sanctuary service’s salvation-story metaphor?
T = 12:05 How do we lovingly address the issue of “emotional support animals” at a family gathering that does not want a pet freely roaming amoung them?
T = 15:30 What are your thoughts about the Pentecostal belief that when someone receives the Holy Spirit they speak in tongues?
T = 17:55 Should mindfulness (an eastern mediation practice of purposely bringing one’s attention to the present-moment experience) be practiced by Christians?
T = 19:20 Does the close of probation happen for Adventists when the Sunday law is passed and before the rest of the world’s probation closes?
T = 23:40 How do we trust God’s ‘word’ is an accurate recording when it was written with legalistic, appeasement language?
T = 25:15 What is the scriptural evidence that the “once saved always saved” doctrine is incorrect?
T = 26:45 Is it okay to spank your child and if so what age should you start doing it?
T = 27:30 I understand your view that the investigative judgement is the work Jesus is doing in sinners not in God, but why is 1844 and 1888 significant?
T = 31:10 How are the resurrected unrepentant wicked affected by the suffering they inflicted on others, when they didn’t care about their victim’s pain when they were living?

Q4 Q&A #9

T = 00:10 Why doesn’t God heal pain after suffering so long? (eg. cancer patients). In heaven, we will forget the pain?
T = 02:20 Please explain the last sentence in Matthew 27 : 65: “This last deception will be worse than the first.”
T = 03:15 My son tried to commit suicide by hanging and heard a voice say “What are you doing? Get up.” What could this voice have been? God?
T = 07:00 What would your recommendation be to help a mid-20s medical student that feels their comprehension and memory are lacking?
T = 11:30 Explain the discrepancy between what the Sure Word Bible Studies say vs. what you say regarding Christ dying the second death.
T = 15:15 What are your thoughts about the Sabbath being The Seal of God?
T = 20:00 Why did Jesus say unless he dies, the councilor (Holy Spirit) would not come, when we have evidence that the Holy Spirit was active on earth before the death of Christ?
T = 27:50 What causes repetitive night terrors?
T = 29:50 Does the soul die at death?


Q4 Q&A #8

T = 00:25 How would you define “gut feeling”? What is it, and what is it not?
T = 02:35 Can you give an example where giving up something desirable, or that which we would be tempted to withhold, results in reciprocation or the continuing of the cycle of giving?
T = 05:00 In a sinless world, why would Lucifer have a placed of power and authority over his peers? Wouldn’t they all be created equal?
T = 07:50 Can you tell your spouse to stop smoking, because you do not agree with the financial impact of buying cigarettes?
T = 10:45 Does “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” apply to the miracle of speaking in tongues?
T = 12:05 Any suggestions on how to direct people I witness to to a local church, when I’m concerned about the message they will be exposed to?
T = 13:00 How do you explain the state-of-the-dead as being “sleep” to christians who don’t believe such?
T = 14:30 How do You Explain Lot’s Wife turning into a pillar of salt & “the striking” of Ananias & Sapphira through The Design Law Lens?
T = 16:15 What are Your Thought(s) concerning the “special resurrection” of the wicked & righteous including those that slept(in death) proclaiming the 3rd Angel’s Message?
T = 17:00 What parallels (if any) do you find between Baptism & Marriage?
T = 18:30 What are your thoughts on eating disorders and the connection to moralizing food?
T = 19:20 How was it possible that the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate ON THE SABBATH DAY, since they wouldn’t do ANYTHING on Sabbath?
T = 20:35 Is it scriptual to pray for healing of non believers and expect answers for healing?
T = 25:10 Is being ONE with God like being one with the Borg (a race of sci-fi beings operating under/controlled by a collective queen hive mind)?
T = 26:05 Does an individual break God’s law if they are forced or manipulated into doing something against their conscience?
T = 28:40 Please share a good way to start a Bible study group to study together and learn these principles.
T = 29:50 If the mansions or places in heaven is metaphor, then what tangible dwellings will we have?
T = 32:40 How do you show love, forgivenss, etc to the angry, hurtful narcicist?
T = 33:50 Can you explain or there a blog about Jesus turning over the money exchangers tables and chasing out the animals?


Q4 Q&A #7

T = 00:05 Do you think the shift of meaning of the rainbow from God’s promise to now symbolize gay pride was intentional?


Q4 Q&A #6

T = 00:00 “Artificial adornment” causes a lot of problems in our home and church. How would you deal with such divisive subjects over dress? Is it mainly cultural?
T = 03:05 Would the announcement by Israeli rabbis that the Messiah has come be the beginning or the halfway point to the tribulation that some churches talk about?
T = 05:00 On CNN they reported that children infected with RSV are overwhelming hospitals. Could this be a new variant to covid19 or from the poke in the arm?
T = 06:00 Didn’t Jesus succeed in being made perfect through the power of the Holy Spirit, just like we are? Doesn’t the legal view allow for being made perfect?
T = 07:45 Did EGW say that some of the priests followed Jesus after he rose, seeing as how he was so explicitly speaking to them & they knew it?


Q4 Q&A #5

T = 00:05 If Jesus had chosen to call 12 legions of angels and save himself from death at the cross, would He have sinned in that choice/action?
T = 01:12 How can we help those who are possessed by an evil spirit today?
T = 02:12 What is your understanding re. the differences between Germ Theory and Terrain/Cell Theory as the cause of disease?
T = 03:50 Does the Bible give us guidance on how we should dress for church attendance?
T = 06:40 I have a friend who is being taken in by a charasmatic (emotional, spirit ectasy) style of worship. How would you respond to such a friend?
T = 09:45 Is what we are seeing happing in the war between Ukraine and Russia be a push back from the king of the north against the king of the south? Who are Gog and Magog?
T = 10:40 I think the analogy of a computer’s software and hardware is a very good example of what happens to our character, breath, and body, but can you think of another example?
T = 11:10 My friend doesn’t like to read psalms because David did not receive enough punishment, even with the death of his son, for the murder of Uriah. He is looking through a legal penal lens.. how do I explain this through a design law lens?
T = 14:50 Help me understand the Law of Sin and Death. Who created it?
T = 17:00 Please explain through Design Law “Jesus is pleading for us in the heavenly sanctuary… presents (our names) to his Father, saying ‘I have graven them upon the palms of my hands.'” Heavenly Places, 256.
T = 21:55 Do the three co-equal members of the Godhead have a functional heirarchy?
T = 22:30 What is an appropriate response to those that claim NASA, the Moon landings, and a globe Earth are a hoax?
T = 24:00 Why do alcholics and addicts continue to say they are, even after years of being clean?
T = 24:45 How do we know which scriptures (judeo-christian, muslim, etc.) are the truth?


Q4 Q&A #4

T = 00:15 Telling Eve she will die if she eats of a particular tree sounds like a ‘restricting’ of her freedom doesnt it?
T = 01:20 Why bring the wicked back to life if they won’t change?
T = 06:00 I often wondered why the devil was not included in the plan of Salvation. Is it possible that the plan of Salvation was not set out before sin started in Heaven?
T = 11:45 I have heard you say that there is no sanctuary in heaven, but EGW says, “We all need to keep the subject of the sanctuary in mind. God forbid that… human lips should lessen the belief… that there is a sanctuary in heaven…”
T = 18:10 What do you think of the new bill 2098 signed by the California governor that subjects the state’s doctors to discipline, including the suspension of their medical licenses, for sharing “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19?
T = 22:10 Who was the first trinitarian?
T = 23:10 In Matt 10 : 28, Jesus only speaks about the body and soul and leaves silent the Spirit component of humans being three-part beings. Is the spirit part of us the part that is spiritual?


Q4 Q&A #3

T = 01:00 Are we to arm ourselves for self defense according to Luke 22 : 36? But what about the next verse saying 2 swords for 11 disciples?
T = 06:45 What exactly is the goal of Satan and the evil doers? Do they want our worship or to control us?
T = 09:15 Help me make sense of all the Bible promises like-ask and you will receive, all things are possible if you believe-and many more. I ask many times with no answer
T = 11:30 Do You see any parallel(s) between Baptism & Marriage ?
T = 12:20 What would God’s design law say about baptizing individuals who still have unresolved sinful tendencies, like homesexuality, transgenerism, etc.?
T = 17:30 How do you know if your believing the truth?


Q4 Q&A #2

T = 00:00 I feel that if someone harms my husband or child-they did it to me also . Is this a wrong attitude ?
T = 03:15 Should I be buying another home or continue to rent due to the current events and last-day movements where I may not be able to sell it again?
T = 03:35 How would You define Marriage? Merely a legal or a ceremonial declaration?
T = 05:00 How do you recommended helping abuse victims integrate with shame or any other emotion that they dissociate from?
T = 11:50 What is the purpose of the 7 last plagues if probation is already closed?
T = 16:20 What exactly is gossip?
T = 18:20 What is your understanding of the abomination of desolation in Daniel 11?
T = 19:25 Why do people believe the “candy coated rotten apple” theory rather than your excellent explanation of imputed righteousness?


Q4 Q&A #1

T = 00:25 If the Romans have circled and backed off, what should we be doing now to prepare if there is no place to run to?
T = 04:55 Is there ever a time when we should stop having children due to the mass evil and more evil to come or should we plan to have them all the way up until Christ’s return?
T = 06:20 Please elaborate on Mark 14 : 51, 52
T = 07:50 What are your thoughts on MM 216 “…devote even the hours of the holy Sabbath to the relief of suffering humanity. But the fee for such labor should be put into the treasury of the Lord, to be used for the worthy poor, who need medical skill…”
T = 12:40 Elaborate further on your blog on competitive sports, specificially about “we all can win.”
T = 16:35 If you were to geographically locate “the crucible” (where we are being refined) where would you place it and who would be in it?
T = 22:00 Explain “When tempted to sin let us remember that Jesus is pleading for us in the heavenly sanctuary… He takes our names on His lips and presents them to His Father, saying, “I have graven them upon the palms of my hands; I know them by name.” Heavenly Places, 256
T = 23:40 What is Beauty? Is it simply attractiveness? Is it subjective or objective?



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