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Luke  ◦   Chapter 22

1It was nearing the time for the feast of bread without yeast — also called the Passover — 2and the penal-view-preferring theologians, senior pastors, church leaders and lawyers were plotting together, trying to figure out a way to get rid of Jesus, but they were afraid of what the people would do.3Then Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve, embraced Satan's plan and was filled with satanic desire.4He went to the church leaders and officers of the guard, and together they formed a plan for him to betray Jesus.5The church leaders were very happy with the plot and agreed to give Judas money for betraying Jesus.6Judas accepted the payment, and then began watching for an opportunity to turn Jesus over to them when he was isolated from the crowds.

7The day came when the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed.8Jesus instructed Peter and John to prepare a place where they could share the Passover meal together.

9"Where would you like it to be?" they asked.

10He replied, "As you enter the city, you will be met by a man carrying a jar of water. Follow him to the house he enters,11then say to the owner of the house, 'The Doctor asks for a guestroom, where he may eat the Passover with his interns.'12He will then show you a large room on the second floor, completely furnished. Prepare our meal there."

13They went and found the room all furnished, just as Jesus told them, so they made ready for the Passover.

14When the time came, they reclined around the table.15Jesus said to them, "I have really looked forward to eating this Passover with you before my ordeal.16Know that I will not eat this meal again until all that it symbolizes becomes reality and we eat together again in God's kingdom of love."

17He picked up the cup of pure wine untainted by fermentation, and said, "Each of you partake of this.18I will not drink grape juice again until we drink together in God's kingdom of love."

19He picked up the bread, gave thanks to his Father, broke it, and handed it to his interns, saying, "This is symbolic of my body which is given for your healing and restoration: when you break bread, remember me."

20Likewise, after the meal, he took the cup and said, "This cup symbolizes the Remedy — my perfect life poured out to heal you.21But the one who is going to betray me is sharing this meal with me.22The Son of Man will go quietly, just as the Scriptures foretold, but horrible will it be for the one who betrays him."23They began asking each other who could it be that would do this.

24Then they began debating which of them was the best intern and who should be their chief resident.25Jesus spoke patiently to them: "In this world of selfishness, those in power who have not taken the Remedy use their position to dominate their subordinates and force their way, yet call themselves 'doers of good.'26But you are not to operate on the power-over-others principle of the world. No, greatness is not attained by seniority or title or position, but by childlike innocence of character; and the ruling power is loving service.27Who do you think is greater: the one at the table who is being served dinner, or the one who serves? Is it not your opinion that it is the one at the table? Well, think about it: I am here to serve, not to be served.28You have joined with me, so remember what you learned as you stood by, watching my trials.29I appoint you as distributors of the Remedy — as representatives of my kingdom of love — just as the Father appointed me to bring the Remedy and reveal his kingdom of love.30This is so you may be healed and restored to unity with me, eat and drink at my table in my kingdom of love, and sit on thrones, diagnosing accurately the people of God.

31"Simon, Simon, Satan desires to thrash all of you and separate you from me like chaff from wheat.32But I am especially concerned for you, Simon — and have spoken to my Father about you — that your trust in me won't fail. So when you turn back in full surrender to me, go to those who have partaken of the Remedy and strengthen them."

33But Peter protested, "Lord, I am ready now. I will go with you to prison, or even to death."

34Jesus smiled sadly: "Peter, the truth is, before the rooster crows in the morning, you will deny knowing me–three times."

35Then Jesus turned to the rest and asked, "When I sent you out without provisions, money, or other resources, was there anything you needed that you didn't have?" "Not a thing, Lord," they answered.

36Somberly he said, "This time it will be different. Now you need to prepare. Take some money, pack some provisions, and get a hunting knife, and if you don't have one, sell a coat and get one.37For the Scripture states: 'He was counted with the criminals;' and I am telling you this must happen to me. Be certain what is written about me is being fulfilled."

38The disciples said, "Look, we already have two hunting knives." "That will do," he replied.

39Then Jesus went out to the Mount of Olives, and his interns followed him.40When they arrived, he said to them, "Ask God for wisdom and strength to recognize and resist temptation."41He then went about a hundred yards away, knelt down and talked with God:42"Father, if there is any way, in harmony with your will, for this cup to be taken from me, then please remove it; but Father, not as my emotions desire–only as your will determines is best."43Then an angel from heaven appeared to give Jesus the physical strength to endure what was transpiring.44The anguish and torment of heart and mind was overwhelming, so he prayed more intently, and his sweat, like heavy drops of blood, fell to the ground.

45When he finished praying and went back to his interns, he found them sound asleep, exhausted from sadness.46He said to them, "Why are you asleep when you so desperately need God's strength? Wake up and ask God for wisdom and strength to recognize and resist temptation."

47While he was still trying to prepare his interns, a mob came up, and Judas, one of the Twelve, was leading them. He walked right up to Jesus and kissed him in greeting,48but Jesus cut through the subterfuge and asked, "Judas, is it with a kiss that you betray the Son of Man?"

49When Jesus' interns saw what was happening, they asked, "Lord, should we slash them with our knives?"50And one of them, not waiting for an answer, slashed out and cut off the right ear of the high priest's servant.

51But Jesus intervened immediately: "Stop this at once!" And then he touched the man's ear and healed him.

52Then Jesus turned to the senior pastors, church leaders, officers of the guard and elders who had come for him, and said, "Do you think I am some terrorist trying to evade the authorities that you come here at night with clubs and swords to capture me?53Every day I sat openly in the temple courts teaching, and you didn't arrest me. But this is your time, when darkness is in charge."

54So they grabbed him and led him away, taking him to the home of the high priest. Peter trailed behind at a safe distance.55But once a fire was burning in the courtyard and everyone settled down around it, Peter slipped in and sat down with them.56A serving girl saw him sitting there by the fire. She paused and looked at him closely, then said, "This man is with him."

57But Peter denied it: "Woman, you're mistaken. I don't know him."

58Later, another person saw him and said, "I recognize you. You are one of Jesus' followers." But Peter vehemently denied it: "Mister, I am not, and stop making false allegations!"

59An hour later, another exclaimed, "This man has to be one of them; he's a Galilean!"

60Peter said, "For the last time, I don't know what you are talking about!" Just as the words left his mouth, the rooster crowed.61The Lord turned and with sadness upon his face looked Peter in the eye. Then Peter remembered what the Lord had said to him: "Before the rooster crows, you will deny knowing me — three times."62He ran out, overwhelmed with grief, and cried so hard he wanted to die.

63The guards watching Jesus began making fun of him and beating him.64They blindfolded him, and while hitting him, shouted, "Come on, use your magic powers and tell us who hit you?"65And they hurled many other derogatory comments at him.

66At dawn, the church board, senior pastors and theologians who taught a legal religion convened a tribunal and had Jesus brought before them.67They demanded, "How do you plea? Do you claim to be the promised Messiah or not?" Jesus answered, "It doesn't matter what I say; you don't want the truth and will not believe me,68and if I ask you to explain what you mean, you wouldn't answer me.69But you can be sure that you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Almighty God."

70They asked, "Are you the Son of God?" He replied, "You said it."

71Then they concluded, "We don't need any other testimony. We have heard his blasphemy from his own mouth."