AACC 2017 Booth CrewThe Come and Reason team just got back from the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference in Nashville—where seven thousand Christian counselors, pastors, chaplains, psychologists, and others were in attendance.

People from all over the world came up to our booth to tell us how they are using our materials in their church small groups and in Sunday School classes, and with patients individually, in therapy groups, and classes. Students in universities even told us their professors have them watch or read our materials.

In one of Dr. Jennings' presentations, during the Q&A, two separate people spoke up and told the group how using Come and Reason materials have significantly improved the outcomes of their marriage therapy. We had people with tears in their eyes thanking us for the free materials because it has helped someone in their family or church. There were numerous people who came up and told us how much they like The Remedy, and they shared their favorite verses with us. Literally, hundreds of stories like this over the week—lives impacted, hearts healing.

We also had many others meeting us and hearing our message for the first time, and they took the time to get our materials and talk about our view of God. We took two thousand copies of Could It Be This Simple?, and all of them were given away; thousands of DVDs were also given away. People kept saying, “We just can’t believe you are giving this away!”

All this was possible only because of you—our friends who faithfully keep us in your prayers, encourage us with your comments, and support us with your love and generous donations. Thank you all!

ImageOn Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Dr. Timothy Jennings was one of a select group of Christian mental health experts to be invited to the White House to meet with the administration’s staff to discuss mental health, opioid addiction, and faith-based initiatives. Other attendees included noted Christian leaders Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, James Dobson, Paul Meier, Daniel Amen, Caroline Leaf, Henry Cloud, and many others.

Dr. Jennings had the opportunity to dialogue with these thought leaders, including Pastor Paula White, the president’s pastor and friend. During the meeting with White House staff, attendees had an opportunity to hear about the president’s initiatives on mental health issues. They were also able to provide direct feedback to the president’s staff, discuss potential obstacles to effective mental health treatment, and suggest solutions. The president’s staff also informed attendees of his deep commitment to Christian principles and the many attempts he is making to improve mental health care in America.

Dr. Jennings was very encouraged by the meeting and says this is the first in what is planned as an ongoing dialogue between the faith community and the White House. Please keep Dr. Jennings and Come and Reason Ministries…

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After 2 years of work, the book, "The God-Shaped Brain" by Dr. Timothy Jennings, has been translated in to the Korean language and is now available for purchase!

Go to our Store menu, scroll down to "The God-Shaped Brain" entry, and click on the title to see all the various formats this best-selling book has been published in, including the Korean paperback version, then click on the publisher. Naver ( 네이버 ) order button.

Or, click this link to go directly to Naver's order page...



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The Journal of the Watcher titleThis ebook contains the secret back-story events of the war between God and satan, recorded by one of God’s Celestial Watchers. It’s easy to understand and has powerful images documenting what the Watcher has observed throughout human history. If you’ve been confused about this battle, don’t worry. The Journal holds the secrets to clear up the confusion. By anchoring its behind-the-scenes insights with human history as recorded in Scripture, it makes comprehension easy and will prepare your mind for the great final battle that will end the war! The Journal of the Watcher ebook is for mobile devices and as a high-definition movie for PCs.
  • $1.99 for Apple Mac OS computers and iOS mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) in the Apple iBook Store.
  • $1.99 for Android mobile devices in the Google Play Store.
  • $2.99 for ANY computer running Windows and Apple iTunes software as a high-definition video in the Apple iTunes Video Store.

Get all the purchasing links and details on the official The Journal of the Watcher website!


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In this book Dr. Tim Jennings introduces you to the Integrative, Evidence-Based approach of understanding scripture. This method harmonizes scripture, science, and experience. He presents the Great Controversy over God's character and contrasts the two views of His Law, documenting the impact each view has upon neuro-development, mental health, and physical and relationship health. He presents a complete atonement model explaining why Christ had to die and answers questions, contrasting the various views about our origins, judgment, punishment, and God's wrath, identifying which one can heal any kind of person.

The last chapter entitled, "Buddha, Jesus and The Brain," explores the difference in how Buddha and Jesus dealt with their confrontation with death and the significant impact on brain function and structure that eastern meditation has compared to Biblical meditation. 

This book makes a compelling, evidenced-based case for a God of love and His methods of love. It is easy to understand and brings to a practical level why it is so important to live in harmony with God and his design for life.

The publisher, InterVarsity Press, has not translated this book into any other languages at this time.

Click Here to order the paperback from Amazon.com (USA shipping only).…

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